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User Reviews for Estradiol

Also known as: Estrace, Climara, Vivelle-Dot, Estrogel, Divigel, Minivelle, Vivelle, Estradiol Patch, Progynova, Elestrin, Evamist, Alora, Delestrogen, Estraderm, Systen, Depo-Estradiol, Femring, Zumenon, Organon Oestradiol, Oestradiol Implants, Oromone, Provames, Thaissept, Menostar, Oesclim, Oestrogel Pump-Pack, Progynova TS, Sandrena, Primogyn Depot, Oestrodose, Oestrogel, Thais, Dotti, Estra Pellets …show all brand names

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Condition Avg. Ratings Reviews Compare
Atrophic Urethritis
1 review 46 medications
Gender Dysphoria
3 reviews 0 medications
Primary Ovarian Failure
8 reviews 36 medications
Atrophic Vaginitis
6 reviews 54 medications
Postmenopausal Symptoms
209 reviews 156 medications
9 reviews 37 medications
1 review 155 medications
25 reviews 35 medications
Summary of Estradiol reviews 6.8 262 reviews

Reviews for Estradiol

Chris July 16, 2019

Climara (estradiol) for Postmenopausal Symptoms: "I had issues with sticking but found if I used alcohol wipe prior to applying it stayed in place for the week. Using body washes cause the adhesive issues."

HateMylan · Taken for 10 years or more July 13, 2019

Estradiol Patch (estradiol) for Oophorectomy: "I’d been using estradiol patch (generic for Climara) I think, after reading these comments) for years but my pharmacy said they stopped carrying it. They didn’t tell me it was discontinued! WHY? It was small, transparent, practically invisible. The Mylan patches I get are white, huge, thick, itchy and unacceptable! Does any generic drug company make a small transparent patch? I‘ve asked pharmacists and they don’t seem to know."

Laura · Taken for 5 to 10 years July 11, 2019

Estradiol Patch (estradiol) for Postmenopausal Symptoms: "I have been using Estradiol patch generic for many years by Mylan and it has worked fine. My pharmacist recently changed to Grove Pharmaceuticals and it is awful. They don't work and they don't stick well. Hot flashes are every 10 minutes and disrupted sleep. I called the pharmacist and requested a special order to go back to the Mylan brand."

JS June 18, 2019

Estradiol Patch (estradiol) for Postmenopausal Symptoms: "I have used the Alvogen product successfully for several years. When my pharmacy said it was no longer available and substituted the Mylan patch I was, frankly, shocked. What a piece of junk. It is huge, does not adhere and, compared to the generic Climara product produced by Alvogen, it is like stepping into the dark ages. I am paying extra to now use the brand name rather then generic. It appears from looking online that it is the same clear, low profile product. I agree with other reviewers who also feel strongly about this issue. I phoned Alvogen and it apologized about no longer carrying it. It is little comfort."

Cyndi · Taken for 2 to 5 years June 13, 2019

Estradiol Patch (estradiol) for Postmenopausal Symptoms: "For three years I used the small clear Alvogen estradiol patch with no problems. I am no longer been able to get them because I understand they stopped making them. I am now using the Mylan estrogen patch and it is horrible. It's big, ugly, it stinks and it will not stay on. I will have to figure out something else to use because this is intolerable."

Happycat June 12, 2019

Estradiol Patch (estradiol) for Postmenopausal Symptoms: "MYLAN ESTRADIOL PATCH 1.0 seems to Be ineffective! Suffering from menopausal symptoms due to a complete hysterectomy Booted off the good stuff ... MINIVELLE DOT ❤️. Due to change of insurance even though I have full coverage! Insurance won’t Pay the $450 cost for 3 month supply . I wonder what’s even on the MYLAN ESTRADIOL PATCH is it even real ?"

Penny · Taken for 2 to 5 years June 11, 2019

Divigel (estradiol) for Postmenopausal Symptoms: "I am post menopause and Divigel has significantly improved my memory - far more than a pill form of estrogen."

Martita · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 11, 2019

Climara (estradiol) for Postmenopausal Symptoms: "I’ve only starting using Climara since mid April. It’s hard to remove the patch from the backing. Also I itch beneath and around the area. With the heat and sweat it comes off. Copay is high. So replacing a patch is pricy."

