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How long is saboxin in your system?

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suzanne66 12 Jun 2011

Studies have shown that it takes around 11 days for your body to eliminate buprenorphine (the opiate component of suboxone).
The buprenorphine has a relatively long half life of 37 hours. - scroll down to elimination.
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Anonymous 12 Jun 2011

just in case that wasn't what you were asking, I will add this. A dose of 16 mgs or more of suboxone will block opiates and stop withdrawal for 3 to 5 days after the last use. We did have a member here who had to be checked for suboxone use specifically, in a child support case. She contacted the company that makes it and they told her that she could test positive for up to 24 days after her last use, now that was from reckitt-benckiser, the mfg of subs. I am certainly not trying to disagree with suzanne, I just wanted to add that since this poor woman had child custody issues and did find out as much as she could. She was required to do a hair follicle test and urine test and passed after only 14 days off, but she was on only about 8 mgs per day. As a person tapers down on subs, the amount of time it shows up and how long it blocks opiate and withdrawal is lessened. Personally, when I was trying to taper off, I could feel the subs wear off at the 30 to 36 hour mark once I got down to .25 mgs, some say they can feel it wear off sooner at higher doses. Many mistake minor aches or health issues as withdrawal and it may not be withdrawal. free discount card

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