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User Reviews for Acitretin

Also known as: Soriatane

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Psoriasis 6.6
25 reviews 317 medications
Summary of Acitretin reviews 6.6 25 reviews

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Reviews for Acitretin

Ritzy · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 3, 2020

For Psoriasis: “Had severe psoriasis on the palm of both hands and Acitretin was prescribed when topical creams, light box, methotrexate did not work. I still have minor skin peeling/cracking but nothing like the open sores on my fingertips, swelling and pain I had before. Side effect I've experienced so far is the chapped lips and the constant ringing in my head especially loud upon waking up in the morning. I stopped taking the med to see if I was cured and in 2 days I started to see a flare up so here I am. I truly hope there's an end to this treatment in the near future; the side effects for long term use can be scary.”

7 / 10
J HARRIS · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 20, 2020

For Psoriasis: “I have been on this drug acitretin for 3 months and it has cleared my palms and plantar psoriasis somewhat. The side effects I am experiencing are dry waxy lips, gums and loss of taste buds as well as terrible breakout on my face that were never there until I started the drug. My question is will it get better. My face and skin is waxy and rashy. I am thinking about coming off of it because of the side effects but it has improved my hands and feet which is why I started taking it.”

4 / 10
zipperzapper January 19, 2020

For Psoriasis: “I am on this along with siliq. Couple months in I am only getting worse. Frustrated. The last time on acitretin my hair fell out. I was not verbally warned. Now I know it could happen. Use the lips chap on this.”

2 / 10
SEN · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 20, 2019

For Psoriasis: “In Feb 2019, started acitretin 25 mg for palms of hands and soles of feet. Never eliminated all the psoriasis symptoms, but greatly reduced peeling, redness, and itching. Worst side effect was very chapped lips until Jun 2019 when my hair started falling out and breaking away. After 34 yrs of keeping gray at bay, I stopped coloring my hair in Jul 2019 thinking that might be triggering the hair exodus. I stopped taking Acetritin in Aug 2019 and the hair continues to fall out (now Sep 2019). My dermatologist has ordered blood work to identify triggers. Fingers crossed!”

Hazem · Taken for less than 1 month September 5, 2019

For Psoriasis: “acitretin is worst drug I ever tried. Within 12 days I turned from 10% covered to 70% covered new lesions everywhere my scalp totally covered with new patches very dry lips, hair loss and peeling hands I stopped it quickly and the side effects still takes effect after 5 weeks really nasty drug I regret I tried it.”

1 / 10
Psoriasis sufferer July 3, 2019

For Psoriasis: “I started taking acitretin in February 2018, starting at 25mg a day and then moving up to 50mg once I had a blood test to show that my bloods had remained normal. I continued to take 50mg a day for about 7 months, and only after that long did the drug have an effect - in the space of about a week my psoriasis (massive plaques all over my shins and back) had gone completely. However my bloods had been effected - my cholesterol and tryglicerides had gone up to way beyond the normal level for a man of my age. In terms of side effects I didnt' find them too bad. I started to get sweaty palms which I had never had before and once every few weeks the skin on my hands and face would get very peely - but nothing moisturiser couldn’t fix. I have now not been taking the drug for 6 months and I have a few small patches on my legs and elbows - but nothing that bothers me too much. All in all I’d say it’s worth it - just be prepared that it can take a very long time to work!”

8 / 10
Andrea · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 21, 2018

For Psoriasis: “I have been taking Acitretin for about 6 weeks, 25mg daily. My psoriasis has mostly cleared still got white patches but I find the side effects are terrible. I constantly itch especially on my scalp, I never had psoriasis on my scalp. My arms and legs have peeled and my hands and feet continue to peeI, they look awful. My lips are chapped I have a waxy layer in my mouth which means I can’t taste food anymore and my skin feels waxy and sticky as well and so fragile I just have to brush against something and it takes a layer off. At this moment I am full of grazes from all the scratching. I know that these are the side effects stated but will it ever get better?”

