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Cydectin Oral Drench for Sheep

This page contains information on Cydectin Oral Drench for Sheep for veterinary use.
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Cydectin Oral Drench for Sheep

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Bayer Animal Health


Oral Drench for Sheep


Contains 1 mg moxidectin/mL

For Treatment and Control of Infections Due to Internal Parasites of Sheep.

Consult your veterinarian for assistance in the diagnosis, treatment, and control of parasitism.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: CYDECTIN Oral Drench for Sheep is a ready-to-use solution containing 0.1% moxidectin. Moxidectin is an endectocide in the milbemycin chemical class which shares the distinctive mode of action characteristic of macrocyclic lactones. Moxidectin acts by interfering with chloride channel-mediated neurotransmission in the parasite. This results in paralysis and elimination of the parasite.

Cydectin Oral Drench for Sheep Indications

CYDECTIN Oral Drench for Sheep, when administered at the recommended dose level of 0.2 mg moxidectin/2.2 lb (0.2 mg/kg) body weight, is effective in the treatment and control of adult and larval (L4) stages of the following internal parasites of sheep:


Haemonchus contortus - Adult and L4

Teladorsagia circumcincta - Adult and L4

Teladorsagia trifurcata - Adult and L4

Trichostrongylus axei - Adult and L4

Trichostrongylus colubriformis - Adult and L4

Trichostrongylus vitrinus - Adult and L4

Cooperia curticei - Adult and L4

Cooperia oncophora - Adult and L4

Oesophagostomum columbianum - Adult and L4

Oesophagostomum venulosum - Adult and L4

Nematodirus battus - Adult and L4

Nematodirus filicollis - Adult and L4

Nematodirus spathiger - Adult and L4

ADMINISTRATION: CYDECTIN Oral Drench is ready-to-use. Administer 1 mL per 11 lb (1 mL per 5 kg) body weight into the mouth of the sheep, using any standard drenching equipment. Check dose rates and equipment before drenching. Do not overdose. Do not mix with any other products before administration. Avoid contaminating the drench solution.

DOSAGE: The recommended rate of administration for CYDECTIN Oral Drench for Sheep is 1 mL per 11 lb (5 kg) body weight to provide 0.2 mg moxidectin/2.2 lb (0.2 mg/kg) body weight. The table below will assist in the calculation of the appropriate volume of drench in 1.0 mL increments and it must be administered based on the weight of animal being treated.

Body Weight


11 lb

5 kg

1 mL

22 lb

10 kg

2 mL

33 lb

15 kg

3 mL

44 lb

20 kg

4 mL

55 lb

25 kg

5 mL

66 lb

30 kg

6 mL

77 lb

35 kg

7 mL

88 lb

40 kg

8 mL

99 lb

45 kg

9 mL

110 lb

50 kg

10 mL

121 lb

55 kg

11 mL

132 lb

60 kg

12 mL

143 lb

65 kg

13 mL

154 lb

70 kg

14 mL

165 lb

75 kg

15 mL

Do not underdose. Ensure each animal receives a complete dose based on a current body weight. Underdosing may result in ineffective treatment, and encourage the development of parasite resistance.

HUMAN WARNINGS: Not for use in humans. Keep this and all drugs out of the reach of children. To obtain a copy of the safety data sheet (SDS) which provides more detailed occupational safety information or to report adverse reactions attributable to exposure to this product, call 1-800-422-9874.

RESIDUE WARNINGS: Sheep must not be slaughtered for human consumption within 7 days of treatment. Because a withholding time in milk has not been established for this product, do not use in female sheep providing milk for human consumption.

ENVIRONMENTAL WARNINGS: Studies indicate that when moxidectin comes in contact with the soil, it readily and tightly binds to the soil and becomes inactive. Free moxidectin may adversely affect fish and certain aquatic organisms. Do not contaminate water by direct application or by improper disposal of drug containers.

ANIMAL SAFETY WARNINGS: CYDECTIN Oral Drench for Sheep has been formulated specifically for oral use in sheep and should not be given by any other route of administration. Do not use in sick, debilitated, or underweight animals. This product should not be used in other animal species as severe adverse reactions, including fatalities in dogs, may result.


● Parasite resistance may develop to any dewormer, and has been reported for most classes of dewormers.

● Treatment with a dewormer used in conjunction with parasite management practices appropriate to the geographic area and the animal(s) to be treated may slow the development of parasite resistance.

● Fecal examinations or other diagnostic tests and parasite management history should be used to determine if the product is appropriate for the herd/flock, prior to the use of any dewormer. Following the use of any dewormer, effectiveness of treatment should be monitored (for example, with the use of a fecal egg count reduction test or another appropriate method).

● A decrease in a drug’s effectiveness over time as calculated by fecal egg count reduction tests may indicate the development of resistance to the dewormer administered. Your parasite management plan should be adjusted accordingly based on regular monitoring.

● Macrocyclic lactones provide prolonged drug exposure that may increase selection pressure for resistant parasites. This effect may be more pronounced in extended-release formulations.

ANIMAL SAFETY: A well-controlled U.S. study has demonstrated an adequate margin of safety to allow treatment of sheep four months of age and older with Cydectin Oral Drench. In this study no signs of toxicity were seen in sheep given up to 5 times the recommended dose. Reproductive safety studies evaluating the use of Cydectin Oral Drench in breeding ewes and rams have not been conducted in the U.S.


Store product at or below 77°F (25°C). Protect from light.


Do not contaminate water by direct application or by improper disposal of drug containers. Dispose of containers in an approved landfill or by incineration.


Bayer HealthCare LLC, Animal Health Division, Shawnee Mission, Kansas 66201

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Restricted Drug (CA) - Use Only As Directed

Approved by FDA under NADA # 141-247

May, 2019


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