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How long does suboxen remain in your system?

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Inactive 15 Sep 2010

On average, 3 to 5 days but can stay up to 11 days. If you are worried about a drug test, it won't test positive on most tests, they have to check specifically for bupenorphine, will not show as opiate. If you need to take opiates, they will be blocked for this 3 to 5 days, possibly 11.

fightermom3 16 Sep 2010

If you are asking in order tho pass a drug test that tests for subs along with other drugs, the answer is 9-11 days. I would wait until at least 12th or 13th day off subs if gonna be tested for them. I know this to be true, because it came from the sub hotline, and I just went thru a custody case, and had to be tested for all drugs including subs. I went on day 14 after taking last sub, and the test was negative. The hotline was correct. If it is a regular drug test, not looking for subs, then you are ok. It will not show up. If you are asking how long it takes to clear your body completely, in order to know they are out of your system, then it is 24 days. Give or take, due to metabolism, exercise, weight, etc. But around 24 -30 days, you should be totally sub free from anything in your system. Hope that helps answer at least three of your questions. Let me know if you have more. Like I said, I just went thru this for the court, so I made sure my information was correct from a pharmacist friend, and the sub hotline, plus the results of my test were negative. Good luck and God Bless! Let me know how I can help.

jkc8803 10 Oct 2011

Will suboxone and subutex show up on an hair folical test

Inactive 10 Oct 2011

Yes, if they paid for the bupe panel. If they didn't, it would still be there, the lab just doesn't check for it, and doesn't report it, as they didn't get paid to. free discount card

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