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Posimir Injection Dosage

Generic name: BUPIVACAINE 660mg in 5mL
Dosage form: infiltration solution.
Drug class: Local injectable anesthetics

Medically reviewed by Last updated on Dec 12, 2022.

Important Dosage and Administration Information

  • POSIMIR is intended for single-dose administration only.
  • Do not dilute or mix POSIMIR with local anesthetics or other drugs or diluents.
  • As there is a potential risk of severe, life-threatening adverse reactions associated with the administration of bupivacaine, POSIMIR should be administered in a setting where trained personnel and equipment are available to promptly treat patients who show evidence of neurological or cardiac toxicity.
  • Different formulations of bupivacaine are not bioequivalent to POSIMIR even if the milligram dosage is the same. It is not possible to convert dosing from any other formulations of bupivacaine to POSIMIR and vice versa. Do not substitute.
  • The toxic effects of local anesthetics are additive. Avoid additional use of local anesthetics within 168 hours following administration of POSIMIR.
  • Avoid intravascular administration of POSIMIR. Convulsions and cardiac arrest have occurred following accidental intravascular injection of bupivacaine and other amide-containing products.
  • POSIMIR is not indicated for the following routes of administration.
    • Epidural
    • Intrathecal
    • Intravascular
    • Intra-articular use [see Nonclinical Toxicology ( 13.2)]
    • Regional nerve blocks
    • Pre-incisional or pre-procedural locoregional anesthetic techniques that require deep and complete sensory block in the area of administration.

Recommended Dose

The recommended dose of POSIMIR is 660 mg (5 mL).

Preparation, Administration, and Dosing Instructions

  • POSIMIR is ready to use and does not require dilution or mixing.
  • Prior to administration, draw up POSIMIR into a 5 mL syringe using a large bore needle (16 gauge or larger). Once the syringe has been filled, discard the large bore needle.
  • At the close of surgery, administer the entire 5 mL dose of POSIMIR into the subacromial space using an 18 gauge or larger-bore needle. The needle may be inserted through an existing arthroscopic port or through intact skin to reach the subacromial space. Confirm correct placement of the needle tip within the subacromial space by direct arthroscopic visualization.
  • Do not administer POSIMIR into the glenohumeral intra-articular space.

Compatibility Considerations

POSIMIR is compatible with:

  • Commonly implantable materials, such as polypropylene and polyester
  • Silk, nylon, gut, polypropylene, polydioxanone, and polyglycolic acid sutures

Further information

Always consult your healthcare provider to ensure the information displayed on this page applies to your personal circumstances.