I'm wondering if anyone else had had prolonged side effects from Prolia and if the side effects ever went away. I am super stressed because my lying in bed almost 24/7 for the past 6 days has caused throbbing bruising on parts of my head. I had to lie flat or I had terrible pain since a spinal tap. But many others lie in bed for months without their skulls bruising. This bruising is a side effect from my 6 month Prolia injection for my osteoporosis. I'm 3 months after the injection with a half-life of 4 weeks, meaning every 4 weeks the amount is supposed to be cut in half. But the doctor couldn't find out when the side effects would ever go away. My face was on fire for 2 months and my jaw bones hurt like crazy. My skin is still having problems and I still need extreme padding between my legs and around my body at night from the bones hurting. I had to stop wearing my sleep apnea mask due to the bruising. And I need at least 12 hours of sleep a night since my stroke or my migraines go sky high. I'm stressed about having to lie down now at least 12 hours or more a day due to my migraines.

I'm hoping that the side effects have gone away for others who had prolonged side effects.