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Vertigo Questions (Page 8)

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Reactions from coming off depo?

Posted 2 Jan 2016 by Happyrachel45 1 answer

I'm having extreme stomach pain till the point were i'm leaning over in pain and the nausea oh my god its so bad i'm dizzy i have been in so much pain the last 4 days i cant take it no more i went to er they only can give me pain med's that only work a little bit and i have to ...

Why am I always dizzy?

Posted 5 Apr 2016 by AndyHuff12 0 answers

I have been had a feeling of dizziness every single day, all day since the beginning of January. It is a combination of the room spinning along with not feeling myself, If that makes sense. I have found myself blankly staring at something and not noticing, along with occasional double vision. I had ...

Extreme ear pain and discomfort followed by dizziness sick to my stomach lack of appetite very tire?

Posted 21 Mar 2016 by ReneeMAhrens1970 1 answer

I had no problem with my ear last night then I woke up was dizzy felt sick to my stomach and felt like I could hear water or like I was under water only on left side. About a week ago I had to have a tooth pulled and I went bk twice due to pain and seeing what I thought was part of my tooth. It was ...

My eyes, head, throte and stomach hurt, I also had a temperature and I'm getting quite dizzy help?

Posted 13 Mar 2016 by Lucyyy_____x 1 answer

Ok so... I am a Brittish female aged 12 ( turning 13 in july ) and lately I've been in a bit of pain. I am feeling very weak and when I get up and start walking around I start to become very dizzy. A few days ago I started getting a sore throte but thats not the worst of it, My head has been ...

I've been on lexapro for 5 months and forgot to take it the other night...woke up and took it in the

Posted 17 Feb 2016 by keh1225 3 answers

... morning yesterday since I missed my dose the night before... I took it again this morning, but I feel dizzy and nauseous... is that normal?

Propranolol for ballroom dancing?

Posted 14 Mar 2016 by Ballroom dancer 1 answer

I'm thinking of taking propranolol before a ballroom performance. I'm worried that I may get too lightheaded or dizzy that it will throw me off or perhaps even cause me to fall down. Can anyone please tell me how they react to this medication as far as being dizzy as a side effect?

I've had this throbbing pain in my ribs,kidney,stomach,back, and head for about a week.i?

Posted 13 Mar 2016 by Barron213 1 answer

I've also been very dizzy and I've been bruising super easy...

Prescription drugs interactions?

Posted 11 Mar 2016 by skiogawa 0 answers

ive been prescribed and taking 9 different medications. I ve been given this new med called nifedipine, and have been getting dizzy spells, and very slurry feeling. ive looked up all my meds, and have been surprised at my findings. one is serious and the others to monitor closely. my doctor has not ...

I have a prescription for Meclizine 12.5mg that I took in fall of 2010. Vertigo is back?

Posted 23 Oct 2013 by allenw 2 answers

would it hurt me to take this medication that I got in fall of 2010 to treat vertigo that I have experienced the past few days? Medication has been kept in dark and dry place and seems ok. Just want to know if it would hurt me to take.

Bupropion/naltrexone - When do side effects go away?

Posted 9 Mar 2016 by kksigns 0 answers

Ugh!! Took my first pill this morning (50mg) and 2 hours later I had to leave work because I was dizzy and nauseous. Driving home I felt like horrible and wondered if I was going to have to pull over. Got home, walked through the door and proceeded to vomit and then feel asleep for 2 hours! The ...

Amitriptyline - Does this medication have bad side effects when you first start taking it?

Posted 5 Feb 2016 by bsafford993 3 answers

I am worried about feeling nauseous and dizzy/light headed.

I am a 32 year old female I am on coumadin My Level was checked yesterday it was 5.0 I feel dizzy?

Posted 9 Mar 2016 by triesa32 0 answers

I feel like if I close my eyes I will pass out I have to hold onto walls I as well feel my heart palpitations are very slow I don't know if this has anything to do with my Coumadin levels could somebody please let me know I don't know what to do I'm scared

Numbness is arms and fingers, dizzy, low grade fever 99 degrees?

Posted 13 Mar 2016 by isiscrystal 0 answers

Randomly numbness in fingers... sometimes arms. Past week dizziness, low grade fever

My dr gave me azithromycin for 5 days for throat infection, how long does the pill stay inside?

Posted 3 Mar 2016 by fm0525 0 answers

after taking the pills i feel different, my eyes and body feel exhausted, i get dizzy every morning, my mind feels really slow, my legs feel like i've been walking all day when i wasn't. i had to go to the bathroom a lot to but that got better. how long does the side affects last?

What could be wrong with me?

Posted 26 Feb 2016 by steven mayes 1 answer

I can't stay awake I'm having trouble having bowl movements and I'm dizzy I'm anemic and have hep-c also

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