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Seramune I.V.

This page contains information on Seramune I.V. for veterinary use.
The information provided typically includes the following:
  • Seramune I.V. Indications
  • Warnings and cautions for Seramune I.V.
  • Direction and dosage information for Seramune I.V.

Seramune I.V.

This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: Sera

Equine IgG

U.S. Vet. Lic. No.: 328

Contents: SERAMUNE® Equine IgG is a concentrated, sterile serum product which is passed through a filtration process and gamma irradiated to inactivate virus. All donor horses are EVA and EIA negative. All donor animals are tested negative for RBC A&Q antibodies.

Seramune I.V. Indications

For the treatment of complete or partial failure of passive transfer of immunity in neonatal foals.

Dosage and Administration

Administer 250 mL intravenously in no less than 30 minutes. Repeat as clinical conditions indicate, within first 120 hours of life. Product may be diluted.

Precaution(s): Store refrigerated at 2-7°C/36-45°F. Do not freeze. Once opened, use entire contents as directed above.

Caution(s): For use by or under the direction of a veterinarian.

As with any serum product, adverse reactions may occur. In case of reactions, stop treatment and administer epinephrine.

To reduce possible reactions, the following measures are suggested:

A. Warm solution to body temperature.

B. Dilute serum into one to two liters of lactated ringers.

C. Pre-medicate with flunixin meglumine (IV @ 1.1 mg/kg).

D. A blood transfusion administration kit that includes a blood filtration apparatus should be used for all intravenous administrations.

E. Administer slowly for the first three to five minutes. The foal should be observed at all times during the transfusion. If the heart rate and/or respiration increases markedly, treatment should be discontinued until such signs return to normal. If signs persist or return, treatment should be terminated.

F. The antidote for anaphylaxis is epinephrine.

Presentation: 1 dose (250 mL) bottle.

NAC No.: 14980000

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