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Plegridy Dosage

Medically reviewed by Last updated on Jan 31, 2021.

Generic name: PEGINTERFERON BETA-1A 94ug in 0.5mL; PEGINTERFERON BETA-1A 63ug in 0.5mL
Dosage form: subcutaneous injection

Dosing Information

PLEGRIDY is administered subcutaneously.

The recommended dosage of PLEGRIDY is 125 micrograms injected subcutaneously every 14 days.

Treatment initiation

Patients should start treatment with 63 micrograms on day 1. On day 15 (14 days later), the dose is increased to 94 micrograms, reaching the full dose of 125 micrograms on day 29 (after another 14 days). Patients continue with the full dose (125 micrograms) every 14 days thereafter (see Table 1). A PLEGRIDY Starter Pack is available containing two prefilled pens or syringes: 63 micrograms (dose 1) and 94 micrograms (dose 2).

Table 1: Schedule for Dose Titration
Dose Time* Amount (micrograms) Color of Pen or
Syringe Label

*Dosed every 14 days

Dose 1 On day 1 63 Orange
Dose 2 On day 15 94 Blue
Dose 3 On day 29 and every 14 days thereafter 125 (full dose) Grey

Important Administration Instructions (All Dosage Forms)

Healthcare professionals should train patients in the proper technique for self-administering subcutaneous injections using the prefilled pen or syringe. Patients should be advised to rotate sites for subcutaneous injections. The usual sites for subcutaneous injections are abdomen, back of the upper arm, and thigh.

Each PLEGRIDY pen and syringe is provided with the needle pre-attached. Prefilled pens and syringes are for a single dose only and should be discarded after use.

Premedication for Flu-like Symptoms

Prophylactic and concurrent use of analgesics and/or antipyretics may prevent or ameliorate flu-like symptoms sometimes experienced during treatment with PLEGRIDY.

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