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User Reviews for Ocrelizumab to treat Multiple Sclerosis

Also known as: Ocrevus

The following information is NOT intended to endorse any particular medication. While these reviews might be helpful, they are not a substitute for the expertise, knowledge and judgement of healthcare practitioners.

Ocrelizumab Rating Summary

User Ratings
22% (17)
8% (6)
4% (3)
1% (1)
3% (2)
5% (4)
3% (2)
4% (3)
5% (4)
47% (37)
4.4/10 Average Rating
79 ratings from 84 user reviews

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Reviews for Ocrelizumab

Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 2 years September 19, 2020

Ocrevus (ocrelizumab): “I have been on ocrevus for 2 years for MS. I have not had any side effects. MRI have consistently shown no new or active lesions.”

8 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 2 to 5 years September 16, 2020

Ocrevus (ocrelizumab): “I've been on Ocrevus for over two years now. I have never suffered any side effects. My MRI shows no new or worsening MS lesions.”

10 / 10
Lique2u · Taken for less than 1 month September 9, 2020

Ocrevus (ocrelizumab): “AFTER just having ONE Ocrevus infusion, MY experience is as follows: I will NOT take this drug EVER again!!! WHY???? The two big toes on my feet are black and falling off, the joints on my hands, ankles, fingers and knees hurt, I have extreme fatigue, the knuckles on both hands are black, and I can no loner bend my legs!!!!!!”

1 / 10
Kyle A. August 11, 2020

Ocrevus (ocrelizumab): “I have RRMS. I did 2 infusions of tysabri and got scared from my high JC+ test. Switched to ocrevus and I’ve had NOTHING happen with me. Some mild symptoms for the first couple months. But nothing at all.. this is my first year of being diagnosed and I’ve done my two half doses. I just hope it’s still all good after my first full dose. I’m a little concerned with a study I was looking at about “prolonged use of tysabri might make your switch to ocrevus HARD” (can’t remember the exact statement) but basically I read that taking tysabri for more than 3 months and then switching can make your MS worse... I’m just glad I switched cuz if that’s true , I was not informed by any doctor.”

10 / 10
Gggg · Taken for 1 to 2 years August 5, 2020

“This ocrelizumab medication awful. After my fourth infusion I got so much pain in my leg and I can hardly walk . The pain is so severe that no over the counter medication can help ,I ended up in ER .The doctor gave me norco . He gave only few and pain drs in hospital refuse to give me any more. The pain is live draining and they are worried I get addicted to the pills. I have brain fog. I have to take weed, unfortunately that just knocks me out without any relief . Lately I am having pain in eyes and head that they put me on migraine pill.I don’t even know if the pills are helping me. The pain in my leg is so bad so bad that life had no meaning any more. This company does not care a bit about us. 6,000$ a year is too much money to care about what we are going through . I am counting minutes to get this get out of my system . Or I am hoping ,..,,”

1 / 10
DMC · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 2, 2020

Ocrevus (ocrelizumab): “This was my second try for Ocrevus because the Dr. wanted me on a treatment for MS. Guess what I quickly know & remember now why I didn't want to be on this or continue with Ocrevus!!! Since my infusion 6/29/20 I have felt terrible severe fatigue/on & off depression severe muscle aches at back of both upper legs... trouble walking feet sticking to floor causing falls/ slides on carpet..headaches...some congative issues on & off sooo tired even after some sleep at nighttime. MS stinks but when taking something that's supposed to help causing worse issues than began with really is more thank stinks it SUCKS!!! I DEFINITELY WILL NO GO ON THIS EVER AGAIN...JUST HOPING THIS GETS OUT OF MY SYSTEM SOOON!!!”

1 / 10
Summer · Taken for 1 to 2 years July 25, 2020

Ocrevus (ocrelizumab): “I had just turned 28, woke up one morning with my left hand numb. Over a few weeks it spread to my entire body and led me to get diagnosed in fall of 2018. I started out on gilenya but it seemed to fatigue me worse and I had more lesions since last scan. I switched to Ocrevus and it has been amazing. Since then I have had no side effects, a reduction in lesions, no enhancements and no new lesions. Nothing cures ms so of course fatigue and whatnot still happens, but I am a healthy and happy 30 year old living the good life thanks to ocrevus.”

9 / 10
Betsy July 21, 2020

Ocrevus (ocrelizumab): “Ocrevus almost finished off my sister. After a second infusion , she was hospitalized in a near catatonic state and suffering from severe neurological effects. She had hallucinations, a heart attack, and nearly died. FDA should never have approved this drug without more testing. Strongly advise against taking Ocrevus. The effects of MS are less severe than the effects of Ocrevus. Do not allow a physician to upsell you on this lethal treatment.”

1 / 10
PMC · Taken for 6 months to 1 year June 30, 2020

Ocrevus (ocrelizumab): “Ocrevus has hastened my demise: one new lesion, intense tingling in my neck and no strength. All of these deficiencies occurred in one year -- the same year I was on Ocrevus. What is going on? How did this happen? The drug was supposed to help me, not hurt me. I do not believe any of the data from the testing. I am angry.”

