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Ag Select - BOTABC Equine HI Plasma

This page contains information on Ag Select - BOTABC Equine HI Plasma for veterinary use.
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Ag Select - BOTABC Equine HI Plasma

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Lake Immunogenics

For Veterinary Use Only

500 ml

For intravenous use in the horse to supply the selected components of plasma including antibodies. Administer a minimum of one unit of product to achieve the desired effect. If there is no significant improvement additional product may be administered until clinical improvement occurs. If clinical improvement has not occurred after the administration of several units, discontinue treatment.

Each unit contains plasma from designated donor horses vaccinated for Botulism A, B and C toxins. It is a source of polyvalent antibodies from a closed herd of healthy horses vaccinated against common equine diseases. The plasma has sodium citrate as an anticoagulant. Donor horses have Aa and Ca r.b.c. antigens and no r.b.c. antibodies. All donor horses are negative for EIA, EVA, Dourine, Brucellosis, Piroplasmosis and Glanders. There is no preservative added. KEEP FROZEN UNTIL USE. Thaw quickly in warm water not exceeding 110F. DO NOT MICROWAVE.

Administer as soon as possible after thawing by filtered intravenous infusion and discard any unused portion. Although rapid administration is possible, extreme caution and close monitoring is essential in this situation. In case of a reaction, marked most often by tenesmus and hyperventilation, slow the speed of administration. If this does not abate the signs, stop administration until signs abate, and continue at a slower rate. If signs persist suspend administration and treat with histamine blockers and anti-inflammatory agents. Administration may be attempted again after treatment to relieve the adverse response has been successful.

Ag Select - BOTABC Equine HI Plasma Caution

This product has not been processed by heating or treating with ionizing radiation and may be capable of spreading disease. Anaphylaxis may occur with the use of this product.


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