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How is Ameluz used to treat actinic keratosis?

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Official Answer by 1 Jun 2016

Ameluz (generic name: BF-200 ALA) is Biofrontera’s topical prescription drug used with BF-RhodoLED photodynamic therapy (PDT) for treatment of mild to moderate actinic keratosis on the face and scalp.

An Actinic keratosis is a rough, scaly area of the skin due to years of sun exposure. Actinic keratosis, if left untreated, can develop into squamous cell carcinoma, a potentially fatal skin disease with rapidly growing incidence.

Ameluz gel is applied to the lesions by your doctor, and then covered with a light blocking, occlusive dressing for three hours. After that time the gel is removed, and the area is illuminated with BF-RhodoLED red light. Ameluz increases photosensitivity, an immune system reaction that is triggered by sunlight. Therefore, patients should avoid exposure to sunlight, prolonged or intense light (such as tanning beds, sun lamps) for 48 hours following treatment.

Ameluz is already approved and marketed in Europe and U.S. launch is expected in September 2016. free discount card

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