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Sertraline 50mg great 100mg awful?

Posted 16 Sep 2016 by Katyf 3 answers

Hi,I have been unwell for just over a year lots of medication and a hospital stay,2 weeks ago I was put on 50mg sertralin and was surprised how quick I saw an improvement then my doctor said increase to 100mg now I feel awful can't believe it,went back today told to go back down to 50mg has ...

Sertraline - can I take this if I am out of Lexapro?

Posted 17 Oct 2016 by teemtuffy 3 answers

Not sure when I will be able to see a Doctor to get a new prescription because my insurance went out. I have been taking Lexapro for more than 10 years. My Sis in law gave me these 50 mg Sertraline and told me to take them. I am real iffy. How much should I take?

I get a metallic taste in my mouth from sertraline. Does this happen for others? And if so, how long

Posted 21 Dec 2014 by Andej 3 answers

... will it last? I just started taking 50mg/day and will increase the dose to 100 mg/day after one week. I'm concerned that it will continue and I won't be able to keep taking this medicine because I can't stand the metallic taste. It was prescribed for anxiety, panic attacks and ...

Zoloft (Sertraline) Stomach Pain?

Posted 15 Oct 2016 by Concerned1964 1 answer

I have terrible abdominal pain. Burning and cramping in the upper right quadrant. I read that Zoloft causes stomach pain. Anyone else suffer this. I'm going to quit today. I can't handle the pain. Been to ER and urgent care. Everything seems to be ok. Hurts so bad that I just want to die. ...

Sertraline - How much alcohol can I drink with this pills?

Posted 2 Nov 2016 by Silverio25 0 answers

Can I have a cup of wine

Zoloft - Upped my dose from 50 to 100mg, how long would it usually be to take effect?

Posted 24 Jun 2016 by Blueboat 1 answer

Started sertraline 50mg on the 3rd of May, after a couple weeks my mood had elevated significantly but after a couple weeks of that good mood I dropped back down. My dose has been increased to 100 due to that. It's been 4 days, anyone know how long it'd usually take?

How long between last dose tramadol and first dose sertraline?

Posted 16 Oct 2016 by rjcr1905 2 answers

I've had 100mg of tramadol once a day for just two days. I need to start taking sertraline 50mg. How long should I wait since last tramadol before taking the sertraline?

Sertraline 100mg day 20?

Posted 28 Sep 2016 by Katyf 3 answers

Hi everyone I'm on day 20 of sertraline I have noticed a difference as in I'm not so depressed and the anxiety has lifted quite a bit I still have intrusive thoughts starting to worry these won't go but am still hopeful the tablets are going to work

I took 100mg of tramadol and 100mg of sertraline. I didn't know there was a major interaction?

Posted 6 Oct 2016 by Lori0925 2 answers

Am I going to be okay with this dose. I will call doctor tomorrow to make sure she is aware.

I have been given sertraline (50mg) and I haven't taken them yet and I am having second thoughts?

Posted 22 Oct 2016 by Pringle 98 1 answer

I have uni to go to and don't want to be ill from the tablets but I have really bad anxiety and dunno what to do any help ?

I was skipping days trying to go off sertraline. I was taking 12 1/2 for weeks then increasing to 25

Posted 16 Oct 2016 by Kids813 2 answers

... mg then down to 12 1/2 mg not realizing the damage it caused getting severe vertigo. I was hospitalized for the vertigo over night with nystagmus. It was torture. I reinstated to 25 mg now for 6 weeks but feel lightheaded when I wake up. I feel like a zombie on this drug, no energy and tired. ...

Sertraline - Anyone seen tremendious weight gain ?

Posted 27 Apr 2016 by RkBall2012 2 answers

This medication gave me my life back. No more panic and anxiety attacks while driving. No sudden out burst of anger. No OCD, But... I put on about 60lbs. I read somewhere that this an Zoloft do block the messages sent from your stomach and brain that you are full. I have read here mostly people ...

Just started taking sertraline yesterday evening. Is it better to take in am or pm?

Posted 11 Oct 2016 by Marci46 1 answer

I am new to this type of medication. My bp was extremely high, have pain associated with a hip replacement, and a torn meniscus. I started feeling like it wasn't worth it to get out of bed. I just do not feel well most of the time.

Is sleep anxiety a real thing?

Posted 11 Oct 2016 by TuckerWills 2 answers

I've suffered from severe anxiety for about 4 years now (I'm 19). It has tried ruining my life! It was the reason why I left public high school. Anyways I'm on sertraline have been for almost 3 years. The past 3 nights everytime I close my eyes and feel myself drifting off a wave of ...

I have been taking sertraline 50mg for 10 days and feel no better?

Posted 12 Oct 2016 by Twiggy68 1 answer

I have taken sertraline 50mg for 10 days & have experienced many of the more common side effects. Can anyone help ??? - when will the side effects diminish - when will I start to improve as at the minute I have no interest in my life.

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