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Ovvet Metabolic Balance for Horses (Canada)

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Ovvet Metabolic Balance for Horses

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Ovvet

Health Science for your Horse™

Proportioned electrolytes to support optimum health

Part of the EOTRH SupportPlan

Veterinary Health Product

Health Canada Veterinary Health Product: NN.V6G4

Metabolic Balance™ is scientifically formulated to replace -- in the proper balance -- the important minerals lost through the skin, mouth and kidneys through the course of normal daily activity. These include chloride, sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium, together with fuel (dextrose, fructose) for cells in the intestinal system that absorb water and minerals.

Dehydration (water and electrolyte depletion) has serious health consequences. Every horse should use Metabolic Balance™ daily to optimise water and mineral nutrition year round. Hay, pasture and most grain feeds do not contain adequate or properly proportioned electrolytes to optimally meet the horse’s requirements. Good hydration and electrolyte balance underpins every system in the body and is a requirement for good health. Drinking water does not maintain or restore hydration. Drinking water with the proper proportion of electrolytes is required to maintain optimum hydration.

The continued use of this product, as recommended, assists in metabolic balancing, providing targeted nutrition to meet your horses’ needs.


● Supports whole body and cellular hydration and electrolyte balance


Sodium chloride, Potassium chloride, Calcium-citrate tribasic, Magnesium sulfate, Dextrose, Fructose, Silicon dioxide, Natural lemon flavour.

Feeding Instructions:

One scoop mixed into the feed (not hay), add water and allow to soak for 30 minutes before feeding. Dry feeds should be wetted to minimize the risk of choke. Never feed just water on its own, particularly in a dehydrated condition.


per 30g serving

Salt (NaCl)


Sodium (Na)


Chloride (Cl)


Potassium (K)


Calcium (Ca)


Magnesium (Mg)


A feed supplement for horses not intended for food.

Store in a cool dry place, keep out of direct sunlight. Reapply lid after use.

Manufactured In the UK

For customer care or support email:

Distributor: OVVET Group, c/o Goodwill Solutions, Unit 1056, Deer Park Rd, Moulton Park, Northampton, England, NN3 6RX

Net Weight 500g, 1.5kg

CPN: 2008010.0

c/o Goodwill Solutions

Telephone:   +44 7745936920
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