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Art Vax

This page contains information on Art Vax for veterinary use.
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Art Vax

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Intervet/Merck Animal Health

Bordetella Avium Vaccine

Avirulent Live Culture


ART VAX® vaccine is a live bacterial vaccine containing a chemically induced mutant of Bordetella avium which is immunogenic for turkeys when given by spray at one day of age, then in the drinking water at 2 weeks of age.

For use in turkeys as an aid in preventing B. avium rhinotracheitis (turkey coryza) through vaccination by spray application and in the drinking water.

When to Vaccinate

Vaccinate by spray at one day of age, then in the drinking water at 2 weeks of age. Revaccinate every 4 to 6 weeks thereafter as necessary according to exposure conditions. Good management practices must be followed to reduce exposure of birds to virulent B. avium during the first several weeks of life. Vaccination after infection with a field strain of B. avium is ineffective.

Your Vaccination Program

The development of a durable, strong protection to this disease depends upon the use of an effective vaccination program as well as many circumstances such as administration techniques, environment and flock health at the time of vaccination. Also, the immune response to one vaccination under field conditions is seldom complete for all animals within a given flock. Even when vaccination is successful, the protection stimulated in individual animals against different diseases may not be life long. Therefore, a program of periodic revaccination may be necessary.


Turkeys must be healthy and free of environmental or physical stress at the time of vaccination. Do not use this vaccine within 10 days before or 10 days after vaccinating turkeys with live virus or live bacterial vaccines.

Preparation of the Vaccine

For Drinking Water:

1. Assemble the vaccine and equipment needed to vaccinate the entire flock at one time.

2. Do not open and rehydrate the vaccine until ready for use.

3. Remove the tear-off aluminum seal from the vaccine vial without disturbing the rubber stopper.

4. Use cool, clean, non-chlorinated tap water to which powdered milk has been added as directed under How to Vaccinate.

5. Remove the rubber stopper from the vaccine vial and rehydrate the vaccine by filling the vial about half-full with tap water (milk added).

6. Reseat the stopper and shake the vial to thoroughly dissolve the vaccine.

FOR SPRAY: Rehydrate each 1000 doses of vaccine to 140 mL using sterile water as diluent.

How to Vaccinate

BY SPRAY: Use this method for one day of age vaccination. Proper coarse spray application of this vaccine is best accomplished through use of a clean spray cabinet, such as the ASL SPRAMARK II, which delivers 7 mL per shot. Spray each poult box twice for a total of 14 mL of vaccine per 100 poults.

BY DRINKING WATER: Do not mix the vaccine into the drinking water until ready for use. Drinking water for vaccination should be mixed with powdered milk to prevent possible inactivation from chlorine or other water additives and also to stabilize the vaccine bacteria. The powdered milk should be added to the water at the rate of 3 grams per 11 liters (one heaped teaspoon per 3 U.S. gallons or 2.5 Imp. gallons); or 87 grams per 190 liters (one heaped cupful per 50 U.S. gallons or 41 Imp. gallons).

Use only clean waterers and equipment free of disinfectants or sanitizers. All water must be withheld for at least 2 hours prior to vaccination to assure that all turkeys drink. Mix the rehydrated vaccine in the quantity of drinking water (milk added) which will be consumed by thirsty turkeys in approximately 2 hours.

The following schedule is a general guideline for the amount of water to use with the vaccine. These amounts will vary depending upon the individual management conditions, climate, age and sex of the birds.

Each 1,000 Birds:



U.S. Gal.

Imp. Gal.

2 Wks.




3 Wks.




4 Wks.




5 Wks.




6 Wks.




7 Wks.




8 Wks.




9 Wks.




Another helpful guideline for daily water consumption is 3.8 liters (one U.S. gallon or 0.8 Imp. gallon) of water per week of age per 100 poults; figure 40% of this amount. This 40% is about a 3 hour supply for the flock.

Distribute 1,000 doses of vaccine in water as used by 1,000 turkeys. Provide ample water space so that all turkeys can drink easily. Do not administer through the water lines with a proportioner or medication tank.


1. For veterinary use only.

2. To avoid interference with the development of protection, turkeys to be water vaccinated should not be given any antibiotic and/or sulfonamide medication used in the prevention or treatment of B. avium rhinotracheitis for 3 days before and 5 days after vaccination.

3. Vaccinate only healthy birds. Coccidiosis, respiratory disease, mycoplasma infection, or other disease conditions may cause serious complications or reduce protection. Avoid exposing birds other than turkeys to the vaccine.

4. All birds within a flock should be vaccinated on the same day. Isolate other susceptible birds on the premises from the birds being vaccinated.

5. In outbreak situations, vaccinate houses of healthy birds first, progressing toward houses of affected birds. Vaccination of affected houses of birds is not recommended. Under these conditions, use an effective treatment.

6. Do not spill or spatter the vaccine. Burn empty bottles, caps and all unused vaccine and accessories. Use entire contents of vial when first opened.

7. Wash hands thoroughly after using the vaccine.

8. Do not dilute the vaccine or otherwise stretch the dosage.

9. Store at 2° to 7°C (35° to 45°F).

10. Do not vaccinate within 21 days of slaughter.


Keep a record of vaccine type, quantity, serial number, expiration date and place of purchase; the date and time of vaccination; the number, age, breed, and location of the birds; names of operators performing the vaccination and any observed reactions.

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