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Immuno-Glo PVR

This page contains information on Immuno-Glo PVR for veterinary use.
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Immuno-Glo PVR

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Mg Biologics

Plasma Volume Replacement

(for veterinary use only)

Immuno-Glo PVR is designed for IV administration in situations of loss in protein and diminished oncotic pressure. Immuno-Glo PVR is collected from healthy horses testing negative for the antibodies against Aa, Qa, and Ca red cell antigens, using Na citrate as an anticoagulant. Immuno-Glo PVR is frozen fresh and does not contain preservatives.

Use: Immuno-Glo PVR requires freezing until used. To thaw, submerge the frozen plasma in warm water(<115°F) for 10 min. squeezing the bag periodically to circulate for faster thawing. Warm the liquid plasma to body temperature, again using a warm water bath.

Do not microwave this product!

Administer using an IV administration kit with filter. Caution should be observed however, as an overly fast infusion may result in shaking, sweating or hyperventilation. If this occurs discontinue use for 5-10 min. Then resume at a slower rate of infusion. If adverse reactions persist, discontinue use.

Caution: Each serial is sold after clearance through Quality Assurance, and while this plasma has been reviewed and found to be safe, there is always the possibility, while rare, of transmission of viral disease. Every reasonable precaution has been taken to safeguard this product.

A condition referred to as “serum hepatitis” seldom occurs in horses. The literature associates this condition partially with the injection of biologics containing equine serum or tissue. At the present time, this connection is based upon theory and not upon scientific fact, as efforts to experimentally reproduce such a condition in horses have been unsuccessful. However, in view of the published implication, it seems prudent to make users aware of it.

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