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User Reviews for MetroGel-Vaginal to treat Bacterial Vaginitis

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MetroGel-Vaginal Rating Summary

User Ratings
6.2/10 Average Rating
58 Ratings with 52 User Reviews

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Reviews for MetroGel-Vaginal

Lee · Taken for less than 1 month July 7, 2019

"I’ve used this medication twice. Once when I was around 19, and once now at 23. I don’t remember having side effects the first time, but this time I’ve got immediate intense bloating, cramping, and nausea. I’ve never felt this uncomfortable before, even during menstruation. I can’t attest to the effectiveness because both this time and last time I didn’t feel any symptoms of BV to start with, which just makes these side effects worse knowing they’re not going to lead to some kind of relief."

ScottishSuzy June 24, 2019

"Great stuff. The pills only worked while I took the pills. Then BV came back. The metronidazole vag gel is good. Works while u sleep. No discharge no leaks no smells. No BV. Finally cured after 2 years of hell."

Bec · Taken for less than 1 month June 19, 2019

"When I was diagnosed with BV, I was initially given a script for this medication in the pill form for 7 days. I ended up back at the doctor a week later with persistent symptoms. Another swab was tested and I was still positive for BV. I was then started on the gel. Symptoms of BV cleared within a few days, which was great. I had pelvic discomfort, felt pretty tired, and had a little bit of discharge with blood one day. I also now have a yeast infection, which is the most common side effect. Overall, I would say the gel works more effectively at treating BV symptoms than the pill, but the side effects aren’t the best."

Vanessa · Taken for less than 1 month June 17, 2019

"Read some negative reviews about this brand I was scared to use the gel ,I was very nervous. Laid on my back and it was easy to insert I did it right before bed when I wasn’t going to get up again for the night. The next morning when I went pee the gel didn’t come out I was surprised and there has been nothing on my panty liners throughout the day which was a relief because I’ve been dealing with discharge the last couple weeks from BV. ( I was prescribed Penicillin pills those are worse they smell foul make my urine smell like the pill and have me feeling exhausted plus I can’t think straight and effects my memory ) so using the MetroGel was less stressful and I would use it again if I had to due to the great experience and overall simpleness of it."

Kkizz · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 10, 2019

"I have suffered from reoccurring BV for a few of months now . The metronidazole gel never works . And almost always causes yeast infection. I don’t know if I’m mad at my doctor for continuing to prescribe it or me for using it again. I plan to use alternative methods from now on . I’m fed up. Don’t know how this is the only medication they prescribe for every vagina in existence . Good luck to whomever is having issues"

Mila · Taken for less than 1 month June 8, 2019

"So I feel like I always either have BV or a yeast infection. I went to the Gyno for severe itching and was given an oral dose for a yeast infection. That went fine. My results came back and I also had BV so I started the 5 day vaginal metronidazole gel. I hate it. First couple of days I felt weak and dizzy. I’m on the last night thank goodness. These past three days including right now. I’ll get a terrible headache in the evenings. I never get headaches. Super weird. Really uncomfortable. Also very anxious and irritable. Hope this all goes away after tomorrow. And I pray I don’t get a yeast infection. Literally just took medication for one."

PlumDrum March 27, 2019

"This is my first day on this medicine, so I just wanted to share my first day and time experiences using it. Mine is a 5 day treatment, once a day. There is no burning/itching with it like I get using monistat. I'm a super sensitive person when it comes to using vaginal medications or soaps. Its also not discharging like crazy for me. No serious side effects besides cramping. I'm 10 weeks pregnant and I didn't experience any vaginal bleeding. I have a yeast infection medication ready to take with this because my Doctor prescribed it, and because the packaging states you will most likely end up with a yeast infection after use. I did wake up with a sore throat and a bad cough. Don't know if these are related though. I'm waiting to see how this works completed for my BV and then I'll post back a final review. I just wanted to share my first time personal experience. Because I was scared to use it at first."

Hamburger · Taken for less than 1 month March 14, 2019

"I’ve been suffering from BV non stop after high school. I’m 22 and it is very annoying I feel like I’m not clean if that makes sense but the doctor did tell me a lot of women have this issue just because we’re women. They prescribed me metrogel one dose every night for 5 nights I can’t tell if it is clearing up my discharge because I have the medicine coming out when I wake up it looks gross but I read it’s normal. I’m done with my gel and took one dose of diflucan (anti yeast) after my gel and on the 4th day since finishing medication I still have symptoms and the gel is still inside. I got discharge with blood and got scared but I read that’s a side effect. I guess I just hope my BV and yeast goes away I didn’t even know I had yeast to begin with. I’ll keep y’all updated hope this helps."

step202 · Taken for less than 1 month February 13, 2019

"I am in my late teens and I am currently using the metro gel. I am on my second day of using it twice a day. I have had very little side effects. I have had mild headache to no headache but very faint. That is about the only side affect that I have had from using this product so far and it is very helpful"

Bea · Taken for less than 1 month November 28, 2018

"It works but I got a terrible yeast infection. It is a common side effect but also had to be treated with meds."

sam · Taken for less than 1 month November 3, 2018

"Have been using the actual GEL for two days and I'm fine. A little burning and mild diarrhea at most but that is it. I FOLLOWED the directions, if you follow the directions, you should be fine. It CLEARLY states not to have sex while using the medication."

..... · Taken for less than 1 month October 8, 2018

"I was honestly scared to try this medication with all the reviews I’ve read. I had little to no side effects. My side effects were just a little bit of cramping and discharge with a little blood. Symptoms were noticeably better. Just stay away from alcohol."

