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User Reviews for Disulfiram to treat Alcohol Dependence (Page 4)

Also known as: Antabuse

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Disulfiram Rating Summary

User Ratings
58% (55)
15% (14)
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8.2/10 Average Rating
95 ratings from 106 user reviews

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Reviews for Disulfiram

Pink Archer November 30, 2014

Antabuse (disulfiram): “I have been to rehab twice in three years. I went to an addictionist and was prescribed Antabuse. I didn't get it filled due to the cost & fear of side effects. I made a deal with myself that if I messed up and drank, my "punishment" would be getting it filled. I messed up once, and said ok, that was a mulligan. If I mess up again... Which I did. So I got it filled. More than two weeks later, I am still sober! I am taking half pills every 3-4 days, keeping it in my system without it costing so much. Zero side effects, except for being SOBER! Someone drank in front of me on Thanksgiving. Normally I would be rabid to have some as well. With Antabuse, I couldn't be bothered to care or crave it.”

10 / 10
Goob1 · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 19, 2014

Antabuse (disulfiram): “Have tried to give up many times in the past but just haven't been able to do it. Really didn't like AA and sheer willpower just doesn't work. Plus, I just love to drink! I've tried cutting back or just drinking on weekends but I always end up going back to an everyday habit. I started Antabuse and have found it the most effective way to stop. The fear of having a drink far outweighs the desire to drink. I still have cravings and have gone for a few days without taking it, thinking I'll have a drink in a week but then I always have a moment of strength and end up popping that pill! This buys me at least another week. I started on Campral 2 weeks ago to try to curb the cravings. It doesn't appear to be working but I'll persevere. 45 days!”

9 / 10
BobY1 September 20, 2014

Antabuse (disulfiram): “I'm 66. I stopped drinking when I was in my early-mid 30s, helped by a psychotherapist. Went back to drinking 4-5 years later. Stopped again, went back. Etc. Went through another course of one-on-one therapy with no real results. Entered rehab (outpatient). Stopped again for a while. (Hated rehab.) Started drinking again after a few years. Entered group therapy with an emphasis on AA. Didn't work. (Hated AA.) Two months ago, I went on Antabuse, and the results have been GREAT. I take one dose in the mornings. Over time the urges have diminished; now they only pop up ever so often. I feel like I have a new life. Yay, Antabuse!”

10 / 10
scintillady · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 23, 2014

Antabuse (disulfiram): “This has been a miracle. After over 30 years of drinking, I will have my longest sober period that I can remember, thanks to this medication. I have 37 days now, and can't possibly drink for at least another 2 weeks, to be safe from possible side effects, so I definitely will beat my 6 week record. No side effects that I have noticed, and learning what to do with myself sober, gradually. The medication is expensive, though ($237.00 a month) so if I didn't have insurance I probably would have trouble paying for it, but then again, I haven't spent money on alcohol, so for me, it more than pays for itself!”

Shell45 May 19, 2014

Antabuse (disulfiram): “I was referred to a psychiatrist after having mood swings that caused me too have suicidal thoughts. Having a drinking problem for several years did not help it. I would have one maybe two bottles of wine every day of the week and not even have an hangover in the morning. I have tried acupuncture to help me stop drinking that did not work. Taking Antabuse was my last resort because I knew deep down if I went to the AA for help I would try to cut back but would soon slip back to my bad habits. I have been taking Antabuse for two weeks and have found that I don't even want a drink, my life seems much brighter now and full of hope. There is light at the end of the tunnel and it gets brighter every day.”

10 / 10
fyodor · Taken for 5 to 10 years March 20, 2014

Antabuse (disulfiram): “I was drunk or hungover for over 30 years, and had every bad experience, including putting my pistol in my mouth a couple times. The intense physical craving, cramps, shaking, anxiety left me in the freshness of the brave new world. After 30 years of feeling completely sick, it's hard to say if this medicine has any side effects at all. It's been a life saver for me.”

10 / 10
Reformed04 November 15, 2013

Antabuse (disulfiram): “Best thing I've ever done, tried every other possible way to stop & this is the only thing that has broken my nine year daily drinking habit, I couldn't recommend it highly enough to anyone out there that just can't stop. I take it at night as it makes me drowsy but suits me as it now serves as a sleeping pill as well, a bit dizzy & nauseous in morning but early days. I take 1/2 tablet - 50mg every second night”

10 / 10
Lawlord · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 19, 2013

“33 years of drinking and one stint in rehab later and I still was keenly aware that I was an unrecovered alcoholic. Finally decided to ask my doctor for an Antabuse prescription (coupled with active engagement in AA). Taking it in no way diminishes the craving for alcohol. But it will stop you from drinking if you take it. My doctor says I can take it for the rest of my life if I want and since I am serious about my alcoholism, I see no reason not to. No side effects at all! Even when I have wanted to use (and could), I don't because of what I know would happen. Anyone serious about stopping alcohol consumption is crazy not to use Antabuse. I have seen too many people relapse and that will not happen using this product. Love it!”

