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Vertigo Questions (Page 8)

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How much BuSpar to start off with?

Posted 17 Nov 2016 by Vanilla27 2 answers

I started taking 10mgs of Buspar 2x a day and the first dose I took was around 7pm after dinner. I was fine. The next dose I took was at 8am with breakfast, about a half hour later I felt really dizzy? Does anyone know if I should have started at 5mgs instead? anyone have the same experience? ...

Okay- this scared me to death last night. I had some kind of an event on Lyrica. It felt as though I

Posted 4 Nov 2016 by Suz642 1 answer

... was being thrown around the room! I did feel dizzy before but thought that I wanted to fill a jar with paint remover. I am an artist. I remember pouring the paint thinner into the jar. The next thing I knew I was thrown against the wall I was not facing. Hard. Then I was thrown in another ...

I have a pleural effusion caused from a pulmonary embolism?

Posted 4 Nov 2016 by Kannon K 1 answer

I had a pulmonary embolism which caused pleural effusion in my left lung. I've had it for 5 weeks I'm still in a lot of pain,I can't sleep and have dizzy spells is it normal for me to still have it or should I be worried

Cyproheptadine - Vertigo as a side effect?

Posted 27 Oct 2016 by Tuff33 1 answer

Whilst periactin has helped reduce the amount of migraines i have been getting i am starting to wonder if the vertigo i have had the last few days is a side effect. i usually take 1 or 2 4mg tablets at night because it sometimes makes me drowsy. Have been taking them for about 2 months with no ...

So my mom has had high blood pressure for last 20yrs and now it's off the charts ex: 230/95?

Posted 27 Oct 2016 by Hauckd 1 answer

... ,236/80,191/73 ,,so they changed here pills increase, decrease the mg but now she dizzy,lack of balance eyes get blurry ,and just no energy , so when it get high take her to the er ,they say o u need fluids keep u over night ,and ur kidney levels are nth right

Cephalexin - I got out of jail 5 months I keep feeling a bump on the back of my head .I thought?

Posted 21 Oct 2016 by Wooley 1 answer

Was a pimple starting picking it started getting real bad. I am having bad stomach pains dizziness sharp pains feet feel weird. I been taking cephalexin for a week and I still feel bad. What should I do next?

I was skipping days trying to go off sertraline. I was taking 12 1/2 for weeks then increasing to 25

Posted 16 Oct 2016 by Kids813 2 answers

... mg then down to 12 1/2 mg not realizing the damage it caused getting severe vertigo. I was hospitalized for the vertigo over night with nystagmus. It was torture. I reinstated to 25 mg now for 6 weeks but feel lightheaded when I wake up. I feel like a zombie on this drug, no energy and tired. ...

Doctor - I am taking 3 drugs in the morning Amlodipine, candesartan and tamsulosin. On occasions I?

Posted 27 Sep 2016 by JimmyPr 1 answer

... am getting dizzy spells in the morning and from what I am reading it may be due to taking these 3 drugs together as they all tend to reduce blood pressure. Would it be better if I taook the tamsulosin later in the day like before going to bed?

12 days on Lyrica. I have yet to have a normal bowel movement. Headaches are frequent as is vertigo?

Posted 25 Oct 2016 by Suz642 0 answers

... Will these symptoms go away?

Wrong dosage filled having problems . Fallen broken a bone. Lot of dizziness?

Posted 23 Oct 2016 by audrey hooker 0 answers

my Dr. ordered 25mg daily my pharmacy has been filling it with 200mg. This has been going on for 6 mos. I have fallen few times very dizzy and nausea. What damage on my system may occur.

I have been given Trazodone 50MG for treating my insomnia that has worsen over the years?

Posted 14 Sep 2016 by redskynite 1 answer

I also suffer from RLS which I was told attributed to the insomnia. Last night I took my first and last dose. I experienced an onset of very irritable RLS, and was extremely dizzy and my mouth was so dry that I had a problem swallowing my saliva but had no problem drinking or eating. I did fall to ...

Pneumococcal 23-polyvalent Vaccine - Is there any iodone in the ppsv23 or the pcv13. Had both shots?

Posted 17 Oct 2016 by Carol Wenrick 1 answer

... together feel like hell. 3rd day arm red and swollen, temp for 3 days, dizzy, weakness, nausea, achy.

Why do I feel dizzy when getting up?

Posted 24 Oct 2016 by Anne73 0 answers

Feel dizzy when getting up

In recovery from sepsis for 5 months?

Posted 3 Oct 2016 by Carolscreation 0 answers

I became septic about 5 months ago. The first indicator was vision, every thing became slanted. I thought it was vertigo. Called my doctor, he could get me that day but not for 7 hours. I walked to my bedroom to lay down and noticed I was having trouble walking. I finally made it to my appointment, ...

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