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Excel Pro-Gro Calf Milk Replacer (Canada)

This page contains information on Excel Pro-Gro Calf Milk Replacer for veterinary use.
The information provided typically includes the following:
  • Excel Pro-Gro Calf Milk Replacer Indications
  • Warnings and cautions for Excel Pro-Gro Calf Milk Replacer
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Excel Pro-Gro Calf Milk Replacer

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Grober

For conventional & automatic feeding

For Feeding Dairy Replacement Calves.

This feed contains added selenium at 0.3 mg/kg

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein (min) 26%; Protein from milk sources (min) 26%; Crude fat (min) 18%; Crude fibre (max) 0.15%; Ash (max) 7.5%; Calcium (actual) 0.95%; Phosphorus (actual) 0.70%; Sodium (actual) 0.55%; Vitamin A (min) 40,000 IU/kg; Vitamin D3 (min) 4,000 IU/kg; Vitamin E (min) 150 IU/kg


The list of ingredients used in this feed may be obtained from the manufacturer or registrant.

Grober Mixing Chart for 1 litre of Excel

1. Weigh 150 g of powder per litre of solution using a scale.

2. Mix with 0.5 litre hot water (60°C) for 3 minutes.

3. Add 0.45 litre cool water and mix for 1 minute (Total 1 litre).

4. Feed the milk solution at a temperature of 38-40°C (body temperature) (thermometer provides best results). Excel is suitable for automatic feeders, which mixes thoroughly the powder with water at 42-45°C (Winter - Water at 45-47°C)

**Clean ALL feeding utensils and equipment after each feeding

Daily Feeding Schedule for 45kg Calf

Calf Age



Day 1

Colostrum: 4l within 2hrs birth and 2l within 6-8hrs

Day 2-4



Day 5-7



Week 2-6



Week 7-8



This feeding schedule has been designed in accordance with NRC, 2001. This schedule is only a guideline and should be adjusted to the needs of the calf.

General recommendations

By starting calves off slowly, with smaller meals offered 3x daily, their stomachs are able to adapt and more effectively digest and absorb nutrients.

Slightly loose stool is not uncommon when calves are fed higher levels of liquid in their diet.

If calf develops diarrhea, accompanied by lack of appetite, fever, low thriftiness, a veterinarian should be consulted.

Calves from 0-3 wks of age should receive an extra 7g/d of powder per degree C below 20°C ambient temperature for extra maintenance, gradually increase with an extra meal per day.

Calves older than 3 wks of age should receive an extra 7g/d of powder per degree C below 10°C ambient temperature for extra maintenance gradually increase with an extra meal per day.

Starter ration, weaning and water

When the calf is consuming a minimum of 900g (2lbs) of starter ration per day for more than 3 consecutive days, the weaning process can be initiated. Consult your local feed dealer for feed recommendations. Fresh, clean water should be available at all times.

Note: Store this product in a cool dry location, protected from the sun. To maintain freshness, keep partially used bag closed tightly after opening and store in a clean, closed, plastic container.

Excel Pro-Gro Calf Milk Replacer Caution

Directions for use must be carefully followed.

Liability Disclaimer: Because individual results may vary due to management, environment, genetic, health and sanitation differences, Grober Inc. and it’s distributors do not warrant or guarantee individual results.

Do not feed in association with another feed containing supplemental selenium.

Can Feed Reg # 510522

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