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SynGRO Ethylene Glycol Freeze with Sucrose

This page contains information on SynGRO Ethylene Glycol Freeze with Sucrose for veterinary use.
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SynGRO Ethylene Glycol Freeze with Sucrose

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Company: Vetoquinol USA



Product Information Sheet

General Information

All SYNGRO® brand media contain no materials of animal origin and do not require refrigeration. This provides both practical shipping and handling advantages, while reducing the risk potential of inadvertent contamination from viruses and bacteria.

SYNGRO® technology was developed in anticipation of enhanced government restrictions in the international movement of embryos in the future.

Look for the special logo shown above on all SYNGRO® products as your assurance that the product is free of animal origin materials to reduce the chances of disease transmission.

Non-refrigeration plays an important role in reducing the total cost of your product orders as this feature provides the opportunity to use your freight company’s best available rates for shipping, and eliminating costly air shipment of refrigerated media. Individual products may have specific requirements. Please read the relevant product information for your order.

SYNGRO® EG Freeze (with Sucrose) medium utilizes SYNGRO® Holding medium as a base with added components, including 1.5M EG and 0.1M sucrose, for the cryopreservation of bovine embryos. This medium can be used in direct transfer freezing protocols in the same manner as conventional EG freezing media.

Recommended Use: Embryos should be transferred from holding medium into SYNGRO® EG Freeze (with sucrose) and immediately loaded into straws which are then sealed in preparation for freezing. After no less than 5 minutes, and no more than 10 minutes exposure to the freeze medium, straws should be cooled to seeding temperature. After seeding, straws are then cooled according to a selected protocol. Embryos frozen in SYNGRO® EG Freeze (with Sucrose) can be thawed “in straw” and transferred directly to recipients or thawed “in straw” and transferred to a dish of suitable holding medium for rehydration.

Storage Conditions: 2-30°C. Does not require refrigeration; however, storing between 2-8°C is recommended for extended periods. This product contains no materials of animal origin. Do not store at high temperatures for extended periods of time.

Recommended Seeding Procedure

There is one small, but important difference in how SYNGRO® media, compared to media containing BSA, interact with plastic straws. In the absence of BSA, a thinner film of medium is deposited on the walls of straws when a column of SYNGRO® is drawn up into a straw, followed by an air column. As a consequence, we recommend a small change in the way straws are seeded when SYNGRO® is used for freezing embryos. This applies to the use of SYNGRO® EG Freeze (with Sucrose) medium when used as a diluent in straws.

We recommend seeding the air column(s) above and/or below the fluid column actually containing the embryo. This will ensure that the ice moves directly into the fluid column containing the embryo. We do not advise directly seeding the fluid column containing the embryo.


SYNGRO® EG Freeze (with Sucrose) medium, which contain no products of animal origin, work as well as any traditional non-synthetic media. Bovine serum albumin (BSA), a common component of non-synthetic media, has been replaced with equally effective macro-molecules in these SYNGRO® media.

DISCLAIMER: Recommended procedures included in this brochure should not be interpreted as a complete protocol. Individual protocols may vary according to user. SYNGRO® media are perishable products which deteriorate at a rate dependent on handling and storage. Vetoquinol does not warrant any viability or conception resulting from the use of a SYNGRO® product. For further information regarding protocols, please call 1-800-267-5707.

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