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User Reviews for Haldol

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Reviews for Haldol to treat Nausea/Vomiting

"Still felt nauseous after being given this drug after surgery. I woke up extremely sick and vomiting. This was the third drug given to help combat these effects. I didn't know I'd been given it but my heart started racing and concerned the nursing staff, and their concern made me anxious. I was so scared and paranoid about what was happening to me which I later found out was all because of this drug. They ended up flushing it out of my system."


77777777 August 19, 2017

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"Was given this in the ER for nausea. It killed the nausea, sure, but I was so anxious! I felt as though if I stayed in that hospital bed another second I was going to go crazy. When I was released I raced home and took Xanex to try and combat the anxiety. It's been about 26 hours since I was injected and I still have the urge to move and run around, like restless leg syndrome. I'd rather just be nauseous!"


Lyssa64 May 25, 2017

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"Went to the ER after experiencing chest pain following advice from my surgery nurse. While being there I mentioned being slightly nauseous. I am extremely allergic to most anti nausea medications going into anaphylactic shock , so I was given haldol. immediately after injection, my heart began beating faster and my anxiety level flew off the chart. Every muscle in my body wanted to move and spasm, I was practically vibrating in the bed seeing as it was only days after having my abdomen cut into it was pretty intense. It was the closest I have ever felt to being out of my mind. I had to be given another medication to counteract the effect of the haldol in my system."


Anonymous (taken for less than 1 month) February 13, 2017

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"I went to the er for stomach cramping and tenderness after a bought of stomach flu. For some reason they used this instead of Zofran or Phenergan first. I had horrible side effects. Every muscle in my body spasmed to the point of nearly dislocating my jaw. It took a full 36 hours to leave my system. Benadryl helped, but did not reverse the effects. I was disoriented and screaming in pain only a few seconds after receiving it. Use caution. The side effects were not worth it."


Snowf14 August 14, 2016

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"Experiencing horrible nausea/vomiting with Dilaudid for pain associated with Stage4 Breast cancer. My normal antinausea medication was Zofran, but it started to not work. I was given 0.5 mg I.V. of Haldol every hour for nausea. It worked, but did "knock me to nap" for a little while. After I woke up, I did feel groggy and was able to eat and drink without incident."


Stage4Diva (taken for less than 1 month) February 16, 2013

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"I have Addison's disease we had tried all conventional medications. I got this injected by the ER and told my dr that even though they gave it to me for anxiety I didn't vomit or get nauseous for 24 hrs."


Misty Sierra January 15, 2013

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"Haldol was given to my mother for nausea/vomiting in her final days/weeks of battling colon cancer. Haldol worked great for nausea but the side effects were horrible. She was not drowsy, she was out! Not coherent, confused, wasn't able to eat and at times was agitated. Be very careful using this medication. It took two days after stopping the medication for it to leave her system and return to a normal state of mind."


Anonymous March 3, 2010

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