10 / 10
JJ51669 July 12, 2013

Antabuse (disulfiram): “Knowing how sick I'll get makes it possible to not drink. But the drowsiness side effect is unpleasant. All in all, if you really want to quit drinking, this may help you. It broke a 30 year habit for me, although I've had to repeat a few times. Quit telling yourself it's about willpower, get some help that WORKS!”

10 / 10
Aspirin500mg May 29, 2013

“2 years ago I realised that if I wasn't careful I was going to end up losing everything as a result of my very heavy drinking. I've taken disulfiram regularly since then. I have occasionally stopped taking it for a few weeks at a time (and drank as a result) but I'm sober 99% of the time now. I once had a reaction when I misjudged the amount of time I need to be off it before drinking and believe don't want to experience that. Ever. I thought my heart was going to explode and I was covered in terrible blotches and felt very sick for several hours. I was told that it's generally a very safe medication provided that you DO NOT DRINKING WHILE ON IT.”

8 / 10
Dual Diagnosis · Taken for less than 1 month April 25, 2013

Antabuse (disulfiram): “I suffer from depression and anxiety, and want to drink to get relief. I didn't find the help I needed in AA, and truthfully, always knew that drinking was an option, so I would drive myself drink, to resist drinking, and on and on. So, I have been getting help through a psychiatrist, a therapist, and a depression educational support group, and am learning new ways to cope for my depression and anxiety. Taking Antabuse helps me resist the urge to take the alcohol way out of my discomfort, and use my new tools. I have been taking Antabuse for 10 days now. I take it at night and it helps me sleep better. I have no other side effects, and I've eaten Vineagrette dressing and Catsup with no problems.”

10 / 10
Allison H. · Taken for 2 to 5 years July 2, 2012

Antabuse (disulfiram): “This medicine is a God send. I've been in recovery for 4 years, pretty much done it all: AA meetings daily, 33 day detox/rehab, IOP, 1:1 therapy at an addiction center, prescriptions for naltrexone and Campral. Two years into treatment, I still wanted to drink. My husband was desperate and suggested Antabuse. I researched it on the internet and was willing to try anything. My primary doc knew I was crazy so he prescribed it. I took it for 3 months, drank once on it...thought I'd die and that was the end of that. After 3 months, I wasn't obsessing about drinking any longer so I stopped taking it daily. I carry it with me at all times. Take 1 here and there so I never know if its in my system. No side effects. This is not a magic bullet. You MUST have an honest desire to stop drinking.”

9 / 10
NavinJohnson · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 21, 2012

Antabuse (disulfiram): “Most of you on this site have had one or more miserable mornings where you have told yourself and others that you have quit drinking for good. I had a countless number of those before I saw my Doctor and was prescribed Antabuse. My intentions were always sincere but this medicine required that I saw my intentions through. I had loads of motivation, 2 pills a day, and was sober for a month. Thanks to that same motivation, the fact that I was feeling much better, and many many other reasons, I have been sober for another 3 months without Antabuse. Advice; go to the store and buy all of your alcohol free hygiene products beforehand. You will still have the physical symptoms so read up on those. If you can't talk to your doctor, find another one.”

9 / 10
Anonymous March 9, 2012

Antabuse (disulfiram): “So, I've been battling alcoholism for years - about a decade (and I'm 30). I've been to 2 treatment centers and an outpatient program with the longest stint of sobriety being a solid 109 days. I've gone from being 100% alcohol dependent in my mid 20's to sober to recreational drinking, but almost always I'll end up on benders or sneaking it. Anyway, I tried Antabuse about 6 months ago and took it for about a month...drank on it repeatedly and got so sick each and every time so I just stopped taking the pills. I'm talking beet red face and neck and chest, heart racing, etc. I'm back on it now. I started yesterday and vowed to take it for 6 months.”

9 / 10
chimpy February 23, 2012

Antabuse (disulfiram): “Used if for four weeks two years ago but was then scaremongered about its side effects by a hospital counsellor. Still couldn't control my drinking and has been getting to a seriously dangerous state so I started back on them last Saturday. Today is Day 6 and I have been to the pub for lunch and coffee and have not felt the need to drink although have felt cravings. Have had trouble sleeping and a few headaches but nothing too untoward. Hope to stay sober for a lot longer!”