1 / 10
Nina June 28, 2020

Ocrevus (ocrelizumab): “Ocrevus is a monster!! I have RRMS that is very aggressive. 3 treatments later I have absolutely NO quality of life. Side effects from this poison were not in the "brochure" I received from my neurologist. Only the ones regarding initial ones at time of infusion. More common side effects, I have 18 out of 24, Less Common 2 out of 3, More Common 9 out of 11. I started out using a forearm crutch now a wheelchair, my cognitive skills have plummeted. I have no interest in anything, my passion was my art. Painting, designing I feel flat, void of emotion. The ironic part, I have no new lesions. I have said no to taking it, I will be taking Copaxone. I hope and pray the side effects will go away. I don't understand how a medication that does this is even on the market. 4.5 out of 10 is not good odds. I haven't found any group or site that has good reviews that out weigh the bad. MS IS BAD ENOUGH, now mine is WORSE!!”

1 / 10
Idaho · Taken for 6 months to 1 year June 21, 2020

Ocrevus (ocrelizumab): “I went from 2yrs taking Tecfidera to starting Tasabri for 5 months , then now 8 months in now on Ocrevus. Just has a brain MRI and no change . I am worse off since starting Ocrevus as Far as balance and now have to use my scooter 100% to get around, worse fatigue, balance, swelling in legs and use of arm/hand along with bladder issues. I am embarrassed to say I have wet my bed twice since taking Ocrevus and never before with other DMTs .This DMT might work for some , but It’s just not for me. I am bummed as I have to wait till it’s out of my system to try a different DMT and don’t know which one of if I want any”

2 / 10
Daddypipe · Taken for 2 to 5 years June 7, 2020

Ocrevus (ocrelizumab): “I work in the porn industry and I have MS, as soon as I started getting the infusions I immediately starting feeling signs of Erectile Dysfunction and now I can't control my bladder, I guess my porn career is over with because of this drug.”

1 / 10
Silver Pearl · Taken for less than 1 month May 14, 2020

Ocrevus (ocrelizumab): “Due to the Covid -19 , there was a delay in taking my second Ocrevus infusion. I had the second attack on April 24, 2020, I suffered from vertigo, stiffness, and heavy leg . I had the second infusion on April 28, 2020, It went perfectly well . Also I did a second MRI for the brain , it shows there is an interval decrease in size of the largest lesion at the right frontal deep white matter now measures 1.3 x 1 cm (before it was: 2.2 x 1.6 cm) and no enhancement or fluid diffusion restriction. This drug works perfectly for me and I hope it works for you !”

10 / 10
just me · Taken for 1 to 2 years May 12, 2020

Ocrevus (ocrelizumab): “For my husband, it was a gift from God. April 2018, within two weeks, he went from a normal life to great difficulty walking, to being diagnosed .He was on Tysabri from June-October of 2018.He got weaker after each treatment, not knowing if it was the progression of the disease, the flare up, or the medication .He was using a four wheeled walker and falling. The day after his first half dose in January 2019, he was a bit stronger and by spring, he was only using a cane. He no longer uses a cane and is now able to drive a car, walk a distance, and take a shower without weakness. These results are not typical. There is not a lot of typical in MS, so don't be discouraged after trying one or more medications. I would suggest two things: have a neurologist for MS and to use a physical therapist who is certified in MS therapy soon after they are diagnosed. There are very specific exercises, it is not just about strengthening.There has been a decrease in a lesion after a year.”

10 / 10
Jessie Hope · Taken for 6 months to 1 year May 3, 2020

“I have PPMS. I was on Aubagio for a short time which made me very ill, extreme cognitive fog, and just felt like I had a terrible flu for the year I was on it. Then went to Copaxone which was fine except for severe site reactions. Then my Neuro wanted me on Ocrevus because it’s the first drug approved for PPMS. Have only had my first 2 starter doses and one full dose. The only problem I have is severe fatigue. I just can’t shake it. Just want to sleep all the time. Way worse than just my normal MS fatigue was. My Neuro has assured me it will get better but so far not. It’s so frustrating. I want my life back. I can’t get anything done. I get my first MRI post Ocrevus done next week so we’ll see if it’s working. I’m so tempted to go with no meds and try some natural treatments and see what happens.”

5 / 10
Beth · Taken for 6 months to 1 year May 2, 2020

Ocrevus (ocrelizumab): “Properly diagnosed PPMS last sept. Had first Ocrevus two (split) treatments on November. Had MRI before first full dose which showed new lesions on brain. Infusion was 2 weeks ago and feel soooo fatigued but will see what next MRI shows. I’m going to keep persevering with the Ocrevus - this fatigue may be short term. I have not noticed any other difference except I’m not tingling as much. I’m in Australia and it doesn’t cost anything”

5 / 10
Mrmoney · Taken for 1 to 2 years April 28, 2020

Ocrevus (ocrelizumab): “This drug has destroyed my body and made me lose a good paying job, ocrevus really sucks smh...I don't anyone with MS to go through what I went through with the infusions!”

