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Pivodine Scrub

This page contains information on Pivodine Scrub for veterinary use.
The information provided typically includes the following:
  • Pivodine Scrub Indications
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Pivodine Scrub

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: VetOne

(Povidone Iodine 7.5%)


Microbicide Solution

Sudsing Skin Cleanser

For veterinary use only.

Keep out of reach of children.

For external use only.

Helps to reduce bacteria that can potentially cause skin infection. Significantly reduces the number of microorganisms on the hands and forearms prior to surgery or patient care.


Store at 20°-25°C (68°-77°F). Store in original container.


For external use only. Do not use this product in the eyes or on food-producing animals.

When using this product, prolonged exposure to wet solution may cause irritation or, rarely, severe skin reactions. In preoperative prepping, avoid “pooling” beneath the animal. Stop use and ask a doctor or veterinarian if irritation and redness develops or in rare instances of local irritation or sensitivity.

CONTAINS: Povidone Iodine, 7.5% Antiseptic (0.75% available iodine).

Directions For Use

SURGICAL HAND SCRUB: Wet hands with water. Spread approximately 5 mL (1 teaspoonful) of scrub over both hands and forearms. Without adding water, scrub thoroughly for 2 1/2 to 3 minutes. Use a sponge, if desired. Clean thoroughly under fingernails. Add a small amount of water and develop copious suds. Rinse thoroughly under running water. Repeat entire procedure using another 5 mL of scrub.

ANTISEPTIC HAND WASH: Wet hands with water and pour approximately 5 mL (1 teaspoonful) of scrub on hands. Rub hands vigorously together for at least 15 seconds, covering all surfaces. Rinse and dry with a disposable towel.

PREOPERATIVE SKIN PREPARATION: After the surgical area is clipped, wet with water. Apply scrub (1 mL is sufficient to cover an area of 20 to 30 square inches), develop lather, and scrub thoroughly for approximately 5 minutes. Rinse using sterile gauze saturated with water. The area may then be painted with VetOne® Pivodine™ Solution and allowed to dry.

Distributed by: MWI, Boise, ID 83705

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Net Contents:




1 Gal (3.79 L)


V1 510094

IN 50-1242

MWI 59014

Rev. 06/12

CPN: 13151720

Distributed by MWI Animal Health

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