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What is the advantage of ZTlido over Lidoderm?

Medically reviewed by Last updated on June 9, 2020.

Official Answer


ZTlido and Lidoderm are both transdermal patches, however ZTlido has been shown to have superior adhesion compared to Lidoderm.

Problems with adhesion are the most widely reported quality defects of transdermal patches.

ZTlido (lidocaine topical system 1.8%) was designed to maintain optimum skin contact throughout the 12-hour administration period to maintain efficient drug delivery. In clinical studies looking at adhesion scores at the end of a 12-hour administration period, 91% (49/54) of the subjects presented with a score of 0 (≥ 90% adhered; essentially no lift off the skin) and 5 subjects had a score of 1 (≥ 75% to < 90% adhered; some edges only lifting off the skin).
In another comparative adhesion study in 44 subjects, ZTlido demonstrated statistically significant superior adhesion (p <0.0001) to Lidoderm (lidocaine topical) at 3 hours that improved over the 12-hour administration period.


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