6 / 10
JAGofWA · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 25, 2017

For Psoriasis: “Had an erythrodermic flare from usual 20-25% plaque coverage (which is gone) 7 weeks ago. Red & flaking from top of my head to tops of my feet. (2nd such flare in 25 yrs). My derm Dr prescribed 25 mg soriatane daily; GP prescribed lipitor (20 mgs) for cholesterol/liver. Now almost clear on face, legs & torso tho lips are still peeling (apply Aquaphor several times/day), some flaking on arms; redness subsiding esp. on face. Feet & hands exhibited worst swelling & still somewhat red. Fingertips peeling - use mineral oil at night w/ cloth gloves. Soaking bath (@least 1 hr) in oatmeal every other day w/ Aquaphor after lite towel dry to reduce flaking. 14 oz water 6x & bottle of Gatorade daily; 1000 mgs of D3 at night. Use cough lozenges for dry throat.”

8 / 10
Will194 October 17, 2017

For Psoriasis: “I’ve been on Acitretin for over a year. Overall it has helped my psoriasis, I’m not completely clear but the flakeyness has completely gone and the redness has reduced in areas. The side effects have made me question whether or not to continue on the drug. I was initially on 25mg but there was 0 changes to my psoriasis, I was then put onto 50mg and my psoriasis started to disappear extremely fast. On 50mg I was constantly tired and my skin was peeling on my lips, I also feel the effect of weakened nails of which I’ve had an ingrown toe nail on both feet! I was dropped to 35mg (currently on) and my psoriasis is at a stale mate, it definitely isn’t improving. I’m constantly fatigued and will hopefully be getting off them in December.”

Veronica Pet · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 8, 2017

For Psoriasis: “I was prescribed 25mg per day and for three months took the drug until the pain in my back, joints and muscles led me to believe I had bone cancer. After researching and the drug and finding out these are common side effects I stopped taking the drug. My psoriasis had cleared up, I was able to go to the hairdresser without being embarrassed of condition of my scalp and my legs and back also cleared. Six months later, with the returning at it's worse, I again started taking the drug. This time however there was not improvement in my skin and the joint and muscle pain was unbearable. I have once again stopped taking the drug, for two weeks now, and can not move without groaning due to the continuing muscle pain.”

KSH58* August 16, 2017

For Psoriasis: “I commenced this drug very slowly (10mg/day), worked up to 30mg over the course of a month. The psoriasis on my hands responded very quickly but was pretty painful while it was shedding. The psoriasis on my feet took much longer but did respond eventually. I had problems with side effects however. I had to reduce my dose to 20mg one month after increasing to 30mg. My face (no psoriasis on my face) was red, scaly, so painful that I couldn't wear my glasses, the inside of my nose was bleeding and sore, the inside of my mouth was peeling, my gums were bleeding and my vision was effected. Even on 20mg my vision has continued to decline my hair is falling out I have no eyebrows or eyelashes. I gave up yesterday. Its worked but at a cost.”

Seahorse02 · Taken for 6 months to 1 year June 9, 2017

Soriatane (acitretin) for Psoriasis: “I have palmoplantar pustular PsA with 4 other types of psoriasis. 25 mg per day did nothing. 50mgs/daily has helped the pustular on hands and feet, but other psoriasis forms in groin area, skin folds, under arms, head, nails, are not cooperating- in fact the psoriasis is growing in those areas.”

Martin 595 · Taken for 5 to 10 years April 11, 2017

For Psoriasis: “I have been taking acitretin for 7 years now I was covered in psoriasis I started taking 30 mg a day within 2 weeks it was gone I now take 10mg a day its pretty much under control I have small bits on Elbow's and belly button but I'm OK”

Ralph flores March 29, 2017

For Psoriasis: “Worked fast , some tiredness”

9 / 10
Stacy anne February 19, 2017

For Psoriasis: “My experience with aciterin has been ok no side effects up to now psoriasis is still very bad on my legs and back got to go for blood test on 27th Feb and a follow up appointment on 6th March on 35mg at moment and hoping to increase dose couldn't have methotrexate coz my liver function was to high. But amazing affects on ciclosporin great tablet cleared my psoriasis really well in the first 3 days but they couldn't keep me on it for to long as it can cause serious damage”

