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Bronchitis Vaccine (Mass. Type, Frozen)

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health

Bronchitis Vaccine

Mass Type, Live Virus

Bronchitis Vaccine (Mass. Type, Frozen) Indications

This product has been shown to be effective for the vaccination of healthy one-day-old chickens against Infectious bronchitis of the Mass type. The duration of immunity has not been established. For more information regarding efficacy and safety data, see

This vaccine contains bronchitis virus of the Massachusetts type.


Administer only as recommended.

Do not mix with other products, except as specified on the label.

Use entire contents when first opened.

Do not vaccinate within 21 days before slaughter.

Penicillin and Streptomycin Sulfate are added as bacteriostatic agents.

Contains Amphotericin B as a fungistatic agent.

Inactivate unused contents before disposal.

Storage Conditions

AMPULES: Store in liquid nitrogen container.

DILUENT: Store at room temperature.

LIQUID NITROGEN CONTAINER: Carefully observe all liquid nitrogen precautions including wearing eye protection and gloves. Store in a cool, well-ventilated area. Check liquid nitrogen level daily. Keep container away from incubator intakes and chicken boxes. CAUTION: DO NOT HOLD AMPULE TOWARD FACE WHEN REMOVING FROM A LIQUID NITROGEN CONTAINER. NEVER REFREEZE A VACCINE AMPULE AFTER THAWING.


1. Dilute the vaccine only as directed, observing all precautions and warnings for handling.

2. Remove from the liquid nitrogen only the ampules that are going to be used immediately. Move quickly, but carefully.

3. Place the ampule(s) in a large, clean container of water at 68° to 86°F (20° to 30°C) to thaw ampule quickly. Thaw the entire contents. Gently swirl the ampule to disperse contents. Break ampule at its neck and quickly proceed as described below.

4. Mix the contents of the ampule with cool, non-chlorinated water using 10,000 doses of vaccine to 700 mL of water.

5. Use the vaccine mixture immediately as described below.

Use Of Vaccine For Coarse Spray Administration

Coarse spray vaccination is recommended for healthy chickens at one day of age or older.

1. Each box of 100 chickens should receive approximately 7 mL of vaccine. The exact amount can be determined by spraying into a calibrated tube or container to arrive at the number of applications needed to deliver 7 mL of vaccine.

2. Take care to administer a full dose to each chicken.

3. Allow chicks to dry; avoid chilling.

Liquid Nitrogen Precautions

The liquid nitrogen containers and vaccines should be handled only by properly trained personnel.

Liquid nitrogen is extremely cold. Accidental contact with skin or eyes can cause serious frostbite. Protect eyes with goggles or face shield. Wear gloves and long sleeves when removing and handling frozen ampules or when adding liquid nitrogen to the container.

Storage and handling of liquid nitrogen containers should be in a well-ventilated area. Excessive amounts of nitrogen reduce the concentration of oxygen in the air of an unventilated space and can cause asphyxiation. If drowsiness occurs, get fresh air quickly and ventilate the entire area. If a person becomes groggy or loses consciousness while working with liquid nitrogen, get the person to a well-ventilated area immediately. If breathing has stopped, begin artificial respiration. Call a physician immediately.


Do not vaccinate diseased birds.

Vaccinate all birds on the premises at one time.

Administer a full dose to each bird.

Avoid stress conditions during and following vaccination.

Do not place chickens in contaminated facilities.

Exposure to disease must be minimized as much as possible.

For veterinary use only.

In case of human exposure, contact a physician.


Boehringer Ingelheim’s vaccines have met the requirements of the USDA in regard to safety, purity, and potency. This vaccine has been tested by the Master Seed immunogenicity test for efficacy.

Bronchitis Vaccine (Mass. Type, Frozen) Caution

The capability of this vaccine to produce satisfactory results depends upon many factors including - but not limited to - conditions of storage and handling by the user, administration of the vaccine, health and responsiveness of individual chickens and degree of field exposure. Therefore, directions for use should be followed carefully. The use of this vaccine is subject to applicable local and federal laws and regulations.


Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc., Gainesville, GA 30501 USA

VLN/PCN 124/1232.10


Product Code BF1430



Presentation: Frozen vaccine: 5 x 10,000 doses.

CPN: 1105073.1

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