Mya · Taken for 6 months to 1 year October 4, 2018

"I’ve used this for one day and this is my second night using it and I feel horrible. I feel like I’m on my period, nausea, cramps, lightheaded and dizzy. I couldn’t walk up my steps because of my cramps. All I want to do is sleep, and what’s funny is that I’ve used this medicine before and it was never like this. I want to stop using it. 3 days left and I don’t think I can do it."

Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month September 6, 2018

"Used metrogel for 5 days every night before I went to bed. Before using I freaked myself out with the reviews but I really only experienced a headache and some stiffness in my neck which was tolerable. On the third day smell and discharge was gone. Been a few days since I’ve been off of it it worked good overall :)"

Mimi · Taken for less than 1 month August 24, 2018

"Same deal as one of the other girls, was tested for UTI symptoms, cultured twice with no growth, but positive for BV, have done 2 nights of the gel so far, have experienced lack of appetite, bloating feeling and cramps, hope it end soon"

Kat August 16, 2018

"I have been having BV problems for a couple years after I had my babe. Took this for the first time this week. Looks like it helped with BV, but caused some pretty bad symptoms: headache, stomachache, nervousness, some discharge with blood, cramping, insomnia, and intestinal issues. Hopefully it does the job!"

Katie July 27, 2018

"AWFUL medication. I had absolutely 0 symptoms of BV, but it came up in my pap during my physical. My doctor started me on the pill and I could hardly make it 1.5 days. Wasn’t able to focus, felt drunk, nausea, extreme fatigue, ear congestion, and so on. I quit taking it immediately. My doctor then prescribed the topical gel, which I believe was a huge mistake as it caused extreme and intense burning on the outside of my vagina. Then onto the vaginal gel insertion. I had to do 2 awful rounds of this. Worst cramps, nausea and fatigue I’ve ever experienced. Bloating was so uncomfortable, I could hardly wear some of my clothes. It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve been off the medication now and I’ve still had waves of side effects. My gut bacteria and vaginal ph are completely out of whack. All I want to do is sleep, my migraines have intensified and bloating is still an issue. Do not take this medicine especially if you didn’t have symptoms of BV to begin with!"

VegasGirl July 9, 2018

"I started taking the metro gel a few days ago and have been hospitalized twice since for severe stomach pain and cramping, nausea and vomiting, sweating and breast discharge. This drug is horrible. None of the ER doctors put two and two together to find that my symptoms were a result of the gel. My own GYN doesn’t believe that the symptoms are related side effects but it says right on the package that these are ‘less common’ side effects. I just figured it out last night and now I’m trying to get it out of my system."

Sosickofthis June 11, 2018

"I've been battling BV off and on for 3 years now. I've used the gel now at least 5 times (once a night for 5 days) and I honestly have no idea why I keep going back to it. It never works for long (BV comes back right after period) and it always leaves a side effect worse than the BV. Right now I'm dealing with constipation and UTI side effects (but no UTI, was tested) and my last treatment was almost 2 months ago. Never again. I will try and maintain with probiotics and Rephresh from here on out. Stay away from metrogel!!!!"

Queenb · Taken for less than 1 month May 30, 2018

"Had BV second time now first was tablets made me drunk feeling so I'm avoiding the tablets and this second time I'm using the gel. All I can say is side effects are stomach ache, wind and diarrhea. I was told use it at night time for five nights and I'm on the second night."

Me · Taken for less than 1 month May 16, 2018

"I used the MetroGel vag gel for 5 nights as instructed. The smell went away for like a day or 2 but the discharge remained with its abnormal color (brownish). After having sex with my boyfriend, 2 nights after using the gel, the smell came back even worse. I was bloated and had awful pain and burning sensation in my lower abdomen. I honestly don't trust that this gel works. Instead I feel like it just made things even worse because I noticed there was some bleeding coming out as well."

Liz · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 6, 2018

"I have recurring BV so the metro gel used three times a week helps a lot for a few days but has not got rid of all together. It provides some relief from BV but I do get some side effects like dizziness, bloating, upset stomach and tired. I only insert less than half of an applicatorful each time get fewer side effects from it and it still is effective"

Sj84 · Taken for less than 1 month April 30, 2018

"I was diagnosed with BV at 13 weeks pregnant. I was prescribed the metro gel 5X nightly. I asked my midwife why she prefers the gel over the pills and she said it makes sense to treat something vaginally though the vagina. Makes sense to me. I took the medication as prescribed and didn’t seem to experience any real unpleasant side effects. I didn’t have any symptoms to begin with so I can’t speak to whether it cleared them up. I was tested because I am pregnant. I have noticed some of the gel leaking out in the morning along with some thicker white discharge. But from what I’ve read that is normal. All in all, despite being very skeptical about doing this while pregnant it was not a bad experience at all."

Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month April 14, 2018

"Started the gel 3 days ago, had my wisdom teeth out 2 days before I got the gel for BV, my stomach started hurting and I thought maybe because I haven’t pooped since the pain pills backed me up, pooped yesterday but had very bad pelvic cramps last night and stomach pain all day today. Also have runny nose and cough. The stomach cramps hurt really bad but the gel worked the first application. I do like it but the side effects are awful. I just push through the pain."

Izzy Bella · Taken for less than 1 month March 29, 2018

"Cleared up my BV first night. Took away smell and discharge, amazing. Tonight is my last dose CONS: •Very very tender breasts •NAUSEA •Dizziness •Gave me a bad cough & sever sore throat since Day 2 •Triggers anxiety, badly •Causes irritability •menstrual like cramps on/off The side effects were crucial for me. Affected me immensely :( but it cured me. These are my experiences. I always keep tabs on how I feel before starting a meditation and how I feel during and after so that I can properly evaluate and give feedback to my doctors or other ladies."


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