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User Reviews for Finasteride

Also known as: Proscar, Propecia

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Condition Avg. Ratings Reviews Compare
Androgenetic Alopecia
118 reviews 1 medications
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
41 reviews 15 medications
Summary of Finasteride reviews 4.9 159 reviews

Reviews for Finasteride

Wisco September 12, 2019

For Androgenetic Alopecia: "Please do NOT use this drug. I took it at a healthy sexually active 19 year old, because I wanted to stop loosing hair. My girlfriend broke up with me six months later...because I could not get an erection. My penis is not the same. I told myself everything would be the same after I stopped. I quit this poison six months later and have not had a girlfriend since. Thought the side effects would go away but they haven’t. Please don’t."

Jim · Taken for 6 months to 1 year September 11, 2019

For Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: "Took it along with “Flomax” . It definitely helped with an increase in volume of the urine stream. Side effects with me were I believe an increase in the growth of body hair and nails. Other things I felt were related to the drug was a decrease in activity and exercise and really strange was weight gain noticeably especially around the waistline. Since I stopped taking it, the activity level is back to normal and so is the waistline. However, the urine stream has diminished accordingly. Additional side effects were reduction in semen production and somewhat of a lower sexual appetite coupled with decreased erections and duration of them. The semen was also much clearer and of water-like in appearance. After I stopped taking it, everything returned to normal again."

Anon September 8, 2019

For Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: "BEWARE: For some men very bad side effects after one dose. For BPH, took 1mg of this drug, once morning very low blood pressure, (on medication for high BP), significant increased depression, loss of strength and energy, muscle weakness, severe agitation, irritation, extreme chills, dizziness, lightheadedness, sleepiness or unusual drowsiness - slept all day. If prescribed for enlarged prostate takes 6 months to can pee more often or not be able to do most anything else. It is not easy to find ALL side effects, even on the FDA website, but with 2 hours of searching and making lists your may have found ALL side effects. I would never take a single pill of this again."

Tom · Taken for 6 months to 1 year August 31, 2019

For Androgenetic Alopecia: "Reading the awful experiences other guys have had with finesteride is pretty scary. I've been on it for about 10 months and have honestly noticed no side effects at all and I've been reaping the hair growth benefits. From reading cited studies I've found the incidence of complications is very low (2% of men or somethng) If your unsure jump on google scholar and give a few a read! Definitely helped me (:"

QC95 August 23, 2019

For Androgenetic Alopecia: "Don’t get scared off by some of the negative reviews on here. Yeah there’s a small chance you may get erectile dysfunction, but the vast majority of men who take this drug don’t experience that. I haven’t experienced any kind of depression, ED, brain fog or any of the other symptoms people mention on here"

DanO · Taken for 6 months to 1 year August 17, 2019

For Androgenetic Alopecia: "I took finistride for 6 months. It works for making you hair thicker (after 3 months) and it does regrow a lot. I mean it, it works and it is amazing! The trade off... you lose your sex life and a unbelievable depression comes with it. They say 4%ish of men have these side effects. Don't believe it. It is a lot more then that. Some never recover. I recovered after 2 weeks of stopping. It sucks losing your hair. I wear a hat everywhere, my self image and confidence is shot, its depressing. I feel ugly, embarrassed and ashamed of myself. But that is nothing to the horror you will feel being sexually broken, lack of interest in sex, shrinkage on your testicles and penis, and dry orgasm. If the only thing you have to look forward to is going as Capt Picard on Halloween, at least you are still a functioning man. Hopefully, this drug and its dosage can be better refined one day as to not produced the side effects. Until then, stay away from this."

Owen · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 14, 2019

For Androgenetic Alopecia: "Please listen, I would honestly avoid this drug. I took it for hair growth as my hair was thinning (runs in family). It wasn’t for a month or 2 in I started feeling super depressed (never previously had any form of depression) and had such horrible sad thoughts! This drug plays around with your hormones & testosterone in order to grow your hair which it did well. However no amount of hair can ever make me take this drug again. I would happily shave my head for the rest of my life rather than feeling the way I felt on this drug. After all it’s a drug, do you really want to be taking drugs every day for the rest of your life? Highly recommend avoiding."

not good August 13, 2019

For Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: "I am on Tamsalosin and I started finasteride 3 1/2 months ago and I am peeing more than ever, I am going to check with my doctor."

