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How many people using Pristiq have had hair loss and did they stay on it?

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suzanne66 14 Jun 2010

Your question is not easily answered because not everyone who uses Pristiq and experiences hair loss will report it.
In fact hair loss is not a reported side effect of Pristiq.
If you are experiencing hair loss and are concerned you should see your doctor to find the cause.

alias 23 Jun 2010

hi Lroos17, yes pristiq can cause hair loss. doctors all say that it is very rare and uncommon, but it does do this to some people. i started pristiq and not long at all after my hair started thinning and thinning. i keep taking it, thinking it would eventually stop, but it only got worse. after 5 weeks of taking it i felt on my head and it felt like nothing was there. yes, i had a huge bald spot on my head. i stopped it that day. my hair is still falling out even now, i guess it took five weeks to get in my system, so it's gonna take that long before it gets out of my system. doctors try to say that it's stress or my thyroid, but i had bloodwork done and everything was fine. stress has never made my hair fall out. it started right after i started pristiq. NO THANK YOU PRISTIQ!!!

LezlieCorya 17 Aug 2016

I started pristiq 5 months ago, and am having hair loss as well... I have NO HAIR ON TOP OF MY HEAD...

W-I-L-L-O-W-44 17 Aug 2016

I started Pristiq in January 50mg. Switched to 100 mg in May as not noticing anything. I have not had that problem. But it still not really helping me. But have been on soooo many, that made me sick. This one at least doesn't do that... free discount card

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