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User Reviews for Advil Cold and Sinus

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Sinus Symptoms 7.5
30 reviews 333 medications

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Reviews for Advil Cold and Sinus

Mya · Taken for less than 1 month February 12, 2020

For Sinus Symptoms: “I feel like advil cold and sinus made my cold symptoms worse.”

3 / 10
Nels January 10, 2020

For Sinus Symptoms: “I took Advil Cold, Sinus & Flu after not treating my cold properly and having it turn to a sinus infection/cold. My head was throbbing, face was congested, and I was coughing like crazy. This stuff honestly works wonders, it is probably one of the best products out there. Could not recommend it enough.”

10 / 10
ELLE November 5, 2019

For Sinus Symptoms: “I have trouble sleeping because of nasal congestion. I can't sleep also when my head is not lying flay on the bed. I took the ADVIL cold & sinus. It works immediately, like after 10-15mins I fell asleep. No signs and symptoms of adverse reaction/effect. Works perfectly good. Would definitely recommend to someone who's in need pf this kind of medication. Ps: followed recommended dosage / took it every 6-8 hrs depending in my needs.”

9 / 10
Jess · Taken for less than 1 month December 20, 2018

For Sinus Symptoms: “Took this for the first time because I had major cold symptoms and needed to get back to work the next day. Sneezing, congestion, stuffy nose. Worked amazingly (used only one pill to be safe) and didn't realize how well until the 4-5 hours was up and my symptoms started coming back full force. I took them back to back as needed. However, the medicine made me very dizzy and drowsy despite being non drowsy formula. I won't attempt driving again after taking this medicine as I felt very faint. It's good for me to take when I'm at home sick or need to sleep.”

8 / 10
CJR · Taken for less than 1 month November 9, 2018

For Sinus Symptoms: “I broke out with a serious case of hives and had to go to the ER. I had huge welts all over my body , my right eye was close shut, my right and wrist was so swollen that it felt like it was going to pop. My pressure was extremely low 100/60. This medicine is very dangerous please be careful. CJR.”

1 / 10
CAR May 31, 2018

For Sinus Symptoms: “Generally I prefer Advil over Tylenol for headaches, however the Advil Cold and Flu pills do nothing for me. I've tried many variations of this product and none work. Very disappointing.”

1 / 10
199328 January 25, 2018

For Sinus Symptoms: “Took 4 today over the last 8 hours and it didn't do any justice. Nose is still runny, headache is still there from blowing my nose. I'll be switching to Tylenol Cold and Sinus instead,”

3 / 10
Tori4762698445 January 11, 2018

For Sinus Symptoms: “This stuff works like a charm. Helps a ton with cough because it stops post-nasal drip. I can't take DM cold medicine because I'm on an anti-depressant so this is a great alternative. No side effects for me as far as I can tell.”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 2 to 5 years July 20, 2017

For Sinus Symptoms: “Second year on this. I get one super sinus infection a year. I get some relief in a couple hours, total relief in about 3 to 4 days. I take one every five hours. Get runny nose for a couple, but that tells me it is working-breaking up the congestion. I don't stop taking until totally gone. Did once, came back, Only thing I have found that gives good permanent relief. No side effects for me.”

Get lost July 10, 2017

For Sinus Symptoms: “Effective within 2 hrs. Ringing of ears stopped....congestion eased.taken 1 tablet thus far”

8 / 10
KarineAD March 18, 2017

For Sinus Symptoms: “Waste of money. Helped my headache but its not like I needed to pay 10$ for 20 bloody Ibuprofens... had plenty at home already. I usually take a single cold pill and I'm good for half a day with barely ever having to blow my nose, and can sleep a full night without a problem. With this stuff however, I took 6 today and I kept blowing my nose ever 1-2 mins regardless. Wasted my money and now I can't get any sleep at all because of the constant cough and runny nose.”

1 / 10
Arron223 February 19, 2017

For Sinus Symptoms: “I took this for 2 days and absolutely nothing. Don't waste your time or money on this.”

