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User Reviews for Elmiron (Page 3)

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Interstitial Cystitis 7.6
95 reviews 25 medications
Bladder Infection 3.5
3 reviews 82 medications

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Reviews for Elmiron

Dually September 28, 2016

For Interstitial Cystitis: “I had a novasure procedure done 3 years ago & ever since I have felt like I have a bladder infection but when they test my pee it never comes back infected. So they are thinking I have IC I have done several instills with only a 2 hour relief on everyone of them. I just started on the Elmiron 2 days ago the pain in my bladder is even worse & I can't even pee hardly at all & I have blurred vision too. Anybody out there with these symptoms?”

1 / 10
AmyRadlady August 1, 2016

For Interstitial Cystitis: “It's great for the pain and other symptoms! It really does help it's just really expensive, even with insurance and a discount card. Hint hint to the company!... Not everyone can afford an $80 prescription every month....”

7 / 10
californus · Taken for 10 years or more June 22, 2016

For Interstitial Cystitis: “I have been on Elmiron for 15 years. It has given me my life back. No side effects for me at all. I eat and drink whatever I want except for a few trigger foods.”

Tink1964 May 5, 2016

For Interstitial Cystitis: “I was diagnosed with IC a few years ago. I had UTI's for 28 yrs. I still get them once in a while. I was introduced to Elmiron and took it for four year. I totally helped me. Unfortunately I had to stop taking it. The cost of this medication is absolutely ridiculous! I have a high deductible, which means I was paying out of pocket. It started out at $300. Moving up and up and up. In the end I was paying over $600. I just couldn't do it anymore. It disgusts me what these Pharmacudical company's charge! My symptoms are back. It's bearable. But at the same times frustrating when I travel. I've tried the generic company. Saying it would be $99. A month. Only to be told it will eventually go up to $400. Unbelievable.”

9 / 10
male senior · Taken for 10 years or more April 25, 2016

For Interstitial Cystitis: “Elmiron reurned me To th”

10 / 10
IC Sucks March 29, 2016

For Interstitial Cystitis: “I was diagnosed with IC in Feb 2015 after suffering a stressful period of my life. IC hit me out of nowhere. I struggled for months to find an answer to my pain. Sadly in the back of my mind I even considered suicide (bad thing to say I know) The pain was so bad and relentless that I even considered quitting my job. My urologist did a the bladder DMSO instill and it did nothing for me. I tried numerous anti spasm medications and I was urinating around 30 times per day. I could no longer go grocery shopping, ride in a car for long or eat out . My quality of life was fading very fast. My urologist suggested Elmiron. It cost me about 160$ a month but its worth every penny as i'm about 95% pain free. I also cut sugar from my diet.”

10 / 10
IC12345 January 20, 2016

For Interstitial Cystitis: “This stuff works for me. It worked fast too-- 7 weeks. I was concerned it wouldn't work based on negative reviews all over the Internet. I feel fortunate it works for me. No side effects.”

10 / 10
Suffered2years · Taken for 6 months to 1 year January 18, 2016

For Interstitial Cystitis: “I found this page because I am losing my hair and the only medication I am on is Elmiron. I have to say that I suffered for 2 years and had countless visits with different doctors! I started Elmiron and avoid certain foods. I was happy! Pain free. If I stopped Elmiron due to a procedure I had to have , I was in pain. My only problem is that now I am losing my hair rapidly. My hair dresser was scared when she cut my hair! I noticed tons of hair in the shower , in my pillow, even at work. Every where! I thought I needed to relax. I then google Elmiron side effects, and this comes up. I feel like I have to choose . Balding itchy scalp or pain. ”

6 / 10
Rabjack22 January 9, 2016

For Interstitial Cystitis: “I have been on Elmiron for 8 years (2 a day). I started out on 3 a day. Tried everything before this medication including DMSO treatments. (Horrible and no relief, 8 of them a week apart. Water distention. Nothing helped until Elmiron and also take 1 Bactrim DS at night. Have been symptom free for the last 3 years. Wish it were cheaper.”

10 / 10
Kimmii January 5, 2016

For Interstitial Cystitis: “It took a long time for the doctors to find out what was wrong with be, after endless testing and the distention of my bladder, i finally got a diagnosis. I was put on Elmiron, and i took it like told, waited the 6 month waiting period for it to work...and over a year later it still did nothing. All it did was make me so constipated that I would go weeks without a regular bowel movement. The only way I could use the bathroom was by using laxatives. And the nausea was terrible. My hair was weak and broke easily, as well as my nails. Not only did this medication not work, but it caused even more agonizing symptoms.”

1 / 10
Kristine120731 November 10, 2015

For Interstitial Cystitis: “Being diagnosed with IC was a life changer. I got depressed, didn't want to leave my house unless I would be close to a bathroom. I would have emergencies at work and get awful flares where I had to see me and get a cocktail which only lasted until I peed it out. I have an abnormally small bladder and also urethral structure. I have a severe case of the IC and Elmiron saved my life. I get a moderate flare here and there if I splurge and have a coffee, which use to be my life. I don't drink alcohol at anymore. Really only water now. Spicy foods give me flares. But on Elmiron they are tolerable and way less frequent. I'm so thankful for this drug as I've tried everything else. I always went into retention (which would burn me up) I love this.”

10 / 10
Doca Anna October 18, 2015

For Interstitial Cystitis: “IC nearly drove me out of my mind. I had it for years......even underwent an experimental surgery to increase the bladder neck. Worthless. Considered DMSO infusion, but did not want to put poison into my bladder. Finally found a urologist who prescribed Elmiron. At that time, it supposedly only worked for about 1/3 of patients. Elmira totally totally worked for me. Also: never drink cranberry juice and stay away from all acidic foods. One of the worst for me is watermelon. No alcohol, citrus fruits or tomatoes. It's so worth it.”