1 / 10
Ron · Taken for 2 to 5 years April 26, 2020

Ocrevus (ocrelizumab): “Have started second year on Ocrevus and have gotten worse by the day. I wish I never had taken this drug but neurologist said I should do I did and no improvement with anything just worsening of symptoms! I’m 46 and balance fatigue and weakness amongst other things have became so much worse! Did not help my PPMS it’s just made things far worse for me.”

1 / 10
KBae66 · Taken for less than 1 month April 23, 2020

Ocrevus (ocrelizumab): “I was having trouble walking—poor balance, stiffness, slowness, and super heavy feeling legs. I went in for my first Ocrevus treatment yesterday— half dose and second one in two weeks. Had a rough night sleeping...abdominal pain, headaches, and nausea. Woke up this morning and feel great! I don’t know if it’s a placebo effect or not, but I feel like a different person. I am walking without stiffness, lumbering, or heaviness in my legs. It could be the pretreatment of steroids I suppose, but my initial response is cautiously optimistic.”

9 / 10
Aisha1277 April 11, 2020

Ocrevus (ocrelizumab): “Diagnosed RRMS in 2011. been on rebif, tecfidera. Started my first two halves of Ocrevus in May 2019 I had less fatigue. I did notice I became more clumsy. Told my dr. He said to keep taking, it will get better. First full dose 10/19 the clumsiness got even worse I can't lift my feet. I went from lightly walking with a cane before Ocrevus, to me being on a rollator. It does work for a lot of people but people need to realize that a small percentage of us is making us more disabled. I called the company and ask them about their trial. They said there is a small few that have problems with walking. It took me forever to find this page to figure out that I was not going crazy, something was really wrong. I have a new neurologist now that wants to say that I have progressed to spms but Im telling him to hold on, does this drug make you progress or do you have to wait for this to wear off. Anyone when you stop taking it do you ever get better with walking and how long does it take.”

1 / 10
TTTL · Taken for 2 to 5 years April 5, 2020

“I have been on this since it was first approved. I don't see any changes. I was diagnosed with PPMS 2015. My biggest complaint. I have NO willpower when it comes to eating. My leggs are getting worse. I use my wheelchair most of the am. I am having the worse time keeping weight off. It sucks because I have to be treated like a child when it comes to food. I eat ALL the time.”

1 / 10
Silver Pearl · Taken for less than 1 month April 1, 2020

Ocrevus (ocrelizumab): “I was diagnosed as an MS patient on Jan 24 , 2020 . I took cortisone injections for five days . Today on April 01, 2020 , I took my first infusion from Ocrevus . I was extremely worried after reading the reviews.However, it worked perfectly for me . I did not feel any of the side effects that was mentioned by the reviewers nor the ones mentioned online . My doctor has decided to divide the first infusion into two sessions . I will take the second infusion after two weeks. I will share my experience after having the second infusion .”

10 / 10
Deb · Taken for 2 to 5 years April 1, 2020

Ocrevus (ocrelizumab): “Living in australia ocrevus is PBS listed.... so no cost involved. I started this drug nov 2017. I was diagnosed with RRMS at the start of 2017. I have pain in my wrists for a couple of days after the infusion. If that is a side effect I am happy with that as I gave no other side effects. I have also had no progression on my MRI. Yes I'm tired but who isn't and I still work full time as a nurse”

10 / 10
Mysteree99 · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 27, 2020

Ocrevus (ocrelizumab): “I am on my six month dose of Ocrevus and haven't had any noticeable side effects. I was a little overdue for my dose and some spasticity started to get a little worse, but not too bad. According to my neurologist, I have had no progression on my MRIs since I started Ocrevus and prior to that I had had progression on them every 6 months. So all in all I think that things are going well. I only have to go in twice per year, the cost is less overall (for my insurance) than the other two treatments that I was on (Avonex and Tecfidera), and I don't have to worry about forgetting.”

10 / 10
K. Marley March 25, 2020

Ocrevus (ocrelizumab): “I have RRMS 37 year old F. I have been on Ocrevus for 2years now. Prior to this I was on Betaseron and Tecfidera. This is by far the best medicine for me. It’s helped me. I take it every 5 months because I was crashing before I reached the 6 month period. It’s FDA approved that you can take it every 5 months if you are having that problem. It helps keep my leg pain, blurred vision and fatigue at bay. Of course I take medicine for those problems but the combination of it all is a plus. Whaat I don’t like is the infusion at first it’s hard on your body the first treatment was horrible. The premeds help before treatment which is Tylenol, steroids and IV Benadryl and toroidal shot. That combination 30 mins before treatment works well. After the first treatment it get easier. Overall it works for me and I love it. I pray it works for others”

9 / 10

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