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User Reviews for Sudafed PE Severe Cold

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Cold Symptoms
2 reviews 1074 medications
Summary of Sudafed PE Severe Cold reviews 5.0 2 reviews

Reviews for Sudafed PE Severe Cold

FirstBoomer April 6, 2011

For Cold Symptoms "My family finds this medicine to be great for fighting off colds when you feel as though you were coming down with one. A couple of days, taken as directed, most times always get rid of the cold. I would recommend medicine but, having read one of the other reviews - check with your doctor. Even when (the rare times) we do not stop the cold in time, Sudafed PE Severe Cold makes you feel better during the course of the cold."

HaylieB November 6, 2009

For Cold Symptoms "Be careful using this medication, and do not use it longer than 3 days without talking to your doctor. I took this medicine once a day for months at a time to help with sinus and allergies, and I just found out I have tachycardia as a result (the electric impulses in my heart are messed up and now it beats dangerously fast). I am at risk for a stroke or a heart attack and will likely have to take medicine the rest of my life to lower my heart rate. Don't let this happen to you!"