hello I am on almost day 4 of no tramadol cold turkey! lets just say it has been a living hell and I am determined to make it this time. I have been on a very large amount due to shoulder pain from my job and just had to keep increasing to get any relief. I am truly done!!! I hate being a slave to these pills and worrying everytime I am about to run out. I did order some kratom to help, and I have to say its been a life saver. It works quite well to keep the wd at least 40 percent better wich is alot better than nothing. I have also had some klonopin to help sleep and so far the last two nights i have gotten pretty decent sleep(wich is amazing, because the insomnia is the worst part) Tonight for some reason i can get no sleep very creepy crawly legs and restlessness. I figured tonight would be even better than the rest for sleep. Any thoughts as to why tonight has been the worsts? thanks for any advice!