I have been on ivermectin for a year and a half and now. I started because I’m around many people touching them daily for my work so my doctor put me on ivermectin twice weekly 15mg, I will say I only use it probably one a week because I would get lazy with it. Eventually I gradually started to get off the medication and now I’m having tremors, some full body. Mostly when I go to bed. I also have been going to a chiropractor for acupuncture twice a week and that helps a lot. I have also been having eye pain, chronic inflammation, dizziness, and some vertigo ….after I got off it. I went back to my doctor and she told me get back on it we never discussed that ivermectin could be the problem but. Ow I’m reading about the side effects and saw all mine listed. So I went back on it for a 7 days and now just twice a week and the problems are still with me. How do I detox from this drug with out having a seizure? Should I take seizure medicine while getting off? I’m worried .