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Vertigo Questions (Page 8)

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Is there anything that can be done to reverse the side effects after taking Levaquin?

Posted 11 Feb 2017 by Paula Patton 5 answers

Have trouble walking, itching all over the body, gastric parisis, loss of balance, cornea edema, loss of energy and depression.

Guanfacine - Side effects very concerning--very lightheaded and the need to sit back, even sleep!?

Posted 29 May 2017 by yanksgirl 0 answers

I have taken this for 6 days and am 'soooo dizzy and sleepy' and though I have dizziness anyway--due to another medical condition--inner ear,,, this is above and beyond! However, guanfacine-along with Valsartan has dropped my b/p levels about 40 points--from the 170/78-88, to ...

Was taking hydrochlorathyazide for 2 weeks for high blood pressure and then my doctor took me off,?

Posted 22 May 2017 by MeggyG 1 answer

... now feeling dizzy and no energy. Have been off of it for a week now and still dizzy with no energy. Could this be from stopping the medicine?

Vivitrol - I am taking naltrexone I am feeling nauseated dizzy headache is there any thing I can?

Posted 5 May 2017 by Just for today91 1 answer

... take for that like Dramamine? This is my second day taking it.

Can I take another pill or half of one?

Posted 14 May 2017 by Mcw_kim 0 answers

Prescribed 25 mg of Antivert for dizziness. Took one 2 hrs ago but not working too well. Every time I move I'm dizzy. I've been stuck in bed for 2 days with this.

Nexplanon - I had my implant fitted October 2015 and for 18 months I haven't had a single period,?

Posted 20 Apr 2017 by deedee1012 0 answers

... then I got back with my ex and was having regular sex and then 6 days ago I had a period ( most painful one I've ever had) terrible headaches, terrible cramps after sex, feel sick & dizzy.. Is this normal or should I get it checked? I've been thinking about having it removed and ...

I am taking a medicines for menstruation but having this sign of vomiting right after I ate?

Posted 4 May 2017 by Tsukiko 0 answers

Am i possibly pregnant? I felt dizzy and a change in mood swing also

Vertigo - General dizziness related to BPPV, doesnt go away, unsuccessfully tried SSRIs?

Posted 25 Mar 2017 by BjornM 2 answers

I've had general dizziness for nine months now. Started with feeling really tired in the mornings, then I was hit by BPPV which triggered strong vertigo at certain head movements, and general dizziness 24/7. All this was probably cause by a stressful life and working too hard. BPPV was cured ...

Anyone ever had a rough go on startup of Pristiq 100 mg?

Posted 4 Apr 2017 by Narb2004 1 answer

I've been very very tired and dizzy at certain points plus you add panic attacks in there on top of this it almost makes it extremely hard to believe their going to make things better

Permanent fatigue/ exhaustion symptoms?

Posted 18 Apr 2017 by uytrewqzx 0 answers

Here's a complex case. I started getting unwell 6 months ago. Heavy legs, burning sensation in muscles, aches the type of feeling you would get after a marathon. This then progressed into complete exercise intolerance to the point where i get exhausted going shopping. I am often getting dizzy, ...

Depo-Provera - does the shot change the pH balance, because my vagina isn't producing its natural..

Posted 28 Feb 2017 by salome05 1 answer

... moisture like before. Why am I spotting so dark and frequently? I hate what this shot is doing to my sex life plus it's my first shot.

Has Viberzi caused anyone to feel extremely dizzy or experienced lightheadedness?

Posted 6 Apr 2017 by mobjackmama 1 answer

Aside from that, the product works but I can't deal with those side effects. Within 30-45 minutes after taking it, the weirdest feeling comes over me. Stopped taking it and seeing the GI doctor tomorrow.

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