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Pristiq - Has this caused weight gain or loss in you, and if so how much?

Posted 2 May 2013 by TE Desire 20 answers

I have been taking Lexipro for a year now and although it has helped with my anxiety it has also caused me to gain 10 pounds. I’ve asked my doctor if there’s a medicine that doesn’t cause weight gain and she recommended Pristiq, and mentioned that it might cause weight loss. As a ...

how do I stop taking pristiq?

Posted 15 Jun 2009 by anitsuj 12 answers

What is an equal dosage of Pristiq 50mg 1 daily and Effexor?

Posted 22 Apr 2013 by paulc451 7 answers

I have stopped taking Pristiq 50mg. per day and have been put on Effexor at 225 mg per day - what dosage of Effexor is required to equal 50mg. of Pristiq?

Is this standard? Switching from SSRI (Lexapro) to Pristiq--Need feedback from similar situations!?

Posted 8 Aug 2009 by izzothecat 8 answers

I have been on 20mg of Lexapro for a little over a year. I saw my doctor yesterday and told her that despite the difference Lexapro had provided, I was still not very "happy" (and never had been... it basically made me dysphoric rather than crying all the time), and the fact that I have ...

Mood, motivation and energy?

Posted 12 Sep 2013 by D C 2013 5 answers

Was taking Lexapro and it made me tired and listless. Started Pristiq and I have been on it for 10 weeks. Felt good, better mood , more energy and just better over all. Noticed a slight weight gain. Now, I feel lethargic again and listless and not very motivated. Has anyone taken a anti-depressant ...

I Take Wellbutrin 150mg and Pristiq 50mg a day; Is this a good Combination? Are both SNRI's?

Posted 26 Nov 2013 by Sue 4 8 answers

My Dr. added 50mg Pristiq 50mg due to the severe depression I couldn't stop. He also added Lamictal 100mg and Abilify 5mg also which I stopped 4 days ago due to the horror stories I read about it. I really need to know if Wellbutrin and Pristiq is a good combination. Thank you for your help.

Pristiq - I have problems with a decreased sex drive and difficulty having an orgasm?

Posted 29 Dec 2012 by s6917 5 answers

Is there anything to help with this side effect. I am on Pristiq for depression. This drug has been great for the depression and the only side effect I have noticed is sexual.

Dying for sleep, but getting no relief! HELP!?

Posted 20 Feb 2010 by lewie62 59 answers

I'm currently in a crushing marital separation after 28 yrs. with my wife. Am in major depression, starting Pristiq after a month of Prozac. I have tried melatonin, Tylenol and Advil PM, Benedryl and have read as many sleep related articles as I can. I took a month of Lunesta and now am taking ...

How long will it take to get the maximum effect from Pristiq?

Posted 18 Sep 2011 by cavnar 4 answers

I've been on Pristiq for about three weeks. I am on 50mg. and so far have experienced dizziness. Will that go away in time? I have yet to see it affect my depression and anxiety. I am on Zydis or Zyprexa for anxiety which works pretty well. Betsy

Pristiq - Which med would be the best to help with weight loss?

Posted 13 Jan 2013 by maisieday 3 answers

I am thinking about trying a different depression/anxiety med that will help with weight loss. Which would be the best to help with depression as well as weight loss? Ive read alot on prestiq and this looks to have the best results with people all around as far as treating depression and weight ...

Currently on Wellbutrin. Should I add buspar or switch the Pristiq?

Posted 2 days 6 hours ago by Jbfowler0122 2 answers

I am currently on 200 mg/day of Wellbutrin. I am experiencing anxiety and bouts of depression. Should I stay on Wellbutrin and add buspar or should I wean myself off of Wellbutrin and take Pristiq?

I was just prescribed hydroxyzine pamoate 25 mg once a day (transition from work that causes?

Posted 17 days ago by Planzaro 2 answers

... anxiety). I am terrified of gaining weight! I am already taking Pristiq 50 mg in the morning and hydroxyzine pamoate in the afternoon. Should I worry about weight gain?

Pristiq requires prior authorization from insurance?

Posted 20 Feb 2017 by detour12 2 answers

Hi I started prisqit and it is helping but when i refilled my medication their could not ,i got a estmite told of 60 dollars! and insurance won't covred it anymore its only been one month and their already not covering it their covered it last month. I will being calling my pdco tommrow to ...

Prisiq not covered anymore?

Posted 19 Feb 2017 by detour12 2 answers

i I went to refill my new medication pristiq but it is not covred anymore even with my second insurance. the person said you need some approved to go thought but it went in last month it only costed 3.65 but now it is 60 dollars and their even couldn't fill because of the approved thing. i ...

I have just started 5 mg Trintellix while weaning off of Pristiq. I am very afraid of any sexual?

Posted 6 Feb 2017 by sapphire2011 3 answers

... side effects as I did not experience this on the Pristiq. Please answer, good or bad. I need to know. My husband will not be happy at all if this affects me in this way!! Lexapro affected me this way in the past and believe me, it was a rocky road!

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