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Glycerin 99%, USP

This page contains information on Glycerin 99%, USP for veterinary use.
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Glycerin 99%, USP

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: VetOne


Keep out of reach of children.

For veterinary use only.

CONTAINS: Glycerin 99%, USP

Glycerin 99%, USP Indications

Glycerin is a versatile and valuable chemical. It possesses a unique combination of physical and chemical properties and has been demonstrated to be suitable for use with teat spray. Useful as a topical sweating agent, for poultices to help remove fluids from inflamed and swollen areas, as well as for use as a skin softener.


Glycerin is incompatible and should not be mixed with strong oxidizing agents because of the possibility that an explosion could result.


Store at controlled room temperature between 10° and 30°C (50°-85°F).


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1 Gallon

V1 510010

CPN: 13151081

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