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Capstar Tablets (11.4 mg) (Canada)

This page contains information on Capstar Tablets (11.4 mg) for veterinary use.
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Capstar Tablets (11.4 mg)

This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: Elanco (Novartis)



DIN 02243436 (11.4 mg), 02243437 (57 mg)


CAPSTAR (nitenpyram) Tablets have been developed for the oral treatment of flea infestations on cats and dogs. The active ingredient, nitenpyram, is a systemic flea adulticide which rapidly and completely eliminates adult fleas taking a blood meal from a treated animal. Nitenpyram interferes with normal nerve transmission in the fleas and leads to the death of these parasites.

Capstar Tablets (11.4 mg) Indication

CAPSTAR (nitenpyram) Tablets are indicated for the rapid elimination of fleas (Ctenocephalides felis) on dogs, cats, puppies and kittens four weeks of age and older.

Capstar Tablets (11.4 mg) Dosage And Administration

CAPSTAR Tablets are available in two concentrations of nitenpyram for convenient dosing: 11.4 mg per tablet for small dogs and cats and 57 mg per tablet for large dogs. The minimum recommended dosage is 1 mg of nitenpyram per kg of body weight. The product can be given directly into the mouth, or mixed with the pet’s favorite food according to the following schedule:



1 to 11 kg

One small (11.4 mg) tablet per day, until fleas are no longer found on the host.

>11 to 57 kg

One large (57 mg) tablet per day, until fleas are no longer found on the host.

Dogs over 57 kg should receive the appropriate combination of tablets.

Flea detection can be achieved by examining the skin for signs of flea activity by parting the pet’s coat.

It is important to treat all dogs and cats in a household: fleas can reproduce on untreated dogs and cats and allow infestations to persist. Because immature fleas continue to develop into adult fleas for several weeks after the administration of CAPSTAR, repeated treatment may be necessary for optimal control of infestation.

Note: Effective long-term flea control demands an integrated approach. Monthly administration of an insect development inhibitor, such as lufenuron (SENTINEL™, PROGRAM™), will prevent the development of immature stages of the flea’s life cycle.


CAPSTAR (nitenpyram) has a wide margin of safety in the intended species when used as per label directions. It can be safely administered to dogs, cats, puppies and kittens four weeks of age and older, pregnant or lactating females and breeding male and female dogs and cats.

CAPSTAR (nitenpyram) Tablets have been administered safely to cats and dogs in conjunction with other commonly used veterinary products including anthelmintics, antibiotics, corticosteroids, vaccines and shampoos.

There are no known contraindications to the use of this product in dogs and cats.


The active ingredient of CAPSTAR, nitenpyram, is a novel molecule belonging to the chemical class of neonicotinoid compounds, which bind with and inhibit insect specific nicotinic acetylcholine receptors; however, it does not inhibit acetylcholinesterase. It interferes with normal nerve transmission and leads to the death of the fleas.

Nitenpyram is very rapidly and almost completely absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract of cats and dogs; feeding does not influence absorption. On average, the maximum blood concentration is reached 1 hour (range: 15 to 90 minutes) after administration in both species, and the elimination half-life is about 3 hours in dogs and 7.5 hours in cats. More than 90% of the active ingredient is eliminated in the urine within one day in dogs and two days in cats, mainly as unchanged nitenpyram.

Nitenpyram starts working rapidly after dosing and kills >98% of the fleas on the pet within 6 hours; all adult fleas are eliminated 24 hours after a single treatment.

Capstar Tablets (11.4 mg) Caution

Do not administer this product to puppies or kittens less than four weeks of age.


Keep this, and all drugs, out of the reach of children; if accidentally swallowed, call a physician.


Do not store above 25°C. Protect from humidity.


CAPSTAR tablets are available in two concentrations of nitenpyram for convenient dosing: 11.4 mg per tablet for small dogs and cats and 57 mg per tablet for large dogs. Each size is offered for sale in aluminum blisters containing six or sixty tablets per package.

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