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How to reduce taking Ticgrelor?

Posted 8 Mar 2017 by k5kjo 0 answers

can I reduce to one tablet a day as I have been taking two for 1 year but had further stents around 6 mths back for another artery, normal problems with itchy scalp and dizzy effects from time to time, slight bleeding when blowing nose. I have six mths left to stop. appreciate comments.

I have missed my venaflaxine 225mg for 5 days & feel so ill is this normal?

Posted 19 Feb 2017 by Cinders 40 1 answer

I feel so dizzy like I can even stand up my body feels so heavy. I keep getting this twinges in my brain. I can't get my tablets until tomorrow should I go A&E ? I'm feeling so ill

How do I deal with balance problems when taking amitriptyline ?

Posted 1 Feb 2017 by wendymcmullan 1 answer

I was prescribed amitriptyline 20 years ago for insomnia and urticaria. I took 50mg every night, and it worked for both problems. But recently I have had a lot of problems with balance, and have had several falls. I decided the at old age could be the reason - I am 80 - but also thought that ...

Almost 6 weeks postpartum and still feel terrible. Am I alone?

Posted 26 Feb 2017 by Ld060511 0 answers

I feel fine from delivery but often feel nauseous and never normal. I feel like I'm having heart palpitations and sometimes feel dizzy. I've had my thyroid checked and it is normal. I did have postpartum preeclampsia but my bp is now back in a normal range. Recently my pulse rate has gone ...

First days on Zoloft?

Posted 17 Feb 2017 by Susazanne 1 answer

Day 3 on Zoloft 50mg and from day 1 diarrhea anxiety now anxious drowsy dizzy super bad headaches vomiting not constant nausea. What should I do?

Stopped Mobic 2 wks ago after 3 years. I NEED HELP!?

Posted 22 Jan 2017 by bcook2 2 answers

Severe ab pain and pressure; nauseous; loud noise in ears and pressure; dizzy; high BP! So Sick and so scared. Will this ever go away? what should I do??

Terazosin 10 mg. Can I eat once every other day?

Posted 13 Feb 2017 by dizzy head 1 answer

I am now taking 10 mg every night before going to bed, get up the next morning head will be dizzy, so I do not know whether it can be changed to eat once every other day?

Is an off-balance, dizziness feeling from Prozac?

Posted 30 Apr 2016 by taylormak 1 answer

Started Prozac three weeks ago for anxiety, depression, and OCD after being on Zoloft (25 mg) for years. The past week I have had one dizzy spell that lasted for only a few seconds and during the evening I have felt a little off. I feel like I'm leaning either forward or swaying to one side, ...

Can taking metoprolol and losartan for BP cause vertigo?

Posted 24 Jan 2017 by Wayne clopton 1 answer

Dizziness and lightheaded when walking around or turn around going to a different direction or looking at something real hard has any body had this kind of side affects when taking does metoprolol and losartan

How to stop vertigo dizziness without meclizine?

Posted 17 Jul 2016 by Betty514727 2 answers

I don't want to continue to use meclizine

Mirtazapine - Mertazipine 22.5 mg when will the side effects go away?

Posted 31 Jan 2017 by Misslaguna 0 answers

Anyone can I get some advise have been on 3 Week on this medication and they just increase my doze 3 days ago I feel so sick all day dizzy my body hurts I feel like I can't function when will it get better I lost hope I suffer from depression cause by panic attacks anxiety that have been ...

Others with low heart rate on Beta blocker??

Posted 2 Feb 2017 by Montanagranny 1 answer

I am having some terrible issues with the beta blocker .. I have a low heart rate to begin with and with these BB it goes so low sometimes I become disoriented, dizzy, brain fog, cold.. etc.. Made trip to ER yesterday.. no one ever seems to have an answer.. Just looking for others with this issue.. ...

I'm really dizzy when I lie down?

Posted 6 Feb 2017 by Lizatsym 0 answers

I got home feeling fine. I stood up after a snack and started feeling dizzy. I layed down, thinking it would go away. It got so much worse!! And now, when I lie down, I get even more dizzy. After sitting up, I'm still dizzy but not as much as when I'm laying down. Please help!!!

Hydroxyzine - Still has't worked for allergies?

Posted 4 Feb 2017 by Shadlove17 0 answers

My allergies very esp being tired all the time! Scachy throat and I yawn Dizzy shaky to I have to suffer bob

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