I started taking tramadol for pain relief following a really bad car accident. It was not prescribed, I just lied on an internet site and they gladly provided the evil little pill. I am not blaming the internet site, it was my decision, but everything I had heard said it was not addictive. It worked great, and I felt wonderful after taking it. I began to take more and more just for the euphoria. Then I started noticing that I was losing weight... not always a bad thing, but I had gone from 180 to 135 pounds in just over a year. My family was worried of course and I was not comfortable admitting that I was using a drug I was obtaining without a legitimate prescription. So, I decided to quit. I first tried cold turkey and quickly realized that I was not strong enough to handle the withdrawl symptoms... it really kicked my ass.

At my worst, I was taking 400 mgs a day. I have been tapering the dose for the last four weeks and I am down to just 100 mgs a day, but I am feeling the pain almost as bad as cold turkey. I am taking a week off work to finish my quitting plan and I am really afraid I cant do it. I just feel so alone and weak against this drug. I will stick to my schedule, but honestly a bullet to the head would be an improvement on my health right now. I am going to crawl into a hole and not come out until I have it beat. Its a matter of taking back control of my life and I swear I will never touch this crap again if I get out alive.

Just a word of warning to any recreational drug users, stay away from this poison! It grabs you and refuses to let go. I have tried to quit before, but I have never been this close. Please pray for me and tell your doctors that insist that Tramadol is not habit forming that they can just keep the drug company hush money and their bad advice to themselves.