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ViGRO 10% Glycerol Freeze Plus

This page contains information on ViGRO 10% Glycerol Freeze Plus for veterinary use.
The information provided typically includes the following:
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  • Direction and dosage information for ViGRO 10% Glycerol Freeze Plus

ViGRO 10% Glycerol Freeze Plus

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Vetoquinol USA


Product Information Sheet

General Information

Please read the relevant information for each VIGRO® product. All refrigerated media listed below should be gently mixed by inverting the container several times (not shaken) before used.

All VIGRO® media contain antibiotics at levels appropriate for specific media.

VIGRO® 10% Glycerol Freeze Plus is designed for the cryopreservation of bovine, ovine and caprine embryos. VIGRO® 10% Glycerol Freeze Plus is a Dulbecco’s Modified Phosphate Buffered Saline (DMPBS)-based solution containing 0.4% BSA, 0.1M sucrose and 10% glycerol.

Recommended Use: Embryos should be placed in VIGRO® 10% Glycerol Freeze Plus for approximately 10 minutes, loaded into straws and frozen according to selected protocols.

Storage Condition: Between 2-8°C.

DISCLAIMER: Recommended procedures included in this brochure should not be interpreted as a complete protocol. Individual protocols may vary according to the user. VIGRO® media are perishable products which deteriorate at a rate dependent upon handling and storage. Vetoquinol does not guarantee any viability or conception resulting from the use of a VIGRO® product. For further information regarding protocols, please telephone 1-800-267-5707.

MADE IN CANADA BY: Vetoquinol N.-A. Inc., 700, rue Henri, Princeville, QC, Canada G6L 4X1

Customer Service Canada: 1-800-363-1700 -

DISTRIBUTED IN USA BY: Vetoquinol USA, Inc., Ft. Worth, TX (USA) 76137

Customer Service U.S.A.: 1-800-267-5707 -

DISTRIBUTED IN AUSTRALIA BY: Vetoquinol Australia Pty Ltd., Brisbane, QLD, 4008

Customer Service Australia: 1-800-032 355 -




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