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CriaGamm Camelid Plasma

This page contains information on CriaGamm Camelid Plasma for veterinary use.
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CriaGamm Camelid Plasma

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Lake Immunogenics

For Veterinary Use Only

200 ml, 300 ml

For intravenous or intraperitoneal use in the camelid neonate or adult, in cases of fluid loss, plasma component loss, or whenever plasma replacement is necessary.

Each single bag contains plasma derived from healthy llamas containing antibodies due to vaccination for normal camelid diseases. Sodium citrate is added as an anticoagulant. All donor llamas have been tested negative for EHV1, Bluetongue, Tuberculosis, EVA, Brucellosis, Anaplasmosis, Eperythrozonosis and BVD. Each serial is tested negative for aerobic bacteria, anaerobic bacteria and fungi. There is no preservative added. KEEP FROZEN UNTIL USED. Thaw quickly in warm water not to exceed 110 F. DO NOT MICROWAVE.

Administer as soon as possible after thawing to body temperature by filtered intravenous infusion (IV) over a period of 15-20 minutes or intraperitoneally (IP) as a bolus. In cases of a reaction, marked most often by tenesmus and hyperventilation, slow the speed of administration. If this does not abate the signs, stop administration until signs abate and continue at a slow rate. If signs persist, suspend administration and treat with histamine blockers and anti-inflammatory agents. Administration may be attempted again if treatment is successful. Transient signs of abdominal distress may occur with IP administration as a fast bolus. Discard any unused portion.

CriaGamm Camelid Plasma Caution

This product has not been processed by heating or treating with ionizing radiation and may be capable of spreading disease. Anaphylaxis may occur with the use of this product.

US VET. LIC. NO: 318


CPN: 1119011.1

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Fax:   585-265-2306
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