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Vertigo Questions (Page 8)

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How is this pill ALV 196 going to make me feel?

Posted 16 Jul 2017 by Roseatta 0 answers

Is it going to make me dizzy or sleepy?

Have you had Lexapro side effects return?

Posted 11 Oct 2017 by Tam84 1 answer

I've been taking Lexapro for about six weeks now. The first week I had headaches everyday, upset stomach and dizziness/lightheadedness, but it stopped. Now, the past few days I've had the dizziness and upset stomach on and off. I just want to know if anyone else has had the side effects ...

Ranexa - I missed 4 days of Renaxa?

Posted 1 Nov 2017 by Prunge 0 answers

I take 4000my Renaxa a day, couldn't afford refill so went without for 4 days, taking again and feel sick, dizzy,nauseous,heart racing,heart palpitations,slight chest pains. Should I not have resumed my dosage?

Spironolactone - 85 year old woman has nausea and dizziness?

Posted 10 Sep 2017 by Mark Cub 1 answer

She sleeps well but on getting up the nausea return for all day. She has had congestive heart failure. Open heart surgery 10 years ago to replace aortic valve and 5 by-passes. She is active, lives with her husband in their own house where she does the normal cooking and cleaning plus a small ...

Will citralopam make my anxiety worse?

Posted 26 Sep 2017 by wyominganxiety 1 answer

Hi I have been on 20 mg of citalopram for 6 days now. I also had my mirena iud removed and started a new birth control. The first day I felt great, second day was dizzy and nausea third was ok and the fourth I was an emotional mess yesterday I felt pretty good but today my anxiety seems to be ...

Can someone please help. I am taking 5 mg escitalopram and it's not working?

Posted 17 Sep 2017 by Winifredmaeve 1 answer

I started with very strange sensations in my head, like heaviness, dizzy, only felt better lying down! My head was sore, throbbing, it's hard to explain. The doctor started me on 5 mg it seemed to work but I still have the head thing and I am scared don't know what to do

How long will I feel like this?

Posted 31 Aug 2017 by Jaxon2605 1 answer

On Tuesday, I forgot to take my Anti-Depressants (100mg of Pristiq) until it got to about 3pm (I usually take them around 9). By this time I was feeling dizzy, lightheaded, nauseous, headachy etc. this feeling also continued to overwhelm me on Wednesday and now it’s Thursday and I’m ...

Anyone feel dizzy after taking wellwoman 50+ Vitamins please?

Posted 22 Oct 2017 by Johnathen 0 answers

felt off first day on them

I am allergic to meclizine can I take dimenhydrinate?

Posted 2 Sep 2017 by mwils174 1 answer

I have vertigo and dizziness. When I took meclizine I had trouble breathing and I got swollen. Would Benadryl work also?

Levothyroxine - I want to know how to deal with my reaction to Synthroid following my thyroidectomy?

Posted 28 Aug 2017 by ReganPollock 1 answer

My T3 and T4 levels are mid range but my TSH level has rocketed to 50. My endocrinologist has recommended upping my dosage to 75, but this is making me feel very unwell - dizzy, bad headache, tingling in my fingers, heart pain. I would like to go back to 50 mcg or preferably even lower, but ...

Blood in stool what could it be?

Posted 1 Sep 2017 by Eloeli 1 answer

Im a 21 year old female. I've notice blood and mucus in my stool since Saturday. Also, I've been constipated for 2 weeks and have had upper left abdominal pain occasionally. When I do pass stool, the stool is soft. Today I almost passed out while driving and I've been dizzy since ...

Amlodipine/benazepril - It's use for vertigo?

Posted 29 Aug 2017 by Suzib123 1 answer

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