10 / 10
Anonymous December 15, 2011

Antabuse (disulfiram): “Helped me break a long-cycle of binge drinking but after 3 weeks I found the side-effects too much to deal with- constant drowsiness, fatigue, muscle pain, nausea and stomach cramps. Good luck to everyone who can make it work for them!”

5 / 10
Lush King November 20, 2011

Antabuse (disulfiram): “I have been a chronic combination binge/maintenance drinker since I was about 20. I have quit drinking many times for a few weeks, and even six months on two occasions. But nothing, including AA and Campral, worked to keep me away from alcohol. After five years of asking my wary doctor to prescribe Antabuse, he finally did. I have been taking it for two weeks, every morning when my head is clear and logical thinking is in top working order. That is the key for me, because later in the day is when I would normally start to entertain the idea of drinking, as a "reward". I have had no side effects, and am going to continue taking Antabuse. It simply removes the option to drink, at least for people who are not self destructive.”

10 / 10
Anonymous October 13, 2011

Antabuse (disulfiram): “If anything the antabuse works TOO well for me! It makes me super sensitive to any alcohol....whether it's in the hand sanitizers, nail polish removers, colognes (even on other people around me) and even some sugar free food products.... (sugar alcohols). Gives me headaches and severe thirst as well.”

8 / 10
Anonymous August 18, 2011

Antabuse (disulfiram): “Sober for 13 months now. This miracle completely removes alcohol from your life. After a couple of months the cravings begin to abate. It's not an option, so sooner or later you just stop thinking about it. ”

10 / 10
Shaneca March 11, 2011

Antabuse (disulfiram): “I have been a functioning Alcoholic for close to 20 years, I have been to hell and back more than once. I have tried so many different ways to stop but the prospect of losing my wife and 3 kids again and forever meant I had to do something. After presenting at hospital I was then in an open ward for my depression as alcoholism tend to go hand in hand with depression. One of the tablets given was Antabuse this not only gives me a mental hand with drinking due to the reaction but it gives my wife a safety net I will not stop taking it. I have been sober just over 7 weeks soon I will beat the 8 weeks I have only ever been sober for in the last 18 years.”

10 / 10
dove-33 February 3, 2011

“I've had an alcohol problem for years. I'm now 33 and have taken Antabuse for about four-five years and it's saved my life. I've had the odd slip up, but am getting stronger as time goes by. This medicine gives me the time to think as I know I can't drink straight away. Alcohol was completely wrecking my family and my life, its so destructive. With Antabuse it's given me back my life and control.”

10 / 10
Becca33 June 11, 2010

Antabuse (disulfiram): “My boyfriend has been on Antabuse for a few months now, and for the most part just the thought of drinking scared him. He takes this pill daily at the same time and now after witnessing one of the sickest people I've ever seen due to one drink while taking this medicine, I'm scared for him. He literally was bright red, his body was on fire and the sickness he felt was something he had never felt before and never wishes that he had drank. He was in massive pain. This drug works wonders, but under no circumstances, no matter how much stress you have in your life, DON'T DRINK while on this medicine. You have absolute helplessness over the situation. There isn't an antidote.”

10 / 10
jonwhite December 18, 2009

Antabuse (disulfiram): “Long story short...At the end I was drinking over a liter of vodka per day for over 2 and 1/2 years. I went to a traditional rehab/detox facility in which I went in to one of the worst cases of DT's the doctors/nurses/counselors they had ever seen. I was in a coma for three days. The program was 7 days...I was drinking again by day 9. I realized my life, marriage, and family were falling apart. I found a psychiatrist who utilizes Antabuse/Valium therapy. I told him about my strong concerns based upon the seizures and coma coming off of alcohol my previous attempt and was literally scared to die in my sleep. He reassured me over and over that it would work...he was right and I have not had a drink for almost a month. ”

9 / 10
susan s September 3, 2009

Antabuse (disulfiram): “I had been drinking solid for 2 years. From the moment I woke up until I passed out. I went into detox for 7 days and even when the doctor told me that for a 30 yr old girl, my liver was very inflamed I still came out from detox and drank again. After 2 weeks of this I finally decided enough was enough and I started attending an alcohol problems clinic and started Antabuse. I have been sober now for 6 weeks today. Hooray! I never thought I'd see the day when I'd make it 6 minutess never mind six weeks without a drink. I know I have a long journey ahead of me but I'm getting stronger. Trust me it's the only way to stay away from drink and the cravings do go away. Now it's time for me to live my life sober.”

9 / 10
Anonymous June 15, 2009

Antabuse (disulfiram): “I have been on it for three days and although I have urges the possible effects of taking a drink far outweigh the urges. This is a drug I would recommend for any alcoholic trying to get help. This pill and regular AA meetings are the combination that is helping me. I have been sober for 8 days now. Was in hospital for the first 5 days to detox.”

10 / 10

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