I see a LOT of people who just seem to be morbidly obese taking up handicapped spaces. Shouldn't those people be walking the extra few yards, and the elderly be given the privilege of parking close to a store?
Also, the truly handicapped, people in wheelchairs, or using walkers! THEY should have the spaces first!!
Does anyone else get their undies in a twist about this, the obese using handicapped parking spots? Or seeing perfectly healthy people using a handicapped spot? My SIL has MS and she NEVER uses handicapped parking unless she is in a bad flare, or her balance is quite bad.
This makes me so angry of late, but some illnesses cannot be seen, like fibromyalgia, perhaps the people using the spots are actually handicapped in some capacity?
Thanks all,
P.S. I guess what I mean is, doesn't it just chap your buns to see 'normals' using handicapped parking???