Anonymous · Taken for 2 to 5 years July 24, 2019

For Androgenetic Alopecia: "I’ve been on this medication for 3-4years now and I’ve had great responses from my family at the recovery and slow down of hair loss. I have also had many people warn me about the drug showing my news articles etc however I haven’t had any side effects at all from what I’ve noticed. I really would be sceptical about people saying they had the poor experiences as I think symptoms like anxiety/depression can be linked to all cosmetic related treatments. For testicular issues it would most definitely be in the minority few , only those who suffer from those type of symptoms would most want to express their experiences. I’d completely recommend this drug."

Cb · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 23, 2019

For Androgenetic Alopecia: "I took this product for 3 months. I can't say whether it worked or it didn't. All I know is that at the three month mark my boys started aching bad. And E.D kicked in. The other posts in this website are on the money. If you care about your sexual health and sex life then do not take this drug! I was in the "it won't happen to me" group of men. That try something anyway. The side effects are horrible. I immediately stopped the drug and for me thankfully within two weeks everything is back to normal. I'm not sure the results if I had stayed on it longer. Bottom line. Stay away."

rinitbut · Taken for 1 to 2 years July 21, 2019

For Androgenetic Alopecia: "Got only maintenance. Side Effects: -Gynecomastia bilateral - Dry orgasm - Testicular ache - Poor ejaculatory volume and semi transparent sperm - Testicular shrinkage"

hlj July 12, 2019

Propecia (finasteride) for Androgenetic Alopecia: "I took 5 pills from April 2-6. Over the course of those 5 days I had worsening symptoms of brain fog, headaches, sleeplessness, suicide ideation, ED/impotence, loss of libido, increased fat mass, and muscle weakness that didn't dissipate for a month and a half. Even now (July) I still have increased fat mass, increased tissue on the breast, peripheral edema (mild) and difficulty (mild) with erections. I'm not as focused or driven due to ongoing sleep difficulties (mild/moderate) and the intensity of these effects. Every day I regret taking this drug. I took this drug without researching any side effects, I really regret not looking into possible side effects. Please be aware that the consequences could be extremely negative and persistent."

dubah · Taken for less than 1 month July 10, 2019

For Androgenetic Alopecia: "Took the drug for a week and experienced severe headaches all week long, "hangover" like. Still have them after stopping the drug. Not saying that this drug is poison or whatever but honestly watch out guys... I decided to stop because there is a bit too many testimonies against this drug to simply be "in guys head" in my opinion."

Maki · Taken for 6 months to 1 year July 10, 2019

For Androgenetic Alopecia: "As you guys can see from other people rating , this medication is not effective for the most people including me . Poisoning yourself for months or even a year is not something I recommend."

James Davies · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 5, 2019

For Androgenetic Alopecia: "The decision to take finasteride for hair lose should not be taken lightly. I read the other reviews and just assumed this was ‘in their heads’ and I wouldn’t experience any negative symptoms. I hate erectile issues, depression, and pains in the testicles. AVOID at all costs! Your hair is not worth your happiness."

JJ · Taken for 2 to 5 years June 27, 2019

For Androgenetic Alopecia: "I was worried in my late 20s about hair loss, but it wasn't noticeable. The main side effect was I couldn't achieve an orgasm which forced me to stop. I was also taking a diuretic for blood pressure at the time. In my early 30s, my blood pressure medication was changed (a non-diuretic), and I started really noticing hair loss in the front of my head (a bald spot was forming between the front of my hair and the midline -- like my father). I went back to 1mg finasteride. The sexual side effects were gone and the balding spot is now full. I can get the generic for $14 out-of-pocket."

Bill · Taken for less than 1 month June 24, 2019

For Androgenetic Alopecia: "PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG I read all the negative reviews and thought to myself that they must be in that few percentile unlucky people but I was so damn wrong man, if you take this drug you will be doomed anyway because if you get off this drug after few years or months then you will have Post Finasteride Syndrome. It blocks DHT which is the hormone that makes a man a man, please read about DHT on wikipedia before jumping on this drug, they say oh it only blocks around 70% of DHT level but common guys, is hair more important to you than losing your sex drive and erections. I was on the pill for 24 days, initial 10 days were awesome with almost no hair loss and sex drive really good, but then the shedding started where I started to lose 100s of hairs in the shower and pillow and then I noticed I didn't have the urge for sex neither I was interested in girls. Then came headache and then muscle pain."