1 / 10
kennedy paige January 14, 2017

For Sinus Symptoms: “I love this stuff. It works wonders. ”

10 / 10
Tresabee · Taken for less than 1 month January 14, 2017

For Sinus Symptoms: “This has been the best cold and sinus medicine I have found since sudafed”

10 / 10
BuffaloGal14221 · Taken for 5 to 10 years October 28, 2016

For Sinus Symptoms: “I use Advil cold and sinus very sparingly for when I get the worst combination of debilitating sinus headache and earache. It is the only thing that takes away the pain that makes me want to sleep all day long for days on end. It improves my quality of life from bottom of the barrel to functioning with only minor discomfort. I try to only take the bare minimum dose, just to take the edge off. If that is ineffective after several hours, I may layer it with another one. If that is still ineffective, then several hours later I will take two together. Never have tea or coffee when you take these because it is a "speedy" medication and not "sleepy". It is great if you have to function, such is going to work versus calling off.”

9 / 10
cute princess · Taken for less than 1 month July 26, 2016

For Sinus Symptoms: “I drank this medication for three days but instead of getting better I got worse day by day.i started experiencing diseases I have never had in my life. This is the worst medication ever,i wouldnt recommend it to anyone.”

1 / 10
Edita April 30, 2016

For Sinus Symptoms: “Very effective drug. But strong side effects. Kept me awake all night”

10 / 10
barracudacool · Taken for less than 1 month March 23, 2016

For Sinus Symptoms: “I have only recently started having spring allergies. Some congestion but the biggest issue for me is the sinus head. I have had the same headache now for over a week. Im also prone to migraine and two days the sinus headache advanced into a full blown migraine which nothing would touch. I have tried several otc remedies and of course have migraine medications. This stuff, Advil Cold and sinus, stopped the sinus headache in its tracks and with no real side effects. It took about 30 minutes. I want to echo everybody else here. Advil Cold and Sinus is absolutely amazing!!!”

10 / 10
Kphip · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 15, 2016

For Sinus Symptoms: “Every year around mountain cider time, one of my eye's starts to water, tears are running down my face and it's really imbarassing at times. But Advil put a stop to that. Its truely God sent.”

10 / 10
mysteriouscoldsufferer February 24, 2016

For Sinus Symptoms: “hands down - the best cold medication out there!”

10 / 10
Sammyj55 · Taken for 2 to 5 years December 27, 2015

For Sinus Symptoms: “I call this stuff my miracle medicine. I prefer the liquid gel capsules because the effect seems to take place faster than the caplets, but honestly they're both great! I get the WORST sinus headaches that can last days!! I'm talking pain on one side of my head/face that gets worse with any kind of movement and brings me to tears. Regular ibuprofen will not give me any relief what so ever. My ex bf years ago who is also a doctor mentioned trying this and I'm so glad he did! I kept thinking what I had was a migraine and no wonder why nothing would work. I wasn't treating my condition properly. One pill of this takes ALL THE PAIN AWAY!! Seriously. You have nothing to lose trying this if you suffer like I was. So worth it guys!!”

10 / 10
norsa November 2, 2015

For Sinus Symptoms: “We loved it. It did all they say it would.It helped us with getting the sinus pain gonne fast and helped us feeling better as soon as we took one pills. this is an amazing pill that helps when u feel like crap thanks to sinus congestion and pain.”

10 / 10
permob January 24, 2015

For Sinus Symptoms: “Absolute God send when it comes to anything cold and/or sinus related. Saves me from having to go to the doctors office.”

9 / 10
mandy1772 December 1, 2014

For Sinus Symptoms: “This is the only thing that will work for me when Im having severe cold and sinus symptoms and I've tried everything.”

9 / 10
Adacharben October 12, 2014

For Sinus Symptoms: “It is the only thing that works for my sinus headaches. Some last for a week at a time and this medicine makes me forget about the pain until the dosage has wore off approx 8-12 hours later”

10 / 10