Unca P · Taken for 10 years or more November 6, 2016

Soriatane (acitretin) for Psoriasis: “Was born with a skin condition initially diagnosed as PRP but a 2nd biopsy years later (at age 60) said it was psoriasis. 95% coverage and when untreated very bad including cracking bleeding and skin cancers. Dr's tried everything. Was placed on a new drug, Acitretin, when in my 20's. Later it was branded as Soriatain and the cost increased and kept increasing each year. Dosage was 25mg daily. No real side affects except I couldn't drink alcohol (it neutralizes the drug). I also use Medco's Aquaphilic Ointment and Alpha Keri bath oil. Worked great although never cleared completely. Insurance cap too high so had to go off it. Note for new users: Flares for a few weeks before taking full affect, (works from inside out). Give it time.”

10 / 10
Rabin · Taken for 6 months to 1 year April 25, 2016

For Psoriasis: “During first 3 months I didn't notice any change in my warts. But after that within six months warts disappeared as if they weren't there for years. My warts were in my both hands and legs for atleast 17 years. After using aceterin it went away completely.”

10 / 10
R shrma January 26, 2016

For Psoriasis: “It works very fast.”

10 / 10
Crumby July 14, 2015

Soriatane (acitretin) for Psoriasis: “I have been on Soriatane for about a year. It has done wonders for my condition. I was on 25 mg per day and the derm changed it to 25mg everyother day and 10mg on opposite days. This has shown very little change but a VERY tiny bit is now noticeable. I have had absolutely ZERO side effects. Overall, I'm thoroughly happy with it!”

8 / 10
shot to hell · Taken for less than 1 month January 9, 2015

Soriatane (acitretin) for Psoriasis: “All my muscles and joints got stiff 2 weeks after taking it and I never went back to feeling normal, always stiff and achy.”

1 / 10
Bill in the UK · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 8, 2014

For Psoriasis: “I am a physician; I took acitretin as prescribed for plaque psoriasis. After about 3-4 weeks I started to feel very unwell - weak, tired, unable to cope with minor slopes (I have trekked in the Himalayas, Yosemite, Highlands of Scotland, etc). I was not drinking alcohol at all - not for four months before or after. Acitretin was discontinued and the adverse effects reported (yellow card) to the UK regulatory body. The malaise and weakness persisted after stopping the medicine but gradually resolved over a 12 month period. ”

1 / 10
Desert Flower · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 1, 2013

Soriatane (acitretin) for Psoriasis: “I took Soriatane for about four months until my hair started falling out. Although, Soriatane cleared 80% my moderate Psoriasis, I did not want to lose more hair. While taking Soriatane my lips became very dry and cracked, peeling skin on feet and loss of hair. It was effective in clearing the Psoriasis.”

8 / 10
patchey · Taken for 1 to 2 years January 8, 2013

Soriatane (acitretin) for Psoriasis: “After contracting a rare form of cancer called Merkel cell, after taking an immune system suppressing medicine, I used Soriatane with great results. My psoriasis was completely clear while on this. After about 1 year, my dermatologist took me off the medicine stating that my liver could be affected if I stayed on it long term. He said my liver converted the Soritane to some form of chemical that was harmful to the liver. ”

10 / 10
Shelly L January 8, 2010

Soriatane (acitretin) for Psoriasis: “Soriatane certainly helps with the psoriasis, but I'm not sure the side effects are worth it. I've got 2 infected ingrown toenails because the skin on my toes are so soft it laps over and causes the toenails to be ingrown and then infected. I've lost a lot of hair. My fingernails peel and break. I have this plastic like coating in my mouth that nothing gets rid of. There's got to be a better way!”

6 / 10
it_worked_for_me August 16, 2009

Soriatane (acitretin) for Psoriasis: “I used Soriatane for about 9 months and had to stop using it because I lost my insurance, but after those 9 months I went about 2 1/2 years until my psoriasis started coming back. So if your insurance will cover it I would highly recommend this medicine to anyone.”

10 / 10