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User Reviews for Opcicon One-Step

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Condition DownUp Reviews Compare Avg. Ratings DownUp
Emergency Contraception 3 reviews 14 medications
Summary of Opcicon One-Step reviews 3 reviews 10.0

Reviews for Opcicon One-Step

For Emergency Contraception "I had unprotected sex on May 28th. He ejaculated outside, but because we did it a couple of times, I freaked out. I took Opcicon One Step 4-6 hours later and felt the side effects immediately. I was slightly nauseous, fatigue, had lower abdomen cramps and bloated the first week. One week later (June 4th) I bled for 4 days, spotty with dark blood. I continued feeling bloated, indigestion, stomach cramps, sharp/dull pain in nipples, and extreme mood swings from stress and hormones the entire month of June and the first week of July. My period for July was late so I took over 10 pregnancy tests (all negative) over the course of 1 month but I finally got it today! It's heavier than usual and I didn't even feel it coming but I'm not complaining!"


learnedmylesson July 17, 2016

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For Emergency Contraception "I can't wait to share my experience. June 2-first day of my last menstruation June 13- we had unprotected sex. Intentionally, he didn't withdraw. We did it for 3 times without withdrawing on that day. June 15- I took opcicon one-step, 50 hours later after the first deed. June 17&18- I had spotting. July 4- Finally menstruation. I was 6 days delayed on my period. I was nervous because my weight is 180lbs. I had abdominal pain for several days and breast tenderness. I can hardly breathe everytime I walk, I'm always tired and I had headaches. To everyone who are also waiting, just be patient and sleep well. And of course, lesson learned! NEVER AGAIN!!"


Chariseeee515 July 5, 2016

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For Emergency Contraception "I had unprotected sex on the 21st of August 2015. I had been tracking my period off of an app on my phone. When I checked to mark "Intimate" for the day I realized that it was my ovulation day. I panicked and told my bf to go get a plan b pill and instead he came back 6 hours later with an opcicon. I had never heard of it I just took it just out of fear of getting pregnant. Immediately I began to feel nauseous, dizzy, a had a HORRIBLE headache that lasted 3 days, cramping, and I wanted to just sleep for 3 days. Well this is day 5 and I feel a lot better now. I am no longer having any side affects however I have become a little more hungry. I won't know if the opcicon worked until I see my period which is due on september 4th."

Anonymous August 26, 2015

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