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User Reviews for Rogaine Men's Extra Strength

Rogaine Men's Extra Strength has an average rating of 3.7 out of 10 from a total of 4 ratings on 25% of reviewers reported a positive experience, while 75% reported a negative experience.

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Anonymous · February 27, 2012

For Alopecia "Product works for me, was very dubious but decided to try it as a last ditch attempt before an FUE hair transplant. Don't need a transplant now I am thrilled to say! New fine hairs started to grow after five weeks and didn't notice any shedding at all. Best to keep track with a shaving mirror. Now at three months and my old hairline is returning which is almost beyond belief! My only fear is that this progress will slow but I am keeping fingers crossed, things are looking good and the fine hairs are thickening and darkening."

9 / 10
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Never-again · Taken for less than 1 month · August 20, 2020

For Alopecia "This Rogaine Men's Extra Strength medication caused my face to swell and my hands / feet. It causes excruciating headaches and makes your head fill as though it weights 5 pounds. It causes irregular and rapid heartbeats, some nausea/vomiting. In the area applied it takes the color from your hair and leaves it "gray". It causes you to feel dizzy , like faint and fatigue with cold chill intermittently. Maybe taking a diuretic would have eliminated the discomfort and unpleasantness of facial swelling and feeling heavy headed."

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regret · October 14, 2011

"After three days use I started having large red bumps on the back of my hair line and on my neck. Also chest pain the three nights. I stopped using it then, hopefully it will be corrected in a few days. "

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ray267 · February 11, 2016

For Alopecia "This was recommended by my dermatologist. I've been using rogaine for about ten years, I think I am getting results so l have stuck with it for so long. Although it improves the health of the thinning areas and may even slow down the process of male pattern baldness, l don't see any hard evidence that dead hair follicles are revitalized. In fact it is my belief that once a hair follicle dies, like anything else, it dies. l'm 59, and l believe my hair still looks good feels good and the balding process has been at the very least slowed to an acceptable level."

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Ez2517 · Taken for less than 1 month · March 26, 2021

For Alopecia "This drug ruined my life. The first time I applied Kirkland 5% to my head, within minutes I became extremely lightheaded, with blurry vision. This persisted for a week before I tried applying some more (maybe it wasn't minoxidil)? The 2nd application resulted in even more dizziness, and after my 3rd and 4th application, I began having severe multi-day headaches. Suffice to say I completely stopped, but 8 months later and I am still suffering from an annihilated vestibular system causing major balance issues and constant dizziness and fatigue."

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