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Cranberry Plus Granules

This page contains information on Cranberry Plus Granules for veterinary use.
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Cranberry Plus Granules

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: VetOne

(cranberry extract, Echinacea, oregon grape root and sodium ascorbate)

For Veterinary Use in Dogs and Cats

VetOne® Cranberry Plus Granules is a natural dietary supplement for use in dogs and cats containing ingredients known to be beneficial for the animal’s urinary tract and to help prevent infection of the urogenital system.

Recommended Use: The following dosage schedule is recommended for daily administration. Consult with your veterinarian to determine the proper dosage and schedule for each individual animal prescribed this product.

Weight of Pet

Daily Preventive Dosage

(Scoop Size=0.75 grams)

Up to 11 lb

1/2 scoop/day

12 to 23 lb

1 scoop/day

24 to 45 lb

2 scoops/day

46 to 75 lb

3 scoops/day

76 to 90 lb

4 scoops/day

The recommended dosage is 2 scoops (1.5 grams)/45 lb (20 kg) body weight daily. For best results during an UTI occurrence, the daily dosage should be administered every 12 hours.

Administration: A 1-cc precision dosing scoop is included to measure out the prescribed daily dose and administer over the pet’s food. Product may be mixed with food to facilitate complete consumption. VetOne® Cranberry Plus Granules is formulated with a proprietary, highly palatable chicken liver flavor to ensure all pets readily consume the supplement.

Active Ingredients (per two 1-cc scoops):

Cranberry Extract (from Vaccinium macrocarpon)

210 mg

Echinacea Purpurea

105 mg

Oregon Grape Root

34 mg

Sodium Ascorbate (Vitamin C)

34 mg

Inactive Ingredients

Lactose, Natural Chicken Flavor, Sucrose, Vegetable Oil and Whey.


Store at room temperature; 15° C - 30° C (59° F - 86° F). Avoid excessive heat.

Manufactured for: MWI, Boise, ID 83705


Net Contents:




300 grams


V1 601123

Iss 04/18

CPN: 1315259.0

Distributed by MWI Animal Health

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