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Equigest (Canada)

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Company: Bio-Cat

EQUIGEST™ is a unique daily enzyme horse feed supplement formulated to help your horses reach and maintain their optimum condition and peak performance. This brochure explains why EQUIGEST™ is essential, how it will benefit your horse, and provides initial dosing and application rates.

The Function Of Enzymes In The Digestive Tract

In the digestive tract of horses, the production of enzymes occurs primarily in the stomach, pancreas, and small intestine. These enzymes work to reduce proteins to amino acids, starch and cellulose to sugar, and fats to fatty acids. These smaller molecules can then be absorbed into the blood stream and used by the animal to provide energy and nutrition.

It should be noted that enzymes are secreted in response to food intake; they are highly specific to the materials that they break down and they cannot be stored in the body. Due to these factors, enzyme supplementation can be a safe and effective way to improve animal nutrition. It is especially useful in situations where the animal’s normal digestive process has been diminished and is not producing sustainable quantities of it’s own natural enzymes to support proper digestion.

Routine use of EQUIGEST™ can provide enhanced nutrition for proper maintenance, peak performance, and overall healthier animals. Additionally, EQUIGEST™ is ideally suited to address issues a horse may encounter with changes to their diet or environment.

The Benefits of EQUIGEST

EQUIGEST™ is a unique nutritional digestive aid specifically formulated to supplement and assist the normal enzyme action in the digestive tract of horses. This product contains a carefully selected and scientifically prepared range of digestive enzymes, plus a balanced amount of concentrated beneficial microorganisms.

EQUIGEST™ contains the following microbial enzymes:

- Amylase: breaks down starches to sugar

- Protease: reduces proteins to amino acids

- Lipase: hydrolyzes fats

- Cellulase: breaks down cellulose

The enzymes in EQUIGEST™ are all a normal part of a horse’s digestive tract, with the exception of cellulase. The breakdown of cellulose (hay, grass, etc.) is accomplished by bacteria and protozoa found in the cecum and large intestine of a horse’s digestive system. Cellulase enzyme has been added to predigest cellulose fibers in the stomach, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of the natural microbial action throughout the digestive system.

Because EQUIGEST™ will allow your horse to utilize more nutrition from his regular feed, the need for special diets as well as protein and fat supplements may be greatly reduced.

The regular use of EQUIGEST™, as directed on the label, can

- Improve digestive efficiency

- Increase and maintain vitality

- Improve skin, coat and hooves

- Promote healthy weight gain and stimulate appetite

- Increase water consumption

Digestive Stress

Maintenance of optimum condition and peak performance in horses relies to a large degree on two factors; a properly balanced diet and digestive efficiency. Most horses receive a properly balanced diet, but unfortunately not all horses have good digestive efficiency. Poor digestive efficiency is usually caused by digestive stress, a condition that prevents horses from absorbing the maximum nutritional value from their food.

Digestive stress typically will have a negative effect on enzyme production in your horse’s digestive system, and result in decreased digestive efficiency. This can result in such conditions as chronic colic, low weight gain, and poor hooves and coat condition. EQUIGEST™ provides the necessary benefits to help your animal maintain a high degree of efficiency in its digestive system.

There are many reasons for digestive stress in horses, including:

- Genetics

- Interruption of normal environment

- Inflammation of the small intestine

- Performance anxiety

- Sporadic feedings

Storage And Packaging

The product is provided in 15 gram foil packages: 30 packages per box.

This product should be kept in a cool dry location.

The box should be kept closed when not in use.

Exposure to high humidity and temperature is not recommended.


Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet.

Administration of EQUIGEST

For most animals, 1 packet (15 gms) of EQUIGEST™ is the recommended starting dose. Larger animals (>1000 lbs.) and older animals may require 2-3 packets per feeding. High performance and show horses may require up to 4 packets, depending on weight and feed consumption.


Mature Horses

High Performance & Show Horses



Packets per day

Packets per day













EQUIGEST™ can be added in dry form directly to the feed.

You will notice that your horse may consume more water than usual. This is normal when EQUIGEST™ is used.

Young horses that have just been weaned or are less than one year old have digestive systems that are adjusting to the switch from mother’s milk to solid food.

We suggest using smaller dosages initially for the horse’s first year.

After the first year, EQUIGEST™ dosage should be increased based on the preceding chart.

Nothing disclosed is to be construed as a recommendation to use our products in violation of patents. The information presented is believed to be accurate. However, said information and products are offered without warranty or guarantee except as to the composition and purity stated herein since the ultimate conditions of use and the variability of the materials treated are beyond our control.

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