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CMT (California Mastitis Test)

This page contains information on CMT (California Mastitis Test) for veterinary use.
The information provided typically includes the following:
  • CMT (California Mastitis Test) Indications
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CMT (California Mastitis Test)

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: ImmuCell

A rapid cow-side test for early detection of bovine mastitis


Dilute before using.


CMT Concentrate makes 1 gallon of working solution.

Water should be tested prior to dilution. To test, add 1-2 drops of CMT Concentrate to a tablespoon of water. Water may be used if it remains purple.

To dilute into dispensing bottle:

Add CMT Concentrate to lower line marked on dispensing bottle. Add water to fill level line marked at top.

To dilute into gallon container:

Add the entire CMT Concentrate bottle contents empty gallon container and fill with water.

For in vitro diagnostic use only.

Not for internal use.

1. Dilute CMT concentrate as instructed.

2. Discard first stream of milk. Do not use colostrum, milk from fresh cows (<3 days post calving) or samples after dry-off.

3. Draw foremilk from each quarter into corresponding cup of testing paddle.

1. Tilt testing paddle to discharge excess milk until equal volumes remain in each cup.

2. Remaining milk should be level with the outside (largest) circle in the cup.

1. Tilt testing paddle back until milk is halfway between the inner and outer circles.

2. Slowly add CMT working solution into each cup until mixture is even with the inside circle of each cup. This should provide equal parts milk to CMT solution.

1. Gently rotate mixture in a horizontal position.

2. Reaction can be observed almost immediately. Thickening or gel formation indicates high somatic cell counts and likelihood of mastitis.

3. Record results.

Manufactured by: IMMUCELL CORPORATION, 56 Evergreen Drive, Portland, ME 04103


Presentation: Approximately 350 tests per kit.

CPN: 1120005.4

Telephone:   800-466-8235
Order Desk:   800-466-8235
Fax:   207-878-2117
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