Anonymous · Taken for 10 years or more June 24, 2019

Propecia (finasteride) for Androgenetic Alopecia: "I started on the drug in my mid twenties. I have been taking it for over 10 years now. It is stopped my hair loss effectively and helped me gain some volume as well. I have not noticed any side effects. I stopped taking the drop for a month somewhere along the line and I did lose more hair when I wasn't on it. That was some years ago. I have been on it ever since."

The Fulcrum June 22, 2019

For Androgenetic Alopecia: "I’m Nigerian & propecia down here is unbelievably expensive. So what I did do was purchase finasteride instead which is less than a fraction of the cost of propecia. Since 2018 June up until this very moment I have been on 5mg of finasteride [Yep you read that correctly it is the dose they use for prostate problems] & I can tell you the results are more than amazing, people always laughed at my frontal hair because it was an eyesore tbh but now everyone wants to know “why my hair is so full & thick” I’ve not experienced any of these conventional side effects that are so popularized on the internet even though I’ve been taking 5mg of this alleged dangerous medication for over a year now. nope! none whatsoever, if anything, asides doing its job, it also increased my libido like crazy and erection is normal as has always been. The only noticeable difference is general body weight gain which could be caused by the fact that I take a whole 5mg finasteride daily, other than that everything’s perfect."

Do not take! June 21, 2019

For Androgenetic Alopecia: "Took 1mg finasteride/propecia for about 9 months. While on drug had no side effects until about 7 months in. Reduced dosage and sexual side effects continued. Discontinued and that's when problems got worse... no libido and complete impotence. This is 5 weeks having come of drug. Do not use!"

Changeling · Taken for 1 to 2 years June 17, 2019

For Androgenetic Alopecia: "Have been taking Finasteride 1mg for 16 months and have now decided to stop after concerns it was affecting my health. Recently thought that my chest is looking a bit larger and flabby looking, less hard muscle in appearance. I am bald across the top and have noticed some hair regrowth at the front and a little at the sides, but not so much that anyone who knows me would notice, still a guy with not much hair on top and I have decided it is not worth the risk to my health so I will just live with hair loss and stop wasting money buying it."

Bardrock · Taken for 1 to 2 years June 13, 2019

For Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: "Been on finasteride for about a year now, some prostate reduction but as it was tagged as grossly enlarged there is a way to go. No erection issues, reduction in semen but no loss of libido. Signs of breast development but minor. No other side effects encountered and it is working to reduce the size all be it slower than I would have liked."

Nacho June 10, 2019

For Androgenetic Alopecia: "I'm using it together with minoxidil and a ketoconazole shampoo. I started the treatment about 6 months ago and my hair has already grown back to what it used to be 3-4 years ago. If I had started before, I would be the happiest person ever. Before starting the treatment I was a Norwood 6 (on the Norwood Hair loss scale) and it was killing my self-steem. I had a low libido BEFORE starting the treatment. The first month on finasteride I actually experienced a boost, then receded back to normality. I have a loving relationship with my partner and he hasn't noticed any change. Personally, I feel that boosting my self-steem has actually improved my sexual performance. Many people say that one pill ruined their life. That is complete paranoia and scientific nonsense. I also avoided the drug for too long because of people spreading fear and totally regret it. My advice is to start taking the drug AS SOON AS YOU NOTICE YOUR HAIR IS THINNING. This drug mainly stops hair loss. You don't want to start too late."

Dcguy · Taken for 6 months to 1 year June 9, 2019

Propecia (finasteride) for Androgenetic Alopecia: "For some men, me included, Propecia not only stops hair loss but actually regrows hair. Individual results vary. But to see regrowth you have to take it for a minimum of six months. If you regrow hair you can stop taking it. But you will begin to lose hair again. I did not experience side effects."

Alexlovetofish · Taken for less than 1 month June 6, 2019

For Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: "In 2018 I have tried the Flomax to decrease my prostate and help my urine flow perfectly but then the doctor prescribe another medication which is Finasteride . The first week I tried it I felt funny in my testicle and I became dry immediately but my sex life is a bad and my doctor found small cancer in my prostate and they say it would be good for another 15 years before you have surgery but I decided to have the surgery since my cancer wasn’t a productive one that it does not it goes all over the body. Now it’s been almost 9 months since I had the surgery and doing great. Sex Is OK. Thank goodness I am cancer free and I am 68 right now I decide to have the surgery and than take the medication for another 15 years. It is a bad, bad medication"