Flash-less · Taken for 6 months to 1 year June 4, 2019

Estradiol Patch (estradiol) for Postmenopausal Symptoms: "The Alvogen small, clear, thin patches worked very well. For some time, my pharmacy has been filling my prescription with Mylan. As a medication, I notice no difference. But I hate the Mylan patches anyway because they are large, thick, brown, and irritate my skin far more and far longer than the Alvogen. Clearly this is a shared experience. Will Mylan take note?"

Nana54 · Taken for 10 years or more June 4, 2019

For Postmenopausal Symptoms: "I’ve used patches since 2004 for night sweats, irritability, hot flashes after TAH, BSO (Total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy.). Mylan is so awful, falls off , skin reaction no efficacy. Sandoz brand works closer to brand name Vivelle, a little gummy but residue removal with baby oil works. Still $100 after ins. .Considering a trial without it due to weight distribution , chronic venous insufficiency in lower legs and widespread muscle and joint pain. Could the estrogen be a contributing factor? Only one way to know."

Sara June 2, 2019

Vivelle-Dot (estradiol) for Postmenopausal Symptoms: "I have been on Vivelle Dot for two months now, it was fine until the last few weeks. Constant headache, diarrhea and abdominal bloating and gas, also slight vertigo. I really thought this was going to work for me. I was on 0.0375, a tiny amount. It’s just not worth it, no night sweats, but not worth the trade off. Will be looking into another HRT. Very sad. Wish they would make something gentle on stomachs."

Fiona · Taken for less than 1 month May 30, 2019

Climara (estradiol) for Postmenopausal Symptoms: "VERY disappointed with Climara! My doctor is well aware of my sweaty workouts, and I asked her if the patch would stay on, and it didn't. It lasts one day for me before peeling off. I have it attached with Bandaids at the moment. This is way too expensive ($210.00 with insurance!) to only last one day before peeling off."

unglued · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 25, 2019

Estradiol Patch (estradiol) for Postmenopausal Symptoms: "The Mylan estradiol patch must have been invented by a man. As others have commented, they are huge and do not adequately adhere. I have never had this problem before with the other brands I have used[unfortunately, I can't remember the other brands]."

Anonymous May 20, 2019

Divigel (estradiol) for Postmenopausal Symptoms: "I have been taking DiviGel for about 8 years now. In my late 30s I started having seemingly never-ending periods with bleeding every day for months varying from light to scary heavy flooding. Prior to DiviGel, my ObGyn had me try a number of other prescriptions, some that made things worse. DiviGel was a lifesaver! It cleared up the problem completely and almost immediately gave me normal periods again. A few years later, I added an IUD to provide the progesterone needed to counter the estrogen in Divigel. Now I'm period-free and loving it. Not surprisingly, as our US health care continues to deteriorate, especially in the area of women's health, Divigel was removed as a covered medication by my insurance. I continue to get it by now get it through Canada. They are great to work with and they are TONS cheaper than US pricing. I couldn't see myself going without my Divigel. Without it, I would have opted for a hysterectomy years ago, and Divigel helped prevent that."

GG · Taken for 2 to 5 years May 15, 2019

Femring (estradiol) for Atrophic Urethritis: "Completely took care of my urinary burning and frequency. Used it for 2 years. Insurance changed, and I paid $385/ring for a year anyway. Just switched to estring, ($95) since I retired, which is rigid, causes pain, and doesn't work. Comparing Femring to Estring and which is best, I will go back to Femring."

Nomorehotflashes · Taken for 10 years or more May 13, 2019

Femring (estradiol) for Postmenopausal Symptoms: "I had my hysterectomy when I was 40. I am now 66 year old and this product has been a saving grace for my menopausal symptoms! The other meds just weren’t for me and I have tried them all. I wonder why some of the folks say it is hard and painful - once I put it in, I never feel it. The only bad thing is the cost. Even with insurance, I still have to pay well over $200 for this. I keep looking for a coupon, but it’s not there."

Joan · Taken for 1 to 2 years May 3, 2019

Estradiol Patch (estradiol) for Hypoestrogenism: "I’m 9 years post hysterectomy. I started out with Vivelle dot then changed to Minnivell dot when it came out. Never had any trouble. Insurance change last year (2018). Since there’s now a generic for Minivelle-I can pay $15 for Mylan or pay a penalty for the brand name and pay $188 for Minivelle. With coupon $135. I’ve tried to deal with all the problems with the Mylan patches for a YEAR! They do NOT deliver the same amount of estradiol as Minivelle. I’ve gained 20 lbs and have gotten horrible wrinkles. I firmly believe it’s the patch and lack of estrogen. Patches fall off which is irritating, I still have hot flashes and night sweats. My endocrinologist even did estrogen level and it was lower than in 2017 when on Minivelle. If my gyno will request Minivelle my insurance will allow and not charge penalty. With coupon it should be about $40. I’m hoping!!!"