10 / 10
IC Hater · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 29, 2015

For Interstitial Cystitis: “Diagnosed with IC March 2015, by ER Physician. I went to a Uro/Gyno and was given Elmiron 1 pill 3x per day and Hydroxyzine 25 mg 1 pill 3 x per day. Works 100% for me. I drink/eat what ever I want, including drinking coffee and eating chocolate. I have great insurance, so cost is not a problem. I have not experienced nausea, vomiting or hair loss. Please try it, it might be the answer you're looking for.”

10 / 10
MJ23 · Taken for 1 to 2 years May 21, 2015

For Interstitial Cystitis: “I thought I was having frequent UTI's the majority of my life. I did everything I could think of to prevent and treat them. The summer of 2013 and multiple negative UTI tests, I was tested for IC and a test to see the size of my bladder. Turns out my bladder was VERY large for my size. I not only began taking Elmiron (two pills twice a day) but also had to retrain by bladder by "going" every two hours. After about two months I started to finally feel relief that I had been searching for for over 10 years. I have been on Elmiron for almost two years. I have dropped from 4 pills a day, down to 3, and now down 2 a day. I stay away from lemon and very citrus/acidic foods. My goal is to be off Elmiron by the time I want kids. No side effects”

10 / 10
LoriIVNURSE April 28, 2015

For Interstitial Cystitis: “Wish I never would've taken for it 3 weeks! Have lost about half my hair! Not worth it!”

1 / 10
Tkotko · Taken for 2 to 5 years April 12, 2015

For Interstitial Cystitis: “It's awesome”

10 / 10
Ladyjanis · Taken for 2 to 5 years March 19, 2015

For Interstitial Cystitis: “I went to my gynecologist for what I thought were vaginal infections. It felt like my vagina was on fire all of the time. She sent me to a great Urologist because she suspected IC. Sure enough I had a raging case of it. He put me on Elmiron. It took 5 to 6 months to begin working. My pain went away almost totally. I have experienced hair loss, that isn't that noticeable. I tried going off of it- Big Mistake! I'll be on it the rest of my life. When I sometimes eat one of the foods not on the IC diet and experience pain I take a Uribel...Another great medication! Elmiron is a miracle worker for me.”

9 / 10
beasor March 4, 2015

For Interstitial Cystitis: “I have been taking Elmiron (400 mg) since August after being diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis. If I "cheat" on the IC diet, I still have mild to moderate flare-ups, but I am now pain-free most of the time, and able to have a fairly normal sex life. I have not lost any hair, and have found that the digestive side-effects are mild.”

8 / 10
CaBella16 February 27, 2015

For Interstitial Cystitis: “I suffered from tremendous pain beinning at the age of 12 and did not find out that I had IC until age 14. At that time I was told that IC was untreatable and began using catheters. However, that lasted for maybe a few weeks. A couple years later, I learned of a urologist in the area who performed the hydro-extension of my bladder, which worked for a few months. She shortly after prescribed Elmiron for me. I currently take and have been taking for the past 4 years, 200mg twice a day (400mg) total. The pain has subsided greatly but I still experience some amounts of pain; nothing close to before though. I have not experienced any hair loss but want to try something different before such occurs.”

9 / 10
rocnrlr · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 13, 2014

For Interstitial Cystitis: “I couldn't tolerate the tremendous amount of hair loss on Elmiron, so now I take Vitanica Bladder Ease and Marshmallow Root for IC. I prefer Cysto-Protek, but it's too expensive.”

3 / 10
UncomfortableOne November 28, 2014

For Bladder Infection: “I was on this medication 8 months ago. The first three months were okay, no obvious side effects. After a problem at the pharmacy I didn't have access for 3 weeks and then continued on it for another 3 months and I am having the bad abdominal pain and sweeping yet again. This time it feels like a radiating infection type of pain. Sharp pains in te front where I suspect my bladder is. I am now having this bloody mucus instead of bowel movements, I have also been experiencing hair loss in great amounts during showers. This medication seems to work at first and then begins to wreck havoc in other areas after extended use. I am on a strict IC diet so I know that that is not the contributing factor.”

6 / 10
stacydionnerobison November 22, 2014

For Interstitial Cystitis: “Not only do I have Interstitial Cystitis, but I also have an extremely small bladder. After the 2nd surgery to stretch it, it still only has a capacity of 350 mL. My doctor just started me on Elmiron for the pain, and will do a Botox treatment for the bladder spasms in a couple weeks. Since I started taking the Elmiron, I have noticed blurred vision. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this, or if it is unrelated and the onset of symptoms is just a coincidence.”

8 / 10
Ktma October 13, 2014

For Interstitial Cystitis: “I have unexplained pelvic inflammation/interstitial cystitis. In fact all the women in my immediate family do. We are convinced its due to undiagnosed auto immune disease. Taking the Elmiron was a somewhat challenging couple of months (dizzy, loss of appetite) but after 5 months it was all worth it! Seriously changed my life, 90% urgency, burning, constant cramps & pains, muscle spasms gone !”

10 / 10
Pp in me October 11, 2014

For Interstitial Cystitis: “Love this medication. It helped me a lot. ”

JMini · Taken for 10 years or more September 23, 2014

For Interstitial Cystitis: “4 CAPSULES AT NIGHT worked for me after 3 months.But the cost is outrageous.”

10 / 10