I have been on Pristiq 50 mg for over a year and it was working great. But recently, within the last month, I haven't felt as good. My doctor increased my dosage to 100 mg. I started taking the 100 mg but I started feeling nauseous so I decided to just take 1/2 of the 100 mg pill. However, I continue to feel depressed. I just started taking the 100 mg dosage (day 2) with the hope that the increased dosage can make me feel the way I did when I started taking the 50 mg Pristiq over a year ago. Has anyone taken 50 mg of Pristiq for over a year, had a good response and then increased to 100 mg because the 50 mg wasn't working anymore? Does the nausea subside? Should I consider another medication? Any insight would be very helpful!