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Barn-Storm Iodine Cleaner Sanitizer (Canada)

This page contains information on Barn-Storm Iodine Cleaner Sanitizer for veterinary use.
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Barn-Storm Iodine Cleaner Sanitizer

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Ostrem

For veterinary use only.

D.I.N. 00504793


Keep out of reach of children

INDICATION: An iodine based cleaner-sanitizer for use in poultry houses, chicken hatcheries and hay barns. Also can be used as a excellent boot wash, sow wash and equipment wash, disinfectant.

Active Ingredients

Nonylphenoxypoly (Ethyleneoxy) Ethanol Iodine Complex, providing 1.75% titratable iodine

1.75% w/v

Phosphoric Acid

11.25% w/w

Directions For Use

A clean sanitized area will minimize the outbreak of disease and incidence of parasites in hay and poultry operations.

BARNS, POULTRY HOUSES & HATCHERIES: Manually scrub and clean all pens, floors and walks and remove soil and manure. Clean feed from feeders and bins. Remove all portable equipment from building.

Wash down thoroughly with pressure washer using detergent. Rinse with clean water.

Make solution of 1.4 ml/litre of water (1 oz/4 gal.) to achieve 25 ppm and spray down interior of building including equipment. Allow building to dry without rinsing and ventilate before placing animals in building.

SOW WASHING: Use 3 ml/litre of water (1 oz/2 gal) to achieve 50 ppm. Scrub down flanks.

BOOT WASHING: Use 5.7 ml/litre of water (1 oz/gal) to achieve 100 ppm. Disinfect boots by soaking them for 30 seconds in solution before entering barn.

STORAGE CONDITIONS: Keep container closed when not in use. Store at 0 - 38°C in well-ventilated area away from heat sources and strong oxidizers.

CONTAINS: Phosphoric Acid, Nonylphenoxypoly (Ethyleneoxy) Ethanol Iodine Complex and Ethoxylated Alcohol.


UN 1760

OSTREM CHEMICAL CO. LTD., 2310 - 80TH Ave., Edmonton, AB, T6P 1N2

Presentation: 4 L and 20 L.

CPN: 11650001

Telephone:   780-440-1911
Fax:   780-440-1241
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