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Can you use limes or lime juice while taking statin drugs (i.e. atorvastatin)?


Stephen Treloar 30 Jan 2017

Hi, I guess you are asking due to the notorious 'grapefruit issue'. Only grapefruit contains the nasty enzymes; all other citrus is safe. As it stands, even grapefruit is not contra-indicated although that isn't much of an issue considering how bad the juice tastes.

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Official Answer by 7 Sep 2018

Not quite true.
Limes, pomegranates, pomelos, and Seville oranges can also interact with some drugs, usually the same ones that grapefruit juice interacts with. There just hasn't been as much research done with these fruits.
Grapefruit and other interacting fruit contain furanocoumarins, which are compounds that help protect the fruit from certain insects and infections. Unfortunately, in humans, furanocoumarins block one of the main liver enzymes involved in the metabolism of over 50 percent of all drugs, called CYP3A4; worsening side effects or decreasing the effectiveness of the medicine.

Out of all the statins, atorvastatin (Lipitor) and simvastatin (Zocor) have the strongest interaction with grapefruit. Grapefruit juice and any grapefruit products should be avoided because they can increase the risk of side effects from these statins. However, if you accidentally eat a small amount of grapefruit, it is unlikely to cause you any long-term effects. free discount card

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