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Wierd side effects from Seroquel, Muscle stiffness, twitching what to do?

Posted 3 Mar 2015 by 3Marcus3 1 answer

I'm kind of scared right now. I've got really stiff muscles and lots of twitching... I took my last dose of Seroquel 4 days ago and since then the muscle stiffness has been getting worse, and this morning my back started twitching from the bottom of my ribcage all the way down (only the ...

How to loose weight gained from taking seroquel?

Posted 1 May 2015 by mashley44 2 answers

I've been taking seroquel to sleep for 3 years now. I started out on 15mg and eventually ended up on 700mg. I gained a lot of weight but when I lowered it back to 150 I lost it all. The reason I'm asking about loosing the weight is because I've recently gone up to 300mg because I ...

Do you have to take seroquel for the rest of your life or can you get off of it easy?

Posted 13 Mar 2013 by witchyvamp 7 answers

I've heard once you take Seroquel for a certain amount of time you have to keep taking it for life. I can't sleep without it but I don't want to become dependent on it. Anybody have this problem?

Hi, I'm new to this group and new to the site. I am currently on several meds but Seroquel is one?

Posted 30 Apr 2015 by cathycat123 2 answers

... of them. My script is Seroquel XR 400 mg. Doc did not warn me to be careful and that drug could result in weight gain. Before I knew it I gained 50 pounds. This is very depressing of course. My question is -- if I am able to get off of this medication will I lose any of this weight? Has anyone ...

I need OTC med?

Posted 14 May 2015 by paperchic3 1 answer

Ive been out of Seroquel for about 2 weeks. My dr keeps messing things up. I need an over-the-counter med that kind of acts like Seroquel until i am able to get back in with my dr. Please help! I also take zoloft and depakote and minipress (for nightmares) . Im also out of minipres.

Is there any other medical reason I can't be loosing weight taking Dexamphetamines?

Posted 6 May 2015 by TJ94 1 answer

I have been taking Efexor (Antidepressants) increasing the dose which got to 300mgs.I was also taking 150-200mgs of Seroquel to sleep. My new psych then decreased this to 225mg and added Dexamphetamine to help me loose weight. Whilst also taking me off the Seroquel. Since starting all of this ...

Bradyarrhythmia - need clearance for Bariatric surgery on Monday, they discovered?

Posted 8 May 2015 by marys1521 1 answer

that I have bradycardia. I think some of my drugs could be causing it. I'm on Seroquel and Lamictal. Has anyone else been diagnosed with bradycardia because of one of these drugs? Tomorrow I have to go get an ultrasound of my heart. My heartbeat was 45. Am I in trouble??? Has anyone been able ...

Lexapro 20mg not working as well anymore, dr prescribed 25mg seroquel to help. Need advice?

Posted 28 Nov 2013 by Sunnydays0912 3 answers

So my lexapro has worked amazing for me for over 4 years in dealing with my anxiety and depression. But recently a lot of life changes and stressors have occurred and I also tried switching to a less expensive celexa generic but that went horribly so for 9 weeks I've been back on my lexapro ...

I have Parkinson's and was prescribed seroquel as I had trouble sleeping. That was 5 years ago?

Posted 27 Apr 2015 by Puffee 1 answer

Should I still take it, I would like to stop. I have been having afew nightmares of late.

How long does Seroquel stay in your system?

Posted 18 Oct 2014 by Latz32287 3 answers

If a 20lb. child ingests a small amount of Seroquel; how long will it stay in their system?

Would it be better to miss a dose or take less of a dose?

Posted 27 Feb 2015 by DonleyMD 2 answers

Hello, I'm currently on the drug Seroquel XR. I take 400 milligrams at night. I've run out of medication, but I do have one 50 milligram Seroquel XR tablet. Would it be better to take this tablet instead of a full dose until I get my medications tomorrow(hopefully)? Or would it be better ...

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