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H-30 Teat Dip (Canada)

This page contains information on H-30 Teat Dip for veterinary use.
The information provided typically includes the following:
  • H-30 Teat Dip Indications
  • Warnings and cautions for H-30 Teat Dip
  • Direction and dosage information for H-30 Teat Dip

H-30 Teat Dip

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Ostrem

For veterinary use only.

D.I.N. # 00726990


Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with food.

INDICATION: For routine use to help prevent and control mastitis by reducing the bacteria count on the teat.

Directions For Use

Immediately after each cow is milked, dip the teats in H-30 Teat Dip. Allow the Teat Dip to dry on the teat so that it forms a protective coating until the next milking. Repeat after every milking.

Apply H-30 Teat Dip daily for the first week of dry period. A week before calving, start the daily application again.

H-30 Teat Dip Caution

Do not use for cleaning and/or sanitizing milking equipment. Do not dilute. Use just as it comes in container.

Active Ingredients

Chlorhexidine Acetate

0.55% w/w


3.00% w/w

STORAGE CONDITIONS: Keep container closed when not in use. Store at 0 - 38°C in well-ventilated area away from heat sources and strong oxidizers.

This is not a WHMIS controlled product.

Net: 4 L, 20 L, 56 L, 205 L

OSTREM CHEMICAL CO. LTD., 2310 - 80TH Ave., Edmonton, AB, T6P 1N2

CPN: 11650011

Telephone:   780-440-1911
Fax:   780-440-1241
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