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SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program Oral Paste

This page contains information on SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program Oral Paste for veterinary use.
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SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program Oral Paste

This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: Freedom Health

Nutritional supplement for horses

My horse at its best.™

Part of your performance conditioning program to support a healthy equine digestive tract.

A significant advancement in equine nutrition

Scientifically formulated to support complete digestive health

Ideal for performance horses in active training and competition

Natural oat flavor that horses love.

Use once a day, every day.

Use daily for ongoing nutritional support of a healthy and effective equine digestive tract. Ideal for performance horses, even while on an active training program.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein (Min)


Threonine (Min)


Glutamine* (Min)


Crude Fat (Min)


Crude Fiber (Max)


*Not recognized as an essential nutrient for horses.


Oat Oil, Oat Flour, Sunflower Oil, Irradiated Dried Yeast, L-Threonine, L-Glutamine, Guar Gum

Directions For Use

Empty entire contents of syringe into horse’s mouth. Feed twice each day for first week of use, once each day thereafter.

For best results, use with regular feed or immediately before feeding. May be used as top dress on feed.


● SUCCEED is a natural product that gently maintains digestive health through good nutrition. As a result, please allow up to 90 days for full benefits.

● This product is intended to supplement the diet of horses and is not to be used in place of regular feed.

● If you pump product from syringe, do not allow to sit exposed to air for more than 30 minutes. This may reduce its appeal to the horse.

Easy, step-by-step instructions for oral application

For best results, use with feed or immediately before feeding. Feed twice each day for the first week of use, once each

day thereafter.

The benefits of good nutrition may be visible within 30 days. However, allow 90 days for full benefits. As with any nutrition program, if you stop using SUCCEED, the changes will subside.

1. Remove protective cap from end of syringe.

2. From either side of your horse, grasp the halter with one hand to stabilize the horse’s head.

3. With the other hand, insert the end of the syringe in your horse’s mouth where a bit would fit (just behind the teeth). Do not allow syringe to touch the palate.

4. Push the plunger slowly and evenly in two or three small steps, each time allowing your horse to swallow the oral paste, until the syringe is empty.

To nutritionally support the horse’s digestive tract in the face of stalling, training, competition and regimented feeding, use SUCCEED once a day, every day.

Store at temperatures below 100° F (38° C). Keep out of direct sunlight.

A whole new approach to winning

You have probably tried different feed programs, multiple supplements and other products, looking for that “secret formula” for success. SUCCEED® Digestive Conditioning Program®, a nutritional supplement for horses, takes a whole new approach to managing performance.

SUCCEED provides a simple, once-a-day program for managing optimum performance through nutrition that specifically targets the horse’s digestive tract.

A healthy gut for healthy results

A healthy GI tract is critical for horses in active training and competition. That’s because the digestive tract is the fuel line that supplies essential nutrients and energy to every other system in the body.

When the digestive tract is in optimal condition, you give your horse the opportunity to look its best, feel its best and perform to potential.

When feed alone isn’t enough

A complete and balanced diet provides the nutrients a horse needs. However, the rigors of the performance horse lifestyle - stalling, intermittent feeding, training, travel and competition - all put additional demands on the horse’s digestive health. In these situations, even a good feed regimen may not be sufficient.

SUCCEED is scientifically formulated to support the health of the entire digestive tract in the face of challenges performance horses encounter every day.

As easy as it is effective

The real value in SUCCEED is that it works without any special effort on your part. Just feed one oral syringe each day as part of your regular feeding regimen. SUCCEED gives you a performance edge that readily fits your training and conditioning program.

Use SUCCEED once a day, every day so your horse gets the nutrients and energy needed to train hard, recover fast from exercise and perform to potential.

Why do performance horses need SUCCEED®?

Horses are grazing animals, designed to eat and digest small amounts of fibrous grasses throughout the day. But the modern performance horse needs more energy than grass can provide. Plus, intermittent feeding and other lifestyle factors can challenge the GI tract.

Use SUCCEED® once a day, every day for complete digestive health so your horse gets the nutrients and energy needed for training and performance.

SUCCEED® allows a horse to function naturally inside, even during active training and competition, so you can achieve optimal performance on the outside.

The Natural Horse

TYPICAL DIET: Grazes on high-fiber forage (grasses, legumes).

TYPICAL FEEDING: Constant chewing helps produce saliva, with a slow, natural digestion of a high-fiber diet.

TYPICAL LIFESTYLE: Relatively low energy and nutrient requirements. Few demands on the horse.

The Performance Horse

TYPICAL DIET: Fed processed grain high in simple starches. Provides calories for energy, but too much starch can reach the hindgut undigested, which can lead to lactic acid in the hindgut.

TYPICAL FEEDING: Fed intermittently (2-3 times/day). Convenient when turnout is impractical, but less continuous chewing can result in less saliva to buffer the gut.

TYPICAL LIFESTYLE: High energy and nutrient requirements. Challenging lifestyle - shipping, controlled training and exercise, confinement in stalls, weaning and sales prep.


Helps balance the energy and nutrient needs of the horse with the demands of the performance horse lifestyle.

SUCCEED® supports:

● Optimal nutrient absorption

● Efficient hindgut fermentation

● Healthy conversion of feed to energy

● Normal renewal of tissue lining the

● GI tract

SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program Oral Paste Caution

Store at temperatures below 100° F (38° C).

Do not accept or use this product if center of temperature indicator tag is solid black.

Also available in top-dress granules. Choose from a 30-Day Supply Tub, 60-Day Supply Pail or an economical 180-Day Supply Bucket.

for more info:

SUCCEED is a quality product from Freedom Health LLC.

Freedom Health LLC, 65 Aurora Industrial Parkway, Aurora, OH 44202

SUCCEED® and Digestive Conditioning Program® are registered trademarks of Freedom Health LLC. ©2015. All Rights Reserved. U.S. Patent Nos. 7,658,964; 7,824,706; 7,988,989 and 8,197,842.

This product is sold exclusively by Freedom Health LLC of Aurora, Ohio and is not manufactured by or affiliated with any other animal feed or supplement manufacturer or distributor.

30 SYRINGES, NET WT. .95 OZ (27G) EACH. TOTAL NET WT. 28.5 OZ (810G).


P130 Rev L 10/15

CPN: 1333000.4

Toll-Free:   877-734-6558
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