Sara · Taken for less than 1 month May 1, 2019

Estradiol Patch (estradiol) for Postmenopausal Symptoms: "I had been using Mylan Estradiol patches for a year and a half. No problems. My pharmacy changed to Estadiol made by Grove Pharmaceuticals, what a mess. With in a week HOT FLASHES all night long and no sleep. They don't stick. I found a pharmacy that carries Mylan Estradiol patches and after two days of wearing the patches I got my first good night sleep with out HOT Flashes at night."

Dottie · Taken for 2 to 5 years April 27, 2019

Estradiol Patch (estradiol) for Postmenopausal Symptoms: "Woman before you apply any skin patches clean the area with a alcohol pad then make sure the area is dry. Warm up the patch between your palm then put it on. I have used Mylan and or Minivelle with them never coming off. Even swimming. I would imagine if they don't stick it could cause not getting the full dose. They are all expensive unless you get a coupon and once on medicare your coupons go away."

TLR · Taken for less than 1 month April 24, 2019

Estradiol Patch (estradiol) for Hypoestrogenism: "This patch is awful. It’s huge, thick and doesn’t stick. I only had it on one day, no swimming or showering and it came off. It itches as well. I am having to keep it on me with package tape. I am going to look for something else."

Marg704 · Taken for 6 months to 1 year March 26, 2019

Estradiol Patch (estradiol) for Postmenopausal Symptoms: "The Alvogen Estradiol patches are garbage. They never stay stuck to your skin . For the fourth time, I just applied a patch last night, and today it came off. It did not even make it through 24 hours. If they do happen to stay on for the full week, they get filthy and are itchy. The Minivelle patch was great. Small, twice a week, stayed clean, and stayed on. My insurance stopped covering Minivelle. A weekly patch is no good for anybody if it doesn't stay on for the full week. I only get four in a box - for the month! Now I have to wait until next week to apply another patch."

Spiff · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 22, 2019

For Postmenopausal Symptoms: "I take the Mylan estradiol small patches they are tiny, invisible and I switch them one a week. I've been taking them for 6 weeks and can't tell if they are doing anything. I do notice that I've gained weight, and feel very bloated around my period time. They were suppose to help with sleeping but I haven't seen that happening. Anyone else experience bloating?"

T February 27, 2019

Estradiol Patch (estradiol) for Postmenopausal Symptoms: "Mylan Patches are too big, gave me a bad skin reaction, and they just don't adhere to the skin. Alvogen was the best for a reasonable copay($10.00) I can change to Climara but it will cost $48.00 copay...I'll go broke! I'm going to try the minivelle w/a ($10.00 copay). Hopefully I have success. I hope it works! I don't want to go through that hell again. Anxiety, depression, heat flashes & fatigue. If not I'm going to go to Climara & go broke"

Ramona · Taken for 5 to 10 years February 18, 2019

Estradiol Patch (estradiol) for Postmenopausal Symptoms: "I read through many of the comments - and I could NOT agree more about the Mylan patches. I stopped using them years ago for the same reason: too big, skin reaction, and they just didn't adhere to the skin. I had received such a poor quality supply, I wrote directly to the manufacture. They did send me a refund check for two of the three months I requested. AT this point I found Alvogen brand. This has been the best estrogen patch ever- however, I just went to refill at WalMart and they said that Alvogen was no longer available for shipment to them. Was told it was discontinued being sent to WalMart. CVS did have some of what I needed on the shelf for now. I am doing some research to find out what is happening."

CoCo · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 17, 2019

Estradiol Patch (estradiol) for Oophorectomy: "My new doctor switched me to this massive thick sponge from Depo Estradiol that I had been using successfully for years. I now have constant asthma, and horrible hot flashes, can't sleep. and am exhausted all the time. I took it off last night and low and behold for the first time in a month I woke up without asthma! The Depo never gave me asthma. As an aside, when I opened the first one, I honestly could not believe what I was seeing. It is ridiculous. Thick, huge ugly. It really is at the dumbest cheapest hunk of garbage out there. Mylan, you